The Watering Hole: October 1, 2015 — Something stupid

Our frugal’s computer is behaving badly, so it’s been sent off to reform school or camping or some other horrible thing.  😉

I told him I’d post one of my stupid things, and our Zooster houseofroberts suggested the above video.  Thanks, House!!!  *tipping hat*

Listening to that old song reminded me of the olden days — you know, my childhood — which not only smelled of cigarettes and coffee, but sounded like Sinatra, Perry Como, Smokey Robinson, and Herb Alpert.  Thanks, Mom!!  Except for the cigarette part — coulda done without that.  *cough*

Anyhoo, more Nancy!!

This is our daily open thread — Happy October!

85 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: October 1, 2015 — Something stupid

  1. The exact quote was “I’ll put up something stupid for tomorrow’s post…”, hence the song title popped into my head.

    I’m happy to help, especially because…

  2. Today we have the memorial service for my mother. Runs from 4-8 ET, so I won’t be around much today. Maybe afterwards. I have to see if I can write something for Saturday’s post. If not, I’ll ask Jane to find a funny picture to post.

    See you later.

      • I will happily buy a gun for that bitch if she signs an agreement to stick it in her mouth and pull the trigger within 24 hours of receiving it and cedes me the right to do it for her if she backs out.

      • The twittersphere has unleashed all the kooks.
        Pathetic, sick kooks that have no sense of decency or empathy.
        I’m not reading anymore of their crap.
        I know what guns do and the crazies really piss me off when they show no compassion for the victims of a horror such as this.

    • Good Lord, that’s horrible.

      I was just about to embed the video of Nancy Sinatra singing “Bang, Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down.” I’m glad I read further down the page before doing that. It would have been hideously inappropriate, given the circumstances.

      Best wishes to the families of the victims. These shootings are getting far too frequent.

  3. Frans de Waal – Public Page

    Giant hives hang in an enclosed glass case while the bees have outdoor access at Abejas del Valle La Casa de las Abejas, in Poyales del Hoyo, Spain

      I have started baking and cooking with all of the honey I harvested this summer.
      Wow! What a difference.
      Chocolate cake is moister, chocolate chip cookies are chewier.
      It’s great on French toast.
      I have almost completely eliminated refined sugar and corn syrup from my diet.
      Sadly, now I am a honey addict.
      Oh well.

  4. As we learn more about the Oregon shooter; is anyone the least bit surprised by this news? A substantial arsenal that he purchased legally. Right-wing, conservative, Republican. Hate-filled white supremacist. And the usual history of antisocial behavior. And yet? I will bet dollars to stale doughnuts that the only thing that most rightwhiners will ever hear, much less believe, is that he was apparently anti-religion as well. Bill0 already started with the “lack of Judeo-Christian values” BS and all the usual suspects will screech about “persecuted Christians” and “God’s punishment for abortion and gay marriage” crap. Sigh… I don’t even want to keep thinking about the long and completely fruitless debate I with a few committed gun nuts on another site. The nicest things they have called me are “gun grabber” and “Comrade Feinstein”.

  5. When was the last time anybody saw Steve Kornacki on UP! with Steve Kornacki?

    Jonathan Capehart has been subbing for him and today it’s Richard Wolffe.

  6. I’ll be working on a new Watering Hole post today. It will be late and likely may not get published until early this afternoon, after I get back from the dentist. But I do want to write something, if for no other reason than to keep my mind occupied. Sorry for the delay.

    • You have a dentist that works on Saturday? My last dentist works Monday through Thursday. I need one that at least works on Friday, since I’m off most Fridays.

      • Sorry I can’t help you find a Friday/Saturday dentist. My dentist’s office is open Mon-Sat, but I suspect that he takes a day off during the week. There are other dentists working in that office, but it’s primarily his practice. I’m glad for the other dentists because one of them was able to the do the root canal on one of my molars, and I may need another done on another molar today. But first I need to get the cavities filled back there before they decide if I need another root canal.

        I had one done last Thursday and since the office is across the street from where my Mom lived, I stopped in afterwards to see her. I apologized that I couldn’t stay longer but I needed to get to the pharmacy to get my pain killers. I told her I would stop by after work the next day. She died Thursday night.

  7. I learned yesterday that my old job, the one that laid me off at the end of March, is closing completely. Their last chance at selling the Huntsville division fell through this week. They have their 60 day WARN letters, and will be looking for new jobs, if they haven’t already. At least this time I’m already working somewhere else, and I’m pretty happy to be there.

  8. HP Employees Won’t Give Carly Fiorina a Dime

    Of the 302,000 employees at the company, not one has given a reportable amount to help Fiorina fund her 2016 presidential campaign, according to the campaign’s most recent FEC filings, which lists all donations over $200. HP’s corporate leadership also doesn’t seem keen on the idea of Fiorina in the White House. Among the 12-member board of directors, just one, Ann Livermore, has given a donation above that threshold.

    Also missing from the donor list are current CEO (and former GOP gubernatorial candidate) Meg Whitman, any members of the senior leadership team, and all but one member of the HP Board during Fiorina’s tenure there from 1999 to 2005. Tom Perkins, a venture capitalist and former board member who voted to fire Fiorina in 2005, has since had a change of heart and donated $25,000 to CARLY for America, the super PAC supporting her.

    But she’s got such a beautiful face! Trump said so!

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