Sunday Roast: Taino Genocide Day

This is a few years old, but still pertinent, as Thom scrapes away at the white-washing — literally and figuratively — of the life and actions of Christopher Columbus.  It’s absolutely sickening, and a horrifying indicator of the coming genocide of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Thank goodness the holiday isn’t until Monday — you have time to get to the mall for that big sale.

This is our daily open thread — Barf.

34 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Taino Genocide Day

  1. Formula One is in Sochi, Russia today, and the start is one hour earlier than the typical 8am EDT. The race should end before Meet the Press with Bernie Sanders starts. Now that I’m back on day shift, it’s easier to get up early for these races.

      • The Nascar race in Charlotte was rained out last night so they’re running it shortly. I had Alabama on one tuner, and Doctor Who recording on the other, so I was out of resources to keep up with the race except for the leaderboard on line.

  2. One of the conquistadors of the Caribbean Islands who came with the 2nd voyage Columbus made was Juan Ponce de Leon. For his service (subjugating the natives and finding gold) he was made Governor of Puerto Rico but lost that position to Diego Colon, son of Christopher Columbus. After losing his Governorship he went, according to legend, in search for the Fountain of Youth and discovered Florida along the way.

    Attempts to colonize Florida were not successful until 1565 when the Spanish Catholics slaughtered a French Protestant colony and founded St. Augustine. All supplies to the new colony came via ships from Havana initially but trade eventually developed with other ports and nations. Today, trade between Florida and Caribbean islands is reversed in that a lot of the provisions consumed by modern society go from Florida to the islands now!

  3. We knew all along he was a dirtbag…

    Secret archive offers fresh insight into Nixon presidency

    Nixon’s note to Henry Kissinger, then his national security adviser, on Jan. 3, 1972, was written sideways across a top-secret memo updating the president on war developments. Nixon wrote: “K. We have had 10 years of total control of the air in Laos and V.Nam. The result = Zilch. There is something wrong with the strategy or the Air Force.”

    The day before he wrote the “zilch” note, Nixon was asked about the military effectiveness of the bombing by Dan Rather of CBS News in an hour-long, prime-time television interview. “The results have been very, very effective,” Nixon declared.

  4. See also:

    ‘I want them the f*ck out of my neighborhood’: Armed anti-Muslim protesters descend on AZ mosque

    Apparently some among us believe that a certain percentage of Muslims are terrorists and that therefore Muslims represent a really big and scary danger to the American way of life. Meanwhile, I happen to KNOW that roughly 50% of Republicans support either Trump, or Carson, or Fiorina for President — a far more worrisome data point, seems to me.

    • Any words/sentences that come out of his ass mouth are made up.
      (of course we are all surprised Ben isn’t a Macho, Macho Man)

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