Sunday Roast: Hello

Oh gawd, she’s back.

Our badmoodman will be so pleased.  😉

This is our daily open thread — Post your favorite music, Zoosters

37 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Hello

  1. I paused after opening the gate this morning to contemplate the clouds in the eastern sky. In my mind I was a half-century younger, a sailor standing at the bow of the ship looking at the same sky. The adage “red sky at night – sailors’ delight, red sky in morning – sailors take warning” came to mind. After briefly reflecting upon the stormy seas sailed in my youth I savored the the deep red hue of the sun backed clouds…

    My reverie was broken by Smokey’s brushing by my leg and a gentle meow reminding me of his presence and need for nourishment. As I picked him up to cradle in my arms I thought what a great way to start the day! Then, to my delight, it’s Zooey’s day at the Zoo!

    Somewhere among the different blogs visited last night I ran across an exchange that went something like this:
    Him – I like tall women.
    Her – I’m short, 5’5
    Him – That’s fine, I’m 5’3″

  2. On This Week, Donald Trump wants all the candidates to limit their spending to what’s in their own bank accounts, same as him.

  3. Also on This Week, Anna Navarro said about JEB!’s economizing, ‘as long as he keeps fighting (writing checks), people like me will stay by his side.’

  4. Q1 has started at the US Grand Prix in Austin Texas. It’s raining heavy enough for full wet tires, at the present. The rain should be just about gone by race time, so the teams face the dilemma of how to prepare the car for qualifying in wet conditions, yet leave it driveable for dry conditions later.

    • From what you wrote it seems that there are different type tires for different track conditions. My question is, when track conditions change do they not switch tires to the type appropriate for the track condition during the next pit stop?

      • The three tire types are slicks, for dry track: intermediates, for damp, drying conditions, and full wets, for when the track is very wet, with standing water in spots. Yes, the teams can make tire type changes during the race, but for this qualifying session the FIA mandated full wets only. Full wets have deeper grooves and displace more water than the intermediates, and are also a softer rubber. I think that by race time, intermediates will be optimal, and slicks may be preferable later in the race. There are also several softness levels of slick tire, and the tire manufacturer provides two compounds for each race, both of which must be used during the race, per the regulations. Those regulations are suspended if the race has rain, either at the start or during, and the cars go to intermediates or wets for at least one lap.

        If a team wants to optimize the car for wet conditions, a softer suspension is preferred, but it will be less effective in the dry. Conversely, a team may leave a dry setup on the car, but may pay the penalty in qualifying and have to start farther back.

        • Interesting, thanks house. Reminds me of driving in snow in the ’60s, butyl rubber tires were great for slick ice, snow tires for up to 8″ of snow, studded snow tires for new snow on top of packed snow and chains when you get a blizzard!

  5. “Our badmoodman will be so pleased. 😉 ”

    Wait, is that snarky? Do I not like Adele? I think she has a wonderful voice.

    Btw, is there less of Adele these days, or is it lighting and makeup?

  6. Confused Tenn. pastor: Imprison women for abortions because that’s what we do to bald eagle murderers

    “. . . if you break a bald eagle egg, you can get five years in prison,” he continued. “And yet, you can abort a human fetus and get governmental approval? Does that make sense?”

    [. . .]

    “What’s of more value? A bald eagle that doesn’t have a soul or a human being that has a soul and that will one day live somewhere forever?”

    What he doesn’t get (among a great many other things, obviously) is that humans are NOT (unfortunately) an endangered species.

    • “He asked how they would “feel” if they had been aborted by their parents”
      Apparently this guy has no idea what a non-sequitur is.

    • What a jerk, that spark of life that the unknowing call the soul, is in all living creatures, in an eagle or an eggplant. There is of course differences in these sparks of life, of volume, of strength or intensity, differences that affect our interaction with them, in particular our ability to communicate with them. The pastor needs to read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a story much easier to understand than most of his Bible.

      It’s interesting how, when we communicate with animals in teaching them tricks or tasks, varying methods result in varying results. The same can be said of plants which also behave differently when listening to the world we placed them in. My experience teaching animals taught me that soft talking tones and positive reinforcement gave better results and in my experience growing various plants I learned that the plants responded positively to my talking and background music.

      Reflecting upon the difficulty we face dealing with the crazy people in the Republican party I’ll compare trying to make them think logically at a level of difficulty greater than it would be in trying to teach an eggplant 4-part harmony.

      • Touche. Far as I can tell, fundie Christers and Republicans in general have what I like to call shriveled souls, a malady which is NEVER an issue ‘out there’ in the natural world.

  7. Here is a remarkably refreshing POV on the Israel-Palestine mess — a real body slam to the viciousness that’s so common both here and in Israel. Finally, a voice of civility and compassion. Reminds me of that old argument from the sixties — “Wage Peace, not War.”

    ”We Cannot Remain Silent” on Palestine, Says Activist From Jewish Boat to Gaza

    . . . Lillian Rosengarten: First, it is vitally important to make a distinction between traditional Judaism and political Zionism. Although Zionism began as a liberation movement, it is now a racist, nationalistic and criminal state that operates in the name of Jews. This is a catastrophe. Israel’s Zionist goal is a Judaization of Israel that denies the existence of Palestinians. I am opposed to all nationalistic racist regimes that occupy and disenfranchise another people.

    And forward from there.

  8. This has nothing to do with anyone here. In point of fact, I am ventilating here precisely because everyone here is as far away from the situation — physically, emotionally, personally, logically — as they could possibly be.

    But I am mother fucking sick and tired of people who imagine that the best way of interacting with me is by making ex cathedra announcements, and who refuse to entertain even the abstract possibility of asking questions.

    I don’t give a shit if your assumptions are nominally correct (even a broken clock is “right” twice a day.) You do not get to *TELL* me what is going on, when you can’t ever be troubled to ask what is going on.


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