The Watering Hole; Thursday October 15 2015; Open Thread

I’m still having computer issues — two are dead in the water and have outlived their usefulness (memorial service arrangements pending). As I write this, number three is still in the repair shop, and number four is in serious need of some repair shop ‘adjustments’.

Conclusion: Apparently late September’s end times were indeed real, what with the blood moon and all, but rather than being aimed at the planet in general they were directed instead at the computers housed at my address. Who could ever have guessed that something so cool as a lunar eclipse would initiate my own computers’ end times!

Sept. 27 2015; 7:10 PM 7:21 PM, MDT

Lunar Eclipse — Sept. 27 2015; 7:10 PM 7:21 PM, MDT

8:12 PM 8.21 PM, MDT

Lunar Eclipse — Sept 27 2015; 8:12 PM 8.21 PM, MDT

Anyway, use this here Open Thread to discuss anything at all, including, of course, any word on future end times.


53 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday October 15 2015; Open Thread

    • Merely a technicality, his campaign staff will not be along to handle speaking engagements, transportation and lodging. This is a tour to promote his book where the publisher handles speaking engagements, transportation and lodging, see the difference? It definitely has nothing to do with his campaign, just a book tour!

    • Trump may be the most dangerous “Republican” candidate ever. He has zero principle, will lie on any occasion he deems appropriate with no awareness of the possible or probable consequences. I figure he’s entirely the product of his life experiences which, in effect, have taught him how to deal with bankruptcy and bad hair — and nothing more. He gives a new meaning to ‘yuckamoondo.’

  1. Rude One covers the debate fall out

    My take away from reading the meta comments is in line with his – Clinton solidified herself, Sanders did well and overall the Dem candidates actually debated the issues, as opposed to the monkey-poo flinging festival after the front seats in the Clown Car showed up. It seems to me that the contrast between the two parties may become stark as we enter debt ceiling season, Boner cries about his job and the Obama Recovery continues unabated.

    • Yes, the Obama Recovery must be stopped at all cost. Shut the gummint down, no debt sealing negoshitating with devil demokeratz. Klown Kar haz spokin.

      • Don’t forget Benghazi, also emails. Without them, “we’ll be dead.” Also, remember ALL the debt is cuz of ‘free stuff’ for worthless bums and not tax cuts for corps and the 1%, and not from all the wars that Obama started and fucked up — Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Ukraine, Syria, etc.

      • Both Bush and Obama used drones kinda sorta but not really illegally. The thing is, with the way the laws ares worded, and their lack of any definitions or specific meanings, it’s easy to get around them by just calling what you’re doing something else. Ford signed a law making it illegal for our govt to assassinate anyone. So they don’t call them “assassinations,” they call them “targeted killings.”

    • Who or what is this ‘god’ WBCers keep mentioning? Is it the one who pumped CO2 into the atmosphere to cause climate change that enables fires in the over-dry west and floods in the over-wet east? And it managed allathat just since June when the SCOTUS decision came down? Must be a really mean bugger if that’s the case. Sure am glad I’ve never met the dude.

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