The Watering Hole Hole, Tuesday October 27, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

100 Mayors Sign Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

The industrial food complex has not had rival competition, but could this new food initiative lay the groundwork for nutritional integrity, fair prices, and fair labor standards? It might take 50 years to overcome the present dominance, but the diet for a small planet has to have political stakeholders to effect change.

A new food infrastructure?

From the article…

The Framework recommends 37 actions, among them

  • Identify, map and evaluate local initiatives
  • Develop or revise urban food policies and plans
  • Address non-communicable diseases associated with poor diets and obesity, giving specific attention where appropriate to reducing intake of sugar, salt, transfats, meat and dairy products and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables and non-processed foods
  • Develop sustainable dietary guidelines to inform consumers, city planners (in particular for public food procurement), food service providers, retailers, producers and processors, and promote communication and training campaigns.
  • Explore regulatory and voluntary instruments to promote sustainable diets involving private and public companies as appropriate, using marketing, publicity and labelling policies; and economic incentives or disincentives; streamline regulations regarding the marketing of food and non-alcoholic beverages to children in accordance with WHO recommendations.
  • Those aimed at social and economic equity (cash transfers, school feeding programs, employment, education, training, research).
  • And those aimed at improving food production and reducing waste.

Urban Agriculture

46 thoughts on “The Watering Hole Hole, Tuesday October 27, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. The hardest battle you will ever fight is ignorance.
    It becomes more difficult when willful ignorance has become the norm.
    It becomes nearly impossible when monopolies like Monsanto and their ilk have set their sights on total control of the food production of the world.
    It becomes frustrating when you try to make sense to someone who’s paycheck depends upon them not understanding logic.

    • Very true. Also a bit concerning to the relatively tiny percentage of earthly humans who are NOT ignorant, since unfortunately for ‘us,’ ignorance — whether willful or imposed — is essentially what today fuels most of the planet’s political machines.

      Ignorance has become a political virtue (see anything GOP / Conservative), which explains why political power movements (fascism, e.g.) assume their first and major duty is to do all in their power to maintain and increase ignorance in the resident population. Concentration of money and power in the hands of a few depends, after all, on a high level of ignorance in the masses.

      • “Concentration of money and power in the hands of a few depends, after all, on a high level of ignorance in the masses.”

        True, my friend. Quite true.

    • A good friend and I had a 1/2 acre plot in garden for a number of years. We also had 2 supers as well…..the amount produce was amazingly good year after year. I sure gardens and fruit trees in a 1-2 mile radius were helped out too.

  2. My project for Winter is to build out a 40′ X 3′ box for Spring Planting…Right next to my fence on the south side of our property…

  3. Jeebus H. Christ-a-mundo. Donald Trump may soon find himself in need one of those ‘Black Capsules’ — for which I will happily contribute one dollar (two, if needed):

    Ben Carson has taken a narrow lead nationally in the Republican presidential campaign, dislodging Donald J. Trump from the top spot for the first time in months, according to a New York Times/CBS News survey released on Tuesday.

    Mr. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, is the choice of 26 percent of Republican primary voters, the poll found, while Mr. Trump now wins support from 22 percent, although the difference lies within the margin of sampling error.

    • The best depiction of Ben Carson to date is the Bad Lip Reading Republican debate.
      I think it shows exactly what’s not going on in his head.

    • Let’s just look hard at this – 48% of the supporters of the party with 2/3 of the government’s branches in its control right now support a man who is a real-life Chauncey Gardener and a man who is attempting to be the first to masturbate publically in all 50 states…..

    • Relax, everyone. Just because someone is polling at 26 percent in only his own party is not reason to panic and think he’ll somehow become the next President of the United States without a lot of electronic voting machine manipulation. And how likely is…uh-oh, I see the problem.

      • My main “concern” 😉 is, of course, for Donald Trump for whom the sole option of falling out of the lead will be his own (personalized, of course) “end times.”

        Or so I dare hope!

      • I’d like to see a media restriction for our elections (our northern neighbors just had a long 78 day campaign!) that only allows political advertising to the 90 days before the election!

        • People will complain that it would be a violation of First Amendment rights, but the non-lawyer in me says, “No, we’re not saying you can’t say what you want. We’re just limiting HOW you can say what you want. The First Amendment protects the content of your speech, but not the medium you use.”

    • It definitely has my vote, along with quite a few others here in Truck-Menace-Tan. With luck, this is but the start of a nationwide trend, one that will finally bankrupt for good the freakin’ health insurance “industry” and allow EVERYONE the “privilege” of health care!

    • The most they can do is impeach her, try her, convict her, and remove her from the office of Secretary of State. But in order to do that, they would have to specify, and prove, which high crimes and misdemeanors with which they wish to charge her. And they wouldn’t get the 2/3 needed to convict in any case, so why waste taxpayers time?

      • That’s about the size of it. They really do make an interesting case study and, if the stakes weren’t so high, it would be amusing. They blame Bill Clinton for 9/11, they blame President Obama for Iraq, and on the very rare occasions they are forced by overwhelming evidence to admit wrongdoing they claim that “God forgives them” and go on to do the same stupid crap that got them in trouble the first time. All just bits of evidence pointing to my theory that the rightwhiners seldom, if ever, interact with the cause and effect universe inhabited by sane people and on those rare occasions everything they touch is FUBAR.

    • That’s their silly-assed reaction to the prospect of (a) another liberal Democrat POTUS, and (b) a WOMAN liberal Democrat POTUS.

      What that faction really craves most of all — whether they know or will admit to knowing — is another white (Aryan) powerful and purposed MAN. Adolf comes first to mind as their dreamed-of solution to the Commanist Librul wimmin and coons — and, in Bernie’s case, the damned Jews. Again.

      The American far right wingnuts have truly fallen into the pit, but they don’t know it. They think everybody else is in that pit. They’re that pitifully ignorant and stupid.

      • Psychological Projection is a huge problem with Conservatives. Precisely because they are not open-minded (the definition of a Liberal), they assume everybody else thinks the way they do (even though they hate the way we Liberals think.) So they can’t understand why people get upset when they say racist, bigoted things because they assume everybody thinks the way they do (again, despite the fact that they hate the way we think.) When they try to assume what we would do in their place, they assume we would act as they would even though they know we don’t think like they do. In short, there are a lot of seriously fucked up neural circuits in the mind of a Conservative. They need help. They really do. And if they didn’t hate us so much, we’d be happy to help them.

        • “Projection” is, indeed, one of the character traits of right-wing authoritarians. It’s right up there with “confirmation bias”.

          I have long since lost track of who has read “The Authoritarians” or how often I have linked to it but, if any of us critters has not read it, I strongly recommend it. Heck! It should be required reading for any student of history, politics, sociology, or psychology. Bob Altemeyer explains it so very well and it’s a fairly quick read (until you find yourself going back to the previous chart!).

    • This is just funny – especially when you ask the question – “what are the articles of impeachment then – can you tell me?” …… and then wait for the patch of pee to appear in their pants.

      • “Articles… of… impeachment…?” Their “arguments” never even reach that stage. All that they know is that they hate libruls and want to hurt them, us, and jungle rules apply.

    • I was a whole lot younger when I was living in San Diego and 6 of the last 27(?) Condors were at the SD Zoo. I found myself compelled to go and visit them about twice a month. They were healthy and well cared for but were very, very, sad. A few years ago I was visiting southern California and got to see three of them soaring free. I am not the least bit ashamed to say that I cried, through sheer joy, at the sight.

      Whenever some ignorant savage starts saying “we can’t do anything to fix…” whatever is wrong in the environment I have a standard list handy. California Condor, Brown Pelican, Bald Eagle, Whooping Crane, Peregrine Falcon, Greater Canada Goose, Wood Duck and, just to add an entire ecosystem to said list, Lake Eerie.

      The Condors and Whooping Cranes required a vast effort and are still in great peril but the rest of the list were rescued by simply stopping the stupid shit we were doing. Stop using DDT? The big birds do great. Stop dumping toxic waste in Lake Eerie? A lifeless cesspool has become a thriving fishery.

      I just hope that we humans can find the innovations and motivations to stop turning fossil fuels into heat, noise, and pollution before the entire ecosystem collapses. If even one ocean basin suffers a complete collapse? There will be a few billion people knocking down doors in search of food.

      The really shocking part is that it seems that rich people believe their wealth will protect them from famine. The encouraging part is that they are the ones who will starve to death, sitting on a pile of gold and ammunition, while those of us who have to earn a living will find a way to survive.

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