The Watering Hole, Monday, November 9, 2015: This Week In Crazy – Christian Persecution, God’s Punishment, and Transgenders and Bathrooms, Again

When you want to hear truly crazy, off-the-hook nonsense, it’s hard to beat the right wing. Those lovable misanthropes never fail to deliver when it comes to conspiracy theories so crazy even Alex Jones says, “Whoa, are you nuts?” Courtesy of the good people at Right Wing Watch (A project of People For the American Way dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement), here are some of the things that have gotten the right wing in a lather. We’ll begin and end with Pat Robertson.

Poor Pat Robertson. No matter how much he condemns them, he just can’t stop thinking about gay men and the things they do when they’re alone together. And now he’s so worried about it that he thinks God is going to collapse our financial markets.

Actually, Pat, I’d be more concerned about what Republicans are going to do to our financial markets. They’re the ones borrowing money at an unsustainable rate while refusing to raise taxes to pay for it. They talk about cutting spending, but not in the areas where they are borrowing the most money – the wars and the prescription drug plan, put together by a corrupt Louisiana Congressman (redundant, I know) who then resigned from Congress to head up Big Pharma. If Republicans were really worried about spending, why not make cuts in those areas? Why not raise taxes back to the pre-Reagan days, when all this income inequality started taking off and getting worse? It’s a popular Conservative myth that tax cuts pay for themselves. They do nothing of the sort. All they do is starve the government of the funds needed to help people who are down on their luck. But they don’t care as long as they keep getting re-elected to their phony-baloney jobs with the help of the very people helping to ruin the lives of millions. But this is nothing new to you, Dear Readers.

Over at Fox News’ “Outnumbered” they’re worried about illegal immigrants bringing disease to America. Specifically, they targeted tuberculosis (TB) as the problem, mainly because they misread and misinterpreted recent reports from the World Health Organization that say TB rivals HIV/AIDS as the leading infectious disease killer. Of course, as is typical with low-effort thinking conservatives, they didn’t explain why that is so. One reason is that spending on HIV has increased so much that fewer people are dying of it. Another is that just like reports of rape increased when women were encouraged to report it (not that the rate actually increased, just our awareness of its pervasiveness), health organizations are better able to track and report TB which leads to an increase in the numbers of people reported it have it. Relax. The death rate from TB is about half of what it was 25 years ago, with much of that improvement taking place in this millennium.

Congressman Randy Forbes (who apparently is also a preacher in his spare time, and who is also part of a constitutionally suspect group called the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation) thinks that there is a vast conspiracy of many organizations trying to destroy faith in America.

Speaking for myself only, I would be happy if this were true. I do not oppose all religion, just the ones that claim to worship a deity or deities. Those are the most dangerous because there is always somebody running them who claims to speak for God(s), and who always says you will be punished if you don’t do what God wants you to do. They often take it upon themselves to punish you in God’s name because apparently God is unable to punish you personally by Himself. There’s a very valid explanation for why that is. God doesn’t exist. That’s why He hasn’t punished us yet (or destroyed our financial markets yet.) And, of course, they’ll claim that you aren’t righteous enough to have heard this from God yourself, which to them is all the proof they need to punish you. It’s a game you can never win when believers in God take control of your government. The only thing you can do is attack these people all at once. As Ben Carson observed, they can’t get you all.

Bryan Fischer, who never met a Christian persecution myth he didn’t like, thinks that President Obama is going to imprison all conservative Christians, “if he had his way.”

Naturally, in true conspiracy nut fashion, Fischer is taking one story about prisons being cleared of some 6,000 non-violent drug offenders, chosen by the US Sentencing Commission for release because future sentencing guidelines are being made less harsh and applied retroactively, and assuming it’s for a purpose they fear – being locked up for disagreeing with the president. Here’s the problem with that theory, besides that it’s completely false – if President Obama were really the tyrant these RWNJs have been saying he is for the past seven years, he would have locked them all up a long time ago. He hasn’t because he isn’t.

Finally, back to good ol’ Pat. After previously expressing support for transgender folk, Pat took a turn in the opposite direction and claimed to not understand it at all. After reporting on a story of an Illinois school district cited for violating the civil rights of a transgender student, Pat then explained his problem, proving he doesn’t get it.

“This transgender stuff, I mean, this was a boy and this boy, we don’t know what surgery was performed on him, if any, we don’t know what his parts are, and yet he wants to go into the girls’ locker room and see all these disrobed little girls running around.”

Pat, I don’t claim to be an expert on transgender issues, and I’m not going to pretend I am. But I’m pretty sure that a boy who identifies as a female is not going to want to go into female locker rooms so he can look at the naked girls. May you do, but not him.

That’s it for this week’s look into the crazy minds of the right wing. I hope I didn’t frighten you too much.

This is our daily open thread. Enjoy.

60 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, November 9, 2015: This Week In Crazy – Christian Persecution, God’s Punishment, and Transgenders and Bathrooms, Again

  1. One thing about the never-ending string of Christerism’s faux predictions that puzzles me is that of the, I’m sure, ‘millions’ of such predictions made over the years, not a one of them has ever come true and yet ‘they’ continue to make them and people are continuously frightened by them. Why is that? Whatever happened to the bullshit meter?

  2. Oh yeah, and under the Hate Jeebutz banner, don’t forget Starbucks and their plain red Xmas cup a joe. Nothing says hate Gawd more than a blank red satanic background.

  3. Facing an estimated $1 million in debt from his failed presidential campaign, fiscal conservative Gov. Scott Walker is now soliciting donations to pay it off.

    That’s the joke.

  4. Speaking of football. I have to vent a little bit.

    Yesterday my, sometimes, beloved Vikings played and beat the St. Louis Rams. The Rams defense is coached by a man named Gregg Williams. Pro football fans might remember him as the defensive coordinator who was deemed responsible for instituting bounties for injuries to opposing players while he was defensive coordinator for the New Orelans Saints. The scandal resulted in both Williams and the head coach of the Saints being suspended for a year. Apparently; it wasn’t enough.

    “Bountygate” was found out because the Saints defense, then coached by Williams, spent an entire NFC championship game trying to injure then Vikings OQ Brett Favre and finally knocked him out of the game forcing the league to take notice of them making consistent hits that were obviously intended to injure opposing players. It appears that Williams holds a grudge against the Vikings. Williams’ Rams team yesterday consistently made late and low hits and it came to a head when one of the players illegally launched himself at the head of the Vikings QB while he was sliding and defenseless. QB Teddy Bridgewater was knocked out cold and left the game with a concussion.

    The consensus among the sporting world is that the player will receive the maximum fine of some $23,000.00 dollars for such a blatant cheap shot but what about the coach? The pattern of blatant cheap shots seemed to be too much to ignore especially when it involves a guy who has a proven history of instructing his players to injure opponents. Football is brutal, a blood sport, even when the players are not making a conscious effort to injure each other. I say the coach has to be banned for life. Will it happen?

    There. I feel better.

    • FWIW, I agree, Pete. He should receive a lifetime ban from both the Pros and NCAA. Why let him go to a college where he might encourage his players to end careers before they start? He was banned for a year, and it didn’t take. Time to kick him out permanently, and notify the NCAA of the action.

      • Better yet, ban him for life then hang him from the neck until dead, just like in the old days. I pay zero attention to sports, so I’ve never heard of him. But no matter, anyone pulls that shit ain’t worth keeping around in any case.

        • Hanging might be a bit on the severe side of harsh but…

          I think that every player who has been injured while playing against one of Williams’ teams should be given a free shot against him. Put him in a uniform, stand him up at the fifty yard line, and give the guys a free run to do whatever the Hell they want short of pulling out a gun and shooting him in the head. Then, assuming he’s not dead or a drooling idiot, sentence him to being a janitor at a puke factory. Or something.

          • Yeah, I jumped the gun a little, guess I was thinking of an old Clint Eastwood movie. I do like your solution, though, but I wouldn’t count on him having the brains for janitorial work after the fact. If indeed he has them before the fact.

      • Yeah. I realize that I am more sensitive when my team is involved but, in this era where the league is doing some things to address the fact that every play can result in a permanent and/or fatal injury even when guys aren’t trying to literally kill each other, I think Mr. Williams should become an example. There were a total of four personal fouls assessed against the Rams for late/dirty hits and at least two more that the refs didn’t call. (Don’t even get me started about the officiating crew!). Short version?

        In an endeavor where the risk of death while playing within the rules is greater than zero then the penalty for intentionally violating the rules in place should be harsh.

  5. Cruz: ‘Any President Who Doesn’t Begin Every Day On His Knees Isn’t Fit To Be Commander-In-Chief Of This Nation’

    [Extreme right wing pastor Kevin] Swanson introduced Cruz by stating that Jesus Christ “is king of the President of the United States whether he will admit it or not and that president should submit to His rule and to His law” before asking Cruz to share his opinion on how important it is for “the President of the United States to fear God.”

    Cruz, predictably, asserted that fear of God is absolutely vital, declaring that “any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this nation.”

    Hmmh. And some still say that Cruz isn’t really nuts.

    • Funny. If I was able to go back in time and kill “Baby Dumbbya” I would do it in a heart beat. Heck! If I was able to go back in time and kill Dumbbya’s mother I might give it a whack. That wouldn’t work out very well for Jebbya.

    • “America is held to a higher standard, he said, because of its “godly heritage” stemming from “white guys” like Irish immigrants.”

    • I no longer watch “news” on TV. Have any of the broadcast networks even mentioned this freakish little gathering of rightwhiners? They still have the most watched half-hour of “news” bottled up and that’s the most watched “news” in the country. Has anyone on any of these shows taken 30 seconds to mention that most of the passengers in the Konservative Klown Kar appeared at this extremist event?

        • Amazing how this god hates everything it has made.
          Wonder when this world destruction will begin.
          If the rapture could be done tomorrow, life would be 100% better as it would take the all those who blather about what god said…they can get it straight from the big guy in the sky!

          • I think ‘destruction’ is underway. Read recently that atmospheric CO2 now exceeds 400ppm and of course 2015 is to be the hottest ever recorded, even though according to Cruz and other wingnuts we’re in a global cooling trend.

            If a god exists, I’m sure it will rapture up all the stupid shits (read: Republicans) first and foremost and leave all us sinners behind to save the planet. Something like that.

            If that is indeed the plan, it should work out well in the long run.

          • True, petelngh.

            We had a grand rain, twice, today. Cleaned the air. Took the dust off the trees that haven’t quite drop their leaves.
            Meaning: being able to breath easier without the allergies causing havoc!

            • I must admit that i am thoroughly enjoying our mild weather despite the more disturbing implications. We have had precisely two days that didn’t get above 50 degrees this fall. Today was 61 degrees with almost no wind so I did a lot of airplane flying and general walking around to the neighborhood stores. Still no “hard freeze” in the immediate forecast. If so many people had not told me global warming is a hoax I might start to think that something is really screwy with the weather!

  6. This is wonderful. A debunking of the NRA’s go-to guy for proving “More Guns, Less Crimes”.

    Basically, John Lott used incorrect models to arrive at his conclusions that “shall-issue” gun carry states saw a reduction in crime once those laws were passed. In many cases, there was actually no difference (because prior to the laws in those Western and Southern states, people were carrying guns anyway, or the results were in reality quite the opposite, or he just made shit up. His results fell apart when they did things like exclude Florida, and its ever-changing gun laws, from his models. If the models were right, the conclusions should have been the same. But they weren’t.

    Fascinating read. remember the name: John Lott. It equals Shit when it comes to guns and crime.

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