The Watering Hole, Tuesday October 20, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

Genetics: Dogs ‘can trace origins to Central Asia’

Never offered a dog post before, but let’s see what happens.

It’s from the BBC, so it has to be true.



34 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday October 20, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

  1. My dog watches Dogs 101 and the Dog Whisperer.
    No, seriously, he does.
    I don’t know what he gets out of it but he sits in front of the teevee and watches.
    Thankfully, he has shown no interest in Fox news programs or reality teevee.

  2. Charlie, Jamie, Nico, Izzy, Max, Poncho, Alice, Skippy, Baby…
    I know my dog neighbors but can’t always remember their humans!

    Many dog breeds drool, uncontrollably, that creeps me out! I’ll pet and play with dogs.
    Cats are the owners of my abode!

    (All living things interest me)

    • As a charter member of Shadow’s staff —

      I’ve always been a dog person, till Shadow stopped by to instruct. So now I’m a cat person (also still a dog, wolf, goose, lizard, snake, fox, deer, antelope, elk . . . etc. person. Shhhh – don’t tell Shadow!)

      One thing my cat experience has taught me is that Mark Twain nailed it when he suggested that if man was crossed with cat, it would enhance the man and diminish the cat. OTOH, we could make the same point with ANY other critter out there. Clearly.

      Animal Person 😉

    • I’m not a dog person, but can admire a beautiful well behaved one. I am completely creeped out by dogs drooling on my meat coolers at market, some owners seem oblivious to the many reasons why this is wrong.

  3. Dogs have been around for 15,000 years and during that time, humans have selectively bred them according to which were best suited for whichever purpose the human had come up with….. this is called ‘directed selection’ in evolutionary science.

    When you look at the huge variation now in the species and that inevitably due to size many breeds can no longer interbreed and are defacto separate gene pools now ….. the 44% of brain dead Americans who ‘don’t believe in evolution and believe instead the earth is < 10,000 years old and created by a bearded old sky wizard (from the planet Moroni) …well I am surprised those people can put their pants on the right way in the morning.

    A friend of mine has a Newfy / Chihuahua mix – and believe me that will only work one way – when the girl Newfy's lying down.

    • It took only 15,000 years to do this to the dog species – Earth has had billions of years – I just look at these people and go “Duh”

    • Newfy / Chihuahua mix

      dear me!

      Cute little dog – I mean little. Tea-cup pekinese. Pekes are already small!
      I say leave the dogs alone!

        • My sister’s dog “Rocket” is a Chihuahua-terrier mix. He’s more the size of a terrier, but his ears definitely give away his other half. She found him about 8 years ago in a shelter, his prev. “owner” having tossed him. They live in N. Minnesota, but in the last three years have visited us in Colorado twice, via automobile (thanks to her son plus his dog Mona — the four travel together). Anyway, I have NEVER seen a dog of any breed so completely and totally devoted to his . . . owner? Master? Best friend ever? Amazing is the only word.

  4. I wish I was a dog – I would look like that dude above – no cares, grinning all day long – ‘whoopee dog food again!’ and every now and again I’d lick my balls just because I could ….. hey wait – my balls? Where are they?

    • It’s a shame the bigots drove away a fine young mind that could have done great things given the opportunity he might not get elsewhere. Maybe someone like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett will find out where he is and make sure he gets whatever education funding he needs. I imagine them the type to like doing things like that quietly.

      • Bill Gates’ idea of “education” is passing a standardized test, and then punishing the teachers when the scores aren’t high enough. We’re talking about someone (Gates) who lacks not only the littlest, little grasp of teaching or pedagogy, but lacks even the willingness to *LEARN* anything about those subjects. But because he is rich, he can leverage his willful stupidity into the “standard” by which all things educational shall be judged.

        The Gates Foundation is, remains, and ever shall be, an unqualified catastrophe for education anywhere, and for anyone who takes genuine teaching and learning seriously.

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