The Watering Hole, Wednesday, October 14, 2015, What’s in a Name, or, A Mascot, by any other name….

After years of lobbying from Native Americans, California’s Governor Brown recently signed into law a bill prohibiting the use of the term “Redskins” for any team name or mascot.

Now, animal rights activists are lobbying to have similar legislation enacted to stop naming sports teams after animals. As with Native Americans, the animal rights activists claim that naming teams after animals is disrespectful to animals. Peaceful, fun-loving dolphins, they cite as an example, should not be associated with the violent sport of football.

Not to be outdone, Vegans want to ban teams from using “Tofu” as a mascot as well.



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    • Never!
      Once a Banana Slug…always a Banana Slug!
      My youngest sibling graduated from UC Santa Cruz!

  1. While I agree with what California is trying to do, to my inexpert mind I don’t see how it’s constitutional. But what do I know?

    People can show their displeasure at a team named “Redskins” by not attending their games or buying or wearing their merchandise.

    • I haven’t read the law, but if it’s limited to school teams, it will pass a constitutional challenge. Schools are an arm of the State, and the State can regulate it’s own speech.

  2. This sports team naming stuff, assuming it catches on beyond California, may come down hard on the Scottsdale (Az) Artichokes. Seems weird that the Constitution never mentions it at all. Wonder how the founders missed dealing with such a hyper-critical issue?

  3. Huckabible lacks such self-awareness that he couldn’t see the tsunami of jokes that first tweet would elicit. No, not the racism, but not trusting someone with a dog. Unbelievable.

    And WTF? is the second one supposed to mean? Too much hypotenuse, not enough angles.

  4. Garsh, I didn’t watch the Democratic debate last night so I wish Bristol Palin would weigh in so I know what to think of it.

    • I don’t think she watched, she was busy pricking holes in the condoms at the Rite Aid in Anchorage

      • What makes you think the Palins have to actually hear and see something to bloviate about it?

        • Nothing really, I just don’t think she can bloviate and prick condoms at the same time – two complicated.

  5. My eldest’s high school mascot is called the “Maniacs.”

    Although the high school is within sight of the state hospital AND the prison, they’ve been the “Maniacs” since before either they were in place.

    I’m not bothered by it, but I can see how it could be rather insensitive.

    • Jeb’s medical plan has nothing positive for citizens.
      That would go right along with this Vic Era of no workers comp.
      Makes me all warm and fuzzy to know the citizens of this country will never have any protection under the Repugnant Party.

      • Speaking of assholes —

        Marco Rubio Watches Democratic Debate, Blows ‘Free Stuff’ Dog Whistle

        The morning after Democratic presidential candidates debated gun policy, structural racism, and the America’s proper geopolitical role, all Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) heard was bribery.

        “It was basically a liberal versus liberal debate about who was going to give away the most free stuff,” Rubio said on Fox News early Wednesday. “Free college education, free college education for people illegally in this country, free health care, free everything.”

        • Rush Limbaugh Longs For The Days Of ‘Depression Era’ Suffering

          Well, obviously, in 1933, there were no food stamps. In 1933, there was no welfare. In 1933, there were no welfare debit cards. In 1933, if you were out of work, you didn’t eat. You had to stand in a soup line and depend on charity. In 2015, you can be among the 94 million not working and have a roof over your head, have a cell phone, a car, your air conditioned home probably– or your home is probably air conditioned and, you’re eating as much as you want. 12 million unemployed people standing in soup lines gave us these horrible pictures of the Great Depression. Today, the numbers of people out of work dwarf, even when you factor the population difference. Far more people not working today than the Great Depression. We are $18 trillion in debt today too. We are paying people not to work. We are paying people comfortably not to work. This is why I keep making the point, 94 million Americans not working but they’re all eating. It does matter. What you want people to starve [mocking]? No, that’s not the point. Don’t get side tracked here. If you can eat, and have a house, and a big screen, and a cell phone without working, who in the world is paying for it? Back during the Great Depression, if you couldn’t pay for it, you didn’t have it.

  6. Who “won” last nights debate?

    *WE* did.

    Intelligent people got up in front of the nation and talked politics as if wonks were listening, even though it was only us.

  7. So, a longish personal note.

    My colleague and I submitted a book manuscript to a Major Ivy League University Press (MILUP) at the end-ish of 2013. Said MILUP farmed it out to reviewers, one of whom responded in a responsible-ish time frame, the other waited until there were illustrations that might make sense of all them big words things. Reviews were finally in by the end of 2014, and our carefully worded (you really don’t get to call reviewer #2, #2) was submitted at the end of 2014.

    Well into 2015, we’re informed that MILUP was not considering books in the humanities (ours is a notably revolutionary text in a sub-field of philosophy) for the time being; maybe if we waited?

    We waited.

    We waited past Spring.

    We waited past Summer.

    In the meantime, my colleague (“A”) was asked, out of the blue, by Major International University Press (MIUP) to review an entirely unrelated manuscript. A significant, and altogether unlooked for honor, A said yes. That task was completed some weeks back and, as an aside, he happened to mention that he/we had a prepared manuscript. MIUP said, sure, send it to us.

    What makes this significant is that MIUP wouldn’t otherwise have even looked at our submission. Because of the accidents of time and tide, they have effectively INVITED it. This does not mean they will accept it (although, I confess, my reaction upon reading A’s submission proposal was, “Damn! I want to read this book!” For the record, I wrote 45% of this book.) But they asked us to send it along.

    This afternoon A sent along our proposal and text. We chatted a bit, and after I glanced up at his board a couple of times, I finally asked if this might be a moment worthy of what he had in his decanter.

    So we celebrated with a shot of 100+ year old Kentucky Bourbon this afternoon. Dog knows what MIUP will do with our MS.

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    Yesterday at 5:47am ·
    Saturniid moth caterpillar, photographed in Switzerland by Marco Fisc

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