Sunday Roast: Dia de los Muertas

The Day of the Dead is a celebration held every year on November 1 and 2, mostly in southern and central Mexico, but celebrations are held all over the world — sometimes called “All Saints Day” or “All Souls Day.”  They are days to remember departed loved one, and celebrate their lives with prayer, food, flowers, and sugar skulls that bear the name of the departed on the forehead.

Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.

Although I have never visited a loved one’s grave after burial, and never intend to do so, I like the Day of the Dead because it’s a celebration of life, rather than a remembrance of illness, tragedy, and death.  And sugar skulls — which are amazing works of art!

This is our daily open thread — Don’t forget that annoying time change thing.

52 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Dia de los Muertas

  1. Looking over the morning show lineups at the Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread, no show today has even one Democrat or liberal as an interview guest. There are a couple of Dems sprinkled in the panels, like Van Jones and Keith Ellison, but they are outnumbered. I guess I’ll just watch Fox, and record This Week, then switch to CNN until Face the Nation comes on.

    • Fox pulled a fast one on me, and ran Fox News Sunday an hour earlier so they could play football in London. I guess I’ll watch This Week as it airs then.

    • Ben Carson on This Week: “We have to start thinking in a group, ah, sense, of how do we develop and make America a place of success for everybody.”

      Yep, he’s a Republican all right!

    • Actually it’s much worse than you might think. Here’s the quote that will make your head spin:

      “This is what we get when we have freedom of religion,” protester Christine Weick told ABC13 angrily.

      Yep, she’s lamenting the fact that we HAVE religious freedom. 😯

  2. In 2010 conservative Congressman Paul Ryan co-authored Young Guns, collectible edition available on Amazon $15.99.
    In 2011 entitlement spending foe Ryan seen dining with lobbyists and sips wine that costs $350 a bottle.
    In 2015 newly crowned Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan endeavors to bring unity to the Republican Party, priceless!

    • They eat their own.
      They’re just fattening him up for the feast.
      When someone like Boehner walks away, you know it can’t be getting better.
      He was extreme in his actions to sue the president.
      The tea baggers are going rip Ryan several fresh ones.

  3. Today is my youngest sister’s 50th birthday. She hasn’t spoken to me in over two years, so I have no idea how badly she’s handling this milestone.

  4. Richard Dawkins hammers Ben Carson: He is a ‘disgrace’ as a doctor for promoting creationism

    “This fills me with despair,” Dawkins explained to CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. “This is not something you believe in or not. I mean, this is a fact. It is a fact. It’s just as much of a fact as the Earth goes around the Sun. You can’t not believe it unless you’re ignorant.”


    “You just told me all the Republican candidates except one don’t believe in evolution,” Dawkins pointed out to Zakaria. “I mean, that’s a disgrace. But for a very senior eminent distinguished doctor as he is to say that is even worse. Because of course, evolution is the bedrock of biology and biology is the bedrock of medicine.”

    “He clearly doesn’t understand the fundamental theorem of his own subject,” he continued. “That is a terrible indictment.”

    Amen, amen, amen, etc.

  5. Jeff Gordon will race for the Sprint Cup Championship in the final Nascar race of his career! By winning today at Martinsville, Gordon is automatically qualified as one of the four drivers who will compete for the Cup in the season-ending event at Homestead, Florida!

  6. Fred Dalton Thompson dies at 73

    Former Tennessee senator Fred Dalton Thompson died Sunday.

    The onetime Republican presidential candidate, “Law & Order” star and lawmaker was 73. He had been battling a recurrence of lymphoma.

    Well, he was a good actor, and he did help bring down Nixon.

  7. Game 5 of the World Series or 6-0 Green Bay at 6-0 Denver? Tough call. I’m checking back and forth for the time being.

  8. Richard Dawkins is appalled at the Clown Car and their denial of the scientific fact of evolution. He stops short of called their supporters ignorant, but well, his inference is clear. And if you asked him directly if he is appalled that 44% of Americans think Genesis is literally true, well spoken he may be…. but he might hold back on that one. Zakaria takes his opportunity to underline Dawkins points, I notice, just so you can be clear what Dawkins is saying. And Dawkins saves his best for that special snowflake, Ben “Chauncey” Carson.

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