Sunday Roast: Spider!


Photo by Zooey

This beautiful spider has set up an abattoir on a huge web outside my kitchen window.  He’s got about five of these little “packets” in his web at any given time, and just goes from one to another, stabbing in his sippy straw and chugging away.

It’s really rather disgusting, but fascinating at the same time — and as long as he stays on his side of the window, we will remain the best of friends.

This is our daily open thread — Anyone know what kind of spider this is?

54 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Spider!

  1. Funny you should bring up spiders, I saw this just yesterday.

    Michigan motorist sets car, gas pump on fire trying to kill spider with cigarette lighter

    A motorist got more than he bargained for when he stopped at a Michigan gas station earlier this week and started a fire when he tried to kill a spider with a cigarette lighter.

    Surveillance video from the Mobil gas station in Center Line shows flames quickly engulfing the man’s car and the gas pump, Fox 2 Detroit reported Friday, while adding that luckily no one was hurt.

    The dopey motorist eventually put out the flames with a fire extinguisher.

    He told authorities he had spotted a spider on his gas tank and pulled out his lighter to get rid of it, the station said. He claimed to be deathly afraid of spiders.

  2. Excellent photo! Bugs of every sort / genre fascinate me. I much prefer watching (“studying”) them closely, hate to kill them (exceptions: houseflies and mosquitoes). Bugs are, after all, far more interesting, infinitely more varied, more colorful, more biologically useful in and to the environmental biosphere — also more intelligent, higher IQ — than, say, Republicans. I suspect that your spider, if it was willing to stoop so low as to run for President, would soon out-poll even Trump.

  3. A nice big wet posterior smootch from Fox News Sunday to JEB! has just been completed. Every question lead to one of JEB!’s campaign trickle down talking points. Republicans never mention debt until after they lose an election.

  4. George Will says the Republican House is changing the manager of the baseball team, but the new manager will still have a team that can’t catch, pitch or field. What’s needed, he says, are ‘stylistic changes’, that is, how you explain and defend what you’re doing.

  5. My sister’s daughter was vacationing in and around Seattle last week, so we decided to wait until today (when she flies back) to give her the news. My mom passed away Friday morning, apparently peacefully and in her sleep. We didn’t want my niece to hear about it through FB, on which several of you are Friends with me. I don’t really use FB all that much. Tomorrow I will go on my mother’s FB account and announce the news to all of them.

    I still can’t believe she’s gone. It was so sudden.

    • “I still can’t believe she’s gone. It was so sudden.”

      It’s always hard to believe, no matter when.

      Condolences and good thoughts of your Mom, to you and Jane.

    • Gov. Bobby Jindal: I’m in the presidential race to stay

      Jindal’s staff sought to discredit a story in Politico that Jindal planned to quit running, calling the report “B.S.”

  6. One of the best chuckles I’ve had all year! 😀

    Iranian President Expertly Trolls GOP Candidates: ‘People Of Iran See Them As A Form Of Entertainment’

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani suggested over the weekend that the Republican presidential candidates were so “laughable” that “the people of Iran look at them as a form of entertainment.”

    “Sometimes when I would have time some of [the Republican presidential debates were] broadcast live and I would watch it,” Rouhani told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “Some of it was quite laughable. It was very strange, the things that they spoke of.”

    “Some of them wouldn’t even know where Tehran was in relation to Iran,” the president said with a smile. “Some of them wouldn’t know where Iran was geographically, not distinguishing that one is the capital of the other. What they spoke of was quite far away from the truth.”

    “So, the people of Iran were looking at it as a form of entertainment, if you will, and found it laughable,” he added.

  7. I just now checked the sky and could not even see the moon because of the clouds. Does that mean Florida will be spared from whatever disaster will befall you all who witness the Blood Moon?

  8. So. When does the world end? Does the destruction begin when the last bit of the eclipse has passed for the entire planet or is the Eastern seaboard already prime, vacant, real estate?

      • Well, its tomorrow now here. I’m still here but I don’t know how many, if any, Christians have been raptured? I’ve heard no strange noises nor seen any lights or apparitions outside. I’ll report back after sunrise if the situation changes.

        Damn, I knew I should have bought a new roll of aluminum foil when I last went to the store. I had had enough for a protective hat but used it to bake chicken instead!

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