The Watering Hole; Friday October 30 2015; The “Wisdom” of Ben Carson,

‘All’ Rogues ‘shall have their part in’ what —
The Phosphorous of God —
(Emily Dickinson)

Rather than spend all the time it would take for me to explain everything about the origins of the universe, of earth, life, and whatever, I’ve instead decided to take the day off and have Ben Carson do it. He does take somewhere in the neighborhood of 49 minutes to cover the entire gamut, but still his efforts are truly . . . ummm . . . can’t think of the word.

So there you are — now you know (or should know, maybe) that though there might be questions that SCIENCE can’t yet answer, there are NO questions that Doc Carson can’t handle, and there are no mysteries anywhere in the entire of the universe . . . make that the creation . . . that are not easily and readily explicable. Really folks, with Ben Carson as the model, it’s all so simple!

Curiously enough, it was back in 1793 that Robert Burns wrote of Ben Carson, summed up the neurosurgeon’s own neuro-capacity in one short four-lined verse.

“Lord, to account who dares thee call,
Or e’er dispute thy pleasure?
Else why, within so thick a wall,
Enclose so poor a treasure?”

Yea verily, it is written. Etc.


58 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday October 30 2015; The “Wisdom” of Ben Carson,

  1. I hear that representatives for Republican candidates will be meeting to talk about the media running the debates. The RNC will not be represented at this meeting. Add in Trump’s “negotiating” a shorter debate, then bragging that that cost the network big money in ad revenue and it doesn’t seem far fetched to imagine an upcoming debate marathon with a cut of the ad revenue being split with the participants.

    • I, for one, would love to have a debate with no media involvement whatsoever.
      In the style of Lincoln/Douglas, let the candidates stand on a wooden platform, erected in the town center of Goshen, Indiana. With no publicity announcing said debate, no one attending, no one reporting, filming, taking selfies or otherwise broadcasting said debate, them pontificate, posture and bloviate amongst themselves.
      Yes sirree, let ‘er rip.

  2. I’m trying to think of ANY subject I would spend even two minutes listening to Ben Carson speak about, let alone 49. If I come up with one during the day, I’ll let y’all know.

    …there are NO questions that Doc Carson can’t handle…

    Apparently, there are no questions from a CNBC debate moderator that Carson or any other Republican candidate CAN handle, which then makes it the fault of the moderators for asking dumb questions. (Hey, even I expected Kramer and Santelli to ask dumb questions.)

    Hey it’s Friday! I’m off today! Yay!

  3. I’d rather have a frontal lobotomy than Ben Carson in front of me trying to explain anything scientific.

    Yeah, I know that doesn’t rhyme but it makes more sense than he does.

  4. Vice President Biden and Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders Meet Privately

    Vice President Joe Biden — who recently said that he would not run in 2016 — met privately with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders Thursday.

    During a one hour conversation at the Vice President’s residence at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C., the two former colleagues discussed campaign finance reform and a free education plan.


    Earlier this fall, Biden made headlines when he met with another progressive superstar Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    Sanders did not ask Biden for his endorsement in the Democratic primary. Biden has praised Sanders many times in the past. Just a few weeks ago, while at a summit in New York City, the Vice President said, “He’s a great guy by the way, he really is.”

  5. When I saw that the length of his “talk” exceeded thirty seconds, my first thought was ‘uh oh,’ followed instantly by ‘you gotta be shittin me!’ So I just sort of listened while I surfed a couple of other websites. What struck me and held my attention was his absolutely RIDICULOUS weave of Genesis mythology with medical science, along with his mentions of Darwin, of Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins and how screwed up he believes their non-religious science to be. The session graphically demonstrates the one thing I had come to suspect about Carson: he’s a prime example — PROOF — that insanity can even appear in the highly educated and otherwise scientifically alert brain, also PROOF that religion, at maximum elevation, can become the most mentally contaminating entity out there anywhere.

    I can honestly say that listening to Carson for 49 minutes turned out to be the WEIRDEST 49 contiguous minutes in all of the 73 years (that’s 38,395,080 total minutes, according to a quick calculation) that I’ve so far spent wandering around in this really weird life zone. And that from the guy who is, according to some recent polls, currently the leading Republican presidential candidate. I truly cannot remember even a single split second when my gast has been more flabbered.

  6. I don’t need to listen to “Dr.” Carson, I read my granddaughter’s 7th grade Science and Social Studies textbooks. Evangelical christian schools indoctrinate kids into this cult belief system. The texts give kids snarky replies to spew anytime someone questions their beliefs. And they threaten the kids with eternal damnation if they don’t swallow their interpretation of the Bible as being the one true interpretation. Anyone that tells them otherwise is from Satan and is to be ignored.

    It’s also interesting that this one true interpretation of the Bible, and of the social, political and economic ‘truths’ that flow therefrom, support giving more to the rich and ignoring the plight of the poor ‘unchurched’ Satan-following masses. These kids, then, are being trained to be the ‘christian soldiers’ in a holy war pitting the interests and welfare of the leisure/ruling class against an endless stream of unholy scapegoats.

    • Of course. The one single ‘feature’ that literally defines America and ‘the American experience’ is MONEY. The more you got, the more important you clearly and obviously are.

      Personally, if I was going to use the bible as a means to define this country, I’d prolly use that golden calf (or whatever critter it was), that false idol, to define America’s “god.” Ain’t nothin’ real or worth keeping about any “civilization” where money is the sole definer of “value.” But that’s us.

      • NPR today – Jeb “I am not a” BUSH! ran to New Hampshire after the debate and was asked: “Is your campaign sputtering?” – first words out of Jeb “Terry Shiavo? Never heard of her” BUSH’s mouth were, I kid you not: “Well we have the most money from our backers….. (blah blah spew spew)”

        • He just can’t help himself, he’s never grown out of being the entitled, whining, awkward, overgrown, untalented, baby of the family. No wonder Barbara didn’t want her little brat to run.

  7. I know it’s been over a year since my sister started dealing with her medical insurance carrier in finding doctors that accept her coverage. Now, after having been referred to a specialist who scheduled an MRI of her brain and an appointment a week later to go over the results, she had the MRI yesterday morning. Then, yesterday afternoon, the doctor’s office called asking her to come in this morning. She has returned with the news that she has a 1.9x2x3 cm mass on her brain and has been referred to a neurosurgeon.

    Damn it, she’s my baby sister! I’ve got to cry awhile…

    • Hang in there, Pachy. It was fifteen years ago this coming January that I had brain surgery, and here I still am. Worst thing I can remember happening was my groggy state in recovery the next day and trying to figure out how to shut off the damn TV that was broadcasting Dubya’s first freakin’ inauguration. Once I figured that out, I knew I was OK.

    • Thank you, everybody. She’s somewhat relieved in that there is a probability that this is what has been giving her headaches. I knew I couldn’t have caused them!!

      Funny that Wayne mentioned Carson because we are from Maryland originally and my sister’s daughter and grandchildren live there, and my sister’s son had brain surgery at Johns Hopkins when he was a toddler. My sister said she’s glad Carson is retired in case she did end up at Hopkins for an operation. I volunteered to drill a hole in her head to relieve pressure!

  8. Cruz, Jindal, and pHuckabee will be there:

    . . . three Republican presidential hopefuls — including a sitting senator, a sitting governor, and one former governor — are all scheduled to speak at an event organized by and featuring several speakers who openly advocate putting gay people to death.

    “Religious Liberty,” dontcha know, includes the ‘right’ to kill all those who piss you off because they be ‘different’ than what they oughtta be.

    Wonder why Carson isn’t going?

  9. I’ve mentioned this before, even on TP (back when it was worth going there) during the first round of histrionics over ACA, but medical doctors are not, in general, scientists. This is despite the fact that many of them declare themselves such. Carson is, evidently, a skilled neurosurgeon, but that doesn’t make him a skilled inquirer at any level. (For more on my thoughts about the nature of what is, or is not, science:

    • Absolutely. And in the video, Carson proves the ‘lack of skilled inquiry’ thesis time and again. He “knows” medical ‘science’ (lots of big words that he’s memorized), but he remains completely ignorant on the means by which REAL science EXPLAINS the origin of each and every component of the known universe, including even the absence of his ‘creator.’

  10. Well over in Bremerton – the party has started – the Seattle Satanists showed up at the game last night to put an ‘equal opportunity invocation for Satan’ down at the field. – and you can guess of course which of the two sides was most ‘accepting of other religious viewpoints’….

    Well it is Halloween and the Satanists seem to be having a good time and where’s the harm in that?

    …. just as the ‘Johnny-on-the-spots’ (h/t Schneiders) used to hold up their signs behind the goal, I might just go with a Matthew 6:5-8 or maybe just Malachi 2:3 sign….

    • What upsets them the most is when someone — ANYone — insists on a true and accurate response to a simple question. Republicans are not prone to speak truth unless it happens to fit their respective agendas. It would be really cool, e.g., if, say, Jeb! was allowed to call Trump an asshole, and to his face on the stage. Or for Christie to pull out a gun and shoot whomever it was that pissed him off.

      Remember. Republicans are interested NOT in answering questions; their sole interest is to IMPOSE their particular dogma on everyone in the room and beyond. That is, to them, the essence of DEMOCRACY, of Amurkkka. It says so in the Constitution. Somewhere. In the part that Glenn Beck wrote, I think.

      • True. That’s why I keep hoping that someone, anyone, in the “librul media” would really hold their toes in the fire until they snap and throw a fit or jump out the back window faster than a crooked CEO who just saw Mike Wallace get out of a van with a camera crew and a manila envelope. Alas. They avoid the few who might have the courage, and permission from the bosses, to do any such thing the way that God avoids reliable witnesses with functioning cameras. Oh well. At least we can hope for some biting commentary from a few people. I expect that Rachel Maddow will take them apart with grace and good humor and Cenk Uyger will call them out as utter cowards with a few expletives for good measure.

        • Rachel is, afaic, the BEST out there today. She’s very careful to spell out the accurate details that define her topic. She far more resembles Edward Murrow, Walter Cronkite, et al. in her methodology than any of the current monkeys that are out there. My guess is that if she were to be an assigned Republican debate monitor that the GOoPer mass panic reaction would, for a minute or two at least, resemble the end times and god’s revenge on gay marriage, whatever.

          Remember: the one thing that NO Republican can TOLERATE is . . .
          The Truth.

          The Republican thesis, perfectly stated

          “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels (1897 – 1945)

          • I can’t disagree there. It’s a pity that NBC doesn’t have the will or desire to give her Meet The Press or a new weekly magazine show rather than relegating her to the “B” squad of MSNBC. Heck! 3-7 minutes a night on the Nightly “news” would shake this country like the biggest earthquake ever. Alas. I just don’t see it happening.

      • Heh! They would have to use bigger podiums to conceal the “chubbies”. But? It would be fun to see the raging hypocrites bowing, kowtowing, and genuflecting to a foreign head of state.

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