Music Night!!

How about a salute to Sun Records of Memphis, Tennessee?

The label introduced some of the greats of country, rock-a-billy, blues, and rock ‘n roll including Johnny Cash, Roscoe Gordon, Rufus Thomas, who recorded solo and with his daughter Carla Thomas, Little Milton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Tex Weiss, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, Bill Justis, and Conway Twitty to name but just a few.


Patsy Holcomb – I Wanna Rock


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  1. According to the ‘Fresh Droppings’ listing, the title of this post is ‘68333’.

  2. Ok, so I was at The Darkness on Weds night….. and they go into the pantheon for me – absolutely no question. There is only one band I have seen that is *that* much better live than just in video/radio…… Darkness simply killed it – if you ever have the chance, go, what showmen!

    This was their last song. just like this vid Justin climbed on the shoulders of the crowd and was carried around the pit while he played the solo …… the tempo shifts at 7:50-8:30 – well I creamed my jeans at the live experience, they pushed it out more than in this version. (Retro) cock rock at it’s finest…fantastic.

    “In the eye of the storm, we keep each other warm”

    • Oh and then he dragged a dressed-up lookalike on to the stage and climbed on his shoulders for another solo….

        • Sorry Ebbster they already did CA …. like I said only one band has blown me away more live than these blokes….fourth album is now available and the songs they played from it were really good.

  3. For my old university friend Carolyn…. a huge Talking Heads fan, always think of her when this comes on (just did on KZOK)

  4. But this is still my fave Talking Heads….

    “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco!”

    • this was the ‘Big Suit’ tour ….. “I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair and nothing is better than that”

      And “As we get older and stop making sense” …. Byrne is brilliant

    • Well they will need everything they have tomorrow to beat New Zealand All Blacks….. my time there watching the games and since, the final looks like All Blacks v Australia – and I tip the Wallabies right now (can’t stand them, but they are the best right now).

    • I would love to see Wales beat the South Africans…but I have met a few nice South Africans….now.

  5. Wow – the rabbit hole showed up this one….. these guys were good retro doowop…. catchy and talented…..

  6. Nicole Sandler played Bruce Springsteen’s cover of War, got me thinking of The Big Man this morning.

  7. Shaking Stevens……. retro Elvis…. but a real nice bloke and a good entertainer

  8. And some BOC – comes to mind when I think of all the BS, death threats and abuse I have endured on the MH17 hashtag…..

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