The Watering Hole: Wednesday, October 21, 2015. Fall, Falling, Fallen.

Fallen leaves like heroes lay
Beneath the Poplar trees,
Whose outstretched arms to heaven pray
Unmoved by Autumn breeze.

In blaze of glorious color did
Our fallen heroes die,
Red and orange and yellow hid
The reason for the lie.

Parched Earth waits for Winter’s rain
While heroes turn to dust,
And leaves become the earthworm’s gain
As plowshares slowly rust.

The curtain falls in equal share,
As heroes rest in Gaia’s care.



50 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: Wednesday, October 21, 2015. Fall, Falling, Fallen.

    • My daughter now knows better than to get up in the night to go to the bathroom and let out a blood curdling scream at 2am

      • Goodness. A piece of paper and a jar/glass.
        Scoop the spider into the glass. Tightly hold the paper.
        Escort the unwanted guest outside!

      • When I lived in Arizona my log cabin hosted all kinds of wildlife.
        Mexican Desert Blonde Tarantulas would take up residence in the bathroom.
        Vinegaroon’s would race across the living room floor leaving my room mates wondering if they had drank too much.
        I’d say “what spider”?
        I didn’t see anything.

    • From R2D42 at Discussionist:

      “Tell me, future boy, who’s President of the United States in 2017?”

      • HAHAHA in the first one it was Ronald Reagan and the Doc laughed his ass off – and then said it was very logical – someone who could work the TV audience, an actor. Clever.

    • I think that is wise on his part. I don’t think he adds to the debate on the Democratic side – I think the Hillary/Bernie debate will be good for the process and will show up the Clown Car to be the posers, demagogues, liars, Pharisees and snake oil salesmen with no agenda other than to suck Big Koch.

      They say that all political careers end in failure, though a VPOTUS doesn’t typically do anything anyone sees, Joe Biden can probably comfort himself with the knowledge that his didn’t. He more than played his part in dealing with Bible Spice.

    • Good for Biden. At his age and in his circumstance, he doesn’t need the aggravation, and for sure he doesn’t need to bathe in the sewage flowing from the Republican faucet.

  1. (let’s see if this will post)

    [video src="" /]


        I have mixed feelings about JDL – he built a factory in Northern Ireland and took a big tax incentive from the UK gov, which after he declared bankruptcy, he got totally away with. He then got caught up in drug trafficking and got off on illegal entrapment. Then he ‘found him some Jesus’ where he encountered my sister-in-law (who is batshit for Jesus which causes all kinds of odd things to come out of her mouth every now and again but otherwise a normal person).

        Anyhow – his car is pretty much immortal ….

        One of our conference rooms is showing BTTF part 2 for 12 hours today 🙂

  2. After the Rugby commentary here the other day – for those interested and curious – the defending champs New Zealand take on South Africa on NBC on Saturday at 11am EDT and the final is the following week – Sat at 12am –!2-affiliates/c17u5

    I think the better game for thrills will be the other semi – Australia and Argentina are great to watch right now, but for ‘the immovable object and the irresistible force’ you have to see the NZ v SA game – it promises to be titanic.

    • Cuckoo for cocoa puffs, but they should probably find out what the legal response is to conspiracy

  3. “Supposably,” at a meeting one day in November, 1941:

    Hitler: We’re going to expel all the Jews.
    Palestinian bigwig: Don’t do that, they’ll all come here.
    Hitler: Oh. What should I do then?
    Palestinian bigwig: Burn them
    Hitler: Cool.

  4. I do believe that Billy could get something wrong even after he predicts something after it happened.

  5. Apropos of nothing, I have completely lost my shit over the upcoming Star Wars movie. The fact that Lucas is associated only as a distant, executive producer (which is to say, no directing & no writing), only makes me more Jiggity.

  6. When did Emily’s List suddenly become relevant? We went years without ever seeing their ‘spokesperson’ on TV, now this Jess McIntosh is on MSNBC every night.

  7. I’ll not link to the horrid story. The anti-choice people should be keeping an eye on folks like this fellow/Joseph and his wife/girlfriend who are now charged with murdering their 9-week old son.
    (of course they are methheads)

    The Florida Department of Children and Families noted in a statement that the department did not have any prior investigation involving Chance, but it had “multiple past interactions with Joseph Walsh, including the removal of seven children from his custody.”

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