The Watering Hole, Monday, September 28th, 2015: It’s Autumn, Isn’t It?

It’s week 3 of football season, baseball only has another week in the “regular” season, both of which are normal clues that we’re into fall. Normally, by the end of August, we have at least some trees starting to change their leaves as the first harbingers of the spectacular foliage show to come, but…

With a very few exceptions (certain vines, etc.), our tree-covered hillsides are as green as ever.

According to the official “I Love NY” foliage report,

“Hudson Valley foliage change will remain minimal this weekend, according to foliage spotters. Look for up to 25 percent change in Rockland County, where green still predominates, but some purple, orange and red leaves are beginning to emerge. Dutchess County spotters in Poughkeepsie expect 15 percent color change, with more bright yellow leaves coming into play. Spotters in Columbia, Westchester and Orange counties expect just about 10 percent color change this weekend.”

For some reason, Putnam County, where Wayne and I grew up, is never mentioned, even though there’s plenty of scenic and historic areas in Putnam. And Dutchess County, where we live now, has the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, the Walkway Over the Hudson.

So, where’s our fall foliage? I think I’ll blame Pat Robertson and the religious right for screwing with our seasons. Damned end-timers!

This is our daily Open Thread–whom do you want to blame for something?

41 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, September 28th, 2015: It’s Autumn, Isn’t It?

  1. Rats. The world didn’t end. The Christers were wrong. Again. Have they ever been right? About anything? Have they set a date for the next end times yet? If not I’m sure they will soon. There’s money in fear, y’ know.

  2. The leaves are refusing to change color because, you know, Obama.

    Oh, and

    Gay marriage…

    Oh, and


    ‘cuz…you know….

  3. They really need to install better locks on the doors of the loony bin. Batscat Bachmann got out and, as is her want, ran to the first microphone she could find so that she could prove, once again, that she still might hold the title for stupidest, craziest, meanest, and most dishonest person to have ever served in the U.S. House. Gomer might be stupider and crazier and lil’ Stevie King might be meaner and more dishonest but I still can’t come up with anyone who finishes so strongly in all four categories.

    Although, to be fair, I was kind of hoping she might opine about why we are all still here after the “blood moon” but even she isn’t stupid enough to bring up a failed prophecy while delivering her own prophecy of imminent doom.

    • Dear jeezus. Did Bachmann and Florina confab on how to tell lies?

      …was not actually Syrian but from a Turkish family that was trying to reach Europe in order to secure dental benefits.

      Michelle truly can’t believe that.

  4. Ku Klux Klan Leader Busted Having Sex With Black Male Prostitute

    In what can only be called ironic justice, Ku Klux Klan leader Frazier Glenn Miller, the same man who killed three people at a Jewish community center a few weeks ago, was busted while having sex with a black male prostitute in the back seat of a car. Miller, who told an investigator he had lured the prostitute for the purpose of beating him up, was caught with his pants down engaging in acts that were too graphic to be described by authorities.

    Miller is reported to have a lengthy and complex history with the law dating back to the 1980s. His involvement with the “white nationalist party” and the Ku Klux Klan has landed him in plenty of trouble with the FBI, who eventually cut a deal with Miller in exchange for his ratting out his fellow party members. He then entered a witness protection program after participating with law enforcement to catch other white nationalists. His deal included a greatly reduced prison sentence of just five years, and the protection of a brand new identity, which was furnished to him by the FBI.

    Miller’s behavior and criminal activities have surprised law enforcement officials, but it was the incident in the back of a car that shocked investigators the most. An official commenting on the case declined to give exact details of what police found “Grand Dragon” Ku Klux Klan leader Miller doing when he got busted having sex with a black male prostitute, but described the activities as “salacious” and “shocking” given the fact that Miller had long been involved with the KKK.

    Earlier this month, Miller was arrested for killing three people outside a Jewish community center while shouting racist slurs, including “Heil Hitler.” He is currently being held without bail while awaiting trial. The Daily Beast recently published an article which insinuates that Miller could also possibly have been involved with the murder of three black men at a gay book store in 1987. After those murders, Miller fingered two of his associates in the white nationalist party as the perpetrators, but both men he accused had alibis that checked out after a police investigation, and the murders were never solved.

    …Miller fingered two of his associates in the white nationalist party… {snicker}

    • I think I have this figured out.

      1. Make up, arguably, the most important discovery in the history of exploring other planets and announce the findings so that every scientist on this planet can pour over the data and, for some reason, miss the obvious fraud.
      2. ????????
      3. Profit!

  5. Headline:
    “Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Man Accidentally Shoots Himself in Penis, Blames ‘Black Guy,’ Police Say”

    Thanks, Obama.

    • She is such an unhappy person.
      Reminds me of a grammar school kid running for 6th grade class president. Promising jellybeans and potato chips to all who’ll vote for her.

      Carly is evil. She and theDick C. can torture each other and give us a report.

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