The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 29, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Alarming Report on the Health of Our Oceans

“According to the World Wildlife Fund‘s (WWF) recently released Living Blue Planet Report, marine populations have declined by an astonishing 49 percent between 1970 and 2012, with with some fish species, including tuna, declining by almost 75 percent.”

I think our first Earth Day was in 1970. Our awareness of the earth’s problems has increased dramatically, but our actions to correct them are but a minor blip on the radar.

Pretty alarming numbers. What will the oceans look like in another 40 years?


26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday September 29, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. Technically I am commenting on a post from yesterday. What can I say? I’m a bit pokey.

    At a religious function Kim Davis says, while being verbally praised as a chosen special person from god for the times in which we live (or something like that – basically fellating her as some kind of low-level new messiah or prophet or holy martyr or something…);

    “At that point, Davis was welcomed onto the stage to a long standing ovation, where she then delivered a very short speech declaring that “I am only one, but we are many!””

    Funny, this. It is a biblical reference: a character speaks with Jesus and says, “I am Legion, for we are many.”

    Legion is possessed with a multitude of demons, which is what the “We are many” comment refers to.

    So, what Davis is alluding to here, from a purely biblical context, is that she is filled with multiple possessing demons.

    Now it all makes perfect sense. (Someone call Sam and Dean, please)

  2. While I disagree with Ms. Davis’s views, I might have some respect for her had she resigned her position because she could not, in conscience, follow the law. Had I, as a Christian, refused to work on anything that might be used in to kill my fellow human beings, I imagine Lockheed-Martin would have terminated my employment. Real martyrs accept real consequences.

    • Yes, positive, but it was more about the depressed ROI given the price of oil, than any other consideration…They still give not a shit about the planet, except to extract it’s fossil fuel…to burn..the planet up…

  3. What will the Climate Change/Global Warming deniers tell their great grand children when they are cursing them for the fools they be?

    • I wonder what they tell their children now. My 16 year old is pretty well-versed on these issues.

  4. Excellent article from Greg Sargent’s Morning Plum on the House Kabuki theatre playing out today on Planned Parenthood.
    Here’s what the intense questioning by reichwing dogmatists proved out:
    1.Cecile Richards is well-compensated as the head of Planned Parenthood!
    2.Planned Parenthood supports family planning in foreign countries!
    3.Planned Parenthood clinics don’t have their own radiological centers with mammogram machines!
    4.Planned Parenthood has a separate political organization!
    5.Which is involved in politics! And most of all…
    6.Planned Parenthood does abortions!

    Ummm..we already know that stuff, a-holes.

  5. Patience RUC, they still need to hold many more hearings, after all that plan of action worked so well for the Benghazi investigation.

    • Unfortunately; the GOoPers have convinced themselves that laws only apply to “other people”. It’s part of the same mind set that has convinced them that the Buybull trumps the Constitution in most cases and they just selectively read both to claim support for whatever whack-job idea they are pushing today. Then they will contradict themselves if they decide to push a different whack-job idea tomorrow.

  6. Scientists raise alarm over seal deaths off California coast

    The rare Guadalupe fur seal, once hunted nearly to extinction, is falling victim to a new and deadly culprit — the unusually warm ocean waters off the West Coast.

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