The Watering Hole; November 2015’s Friday the Thirteenth

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”
(Friedrich Schiller)

Friday the Thirteenth is supposed to mean bad luck, something like that. So I’ve decided to lend a hand and offer huge piles of bad luck to a small handful of really DESERVING candidates. I won’t elaborate; as you will see, there is no need to do so when the candidates have already . . . ummm . . . elaborated?

Without further ado, first there’s Ted Cruz, presidential candidate, who will be doubling down on Saturday at a “Rally For Religious Freedom” in South Carolina. Recall that last weekend, Cruz spoke at a rally in Iowa held by the nutcase preacher who advocates execution of gays; this week, Cruz will speak at the rally where activists preach that gays are really Satanic manifestations. Ted will be accompanied by his daddy, Rafael Cruz, who has already blamed the SCOTUS gay marriage decision on (who else) The Devil!

Conclusion: Ted Cruz is (legitimately) nuts.

Next we learn that Duck Dynasty “stars” are rallying to support the Louisiana gubernatorial candidacy of Diaper Dave Vitter. As Dynasty’s Willie Robertson puts it, “I know he’s made some mistakes, but who hasn’t? The whole story of the Bible is about redemption, and I’m concerned about our state.”

Conclusion: Gays might be the work of the Devil, but US Senators who get caught hanging with hookers while wearing a diaper? No problem. No biggee. No Debbil. . Redeemable. Like a coupon.

Meanwhile, pHuckabee claims he’s innocent, that he had NO IDEA that (Reverend?) Kevin Swanson’s ‘religious freedom’ ideas included the execution of gay people. That — IN SPITE of the fact that the whole thing had been cussed and discussed for most of the week in advance of the event. I mean, even *I* knew about Swanson’s absurd thesis, and we don’t even have cable TV!

Conclusion: pHuckabee just might tell a lie, every now and then.


“You see, if you’re very, very stupid, how can you possibly realize
that you’re very, very stupid? You’d have to be relatively intelligent
to realize how stupid you are.”
(John Cleese; January 2015)


37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; November 2015’s Friday the Thirteenth

    • S’true – exactly what does the modern Republican party offer? Anything? Nothing but anarchy, nihilism, greed and religiously-inspired hatred…..

    • If people were not stupid enough to believe that crap, Donald would never have broken 3% in the polls.
      How stupid are people? Donald is being sued by people who feel scammed by Trump University. When interviewed by Time, one couple in their 80swho wasted $35K on the bogus mentoring program stated that they would still vote for him in spite of the ripoff because “We’re Tea Party”. People are that stupid.

      • Short answer: very, very stupid.

        Enrolling in a non accredited university without researching the degree and its curriculum is the students fault.
        The Donald is a grifter just like the Palin family only he’s better at it than our mistress of the word salad.

    • 44% of Americans think the Flintstones is a documentary….. and that % is heavily weighted to the Christo-fascist wing of the Repub party and you know that’s the majority of the Iowa Repubs…. so yes – they are that stupid, very stupid. When The Donald realizes they are so stupid that they ‘can’t appreciate his greatness’ – he will simply explode and make some great TV.

    • She’s correct.
      Now, which SCROTUS dimwit said “we now conclude that independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.”
      Clue: Last name is also an assassinated president.

  1. Republican Billionaires Are Wigging Out Over Bizarre 2016 Primary Field

    . . . some in the party establishment are so desperate to change the dynamic that they are talking anew about drafting Romney — despite his insistence that he will not run again. Friends have mapped out a strategy for a late entry to pick up delegates and vie for the nomination in a convention fight, according to the Republicans who were briefed on the talks, though Romney has shown no indication of reviving his interest.

    [. . .]

    “We’re potentially careening down this road of nominating somebody who frankly isn’t fit to be president in terms of the basic ability and temperament to do the job,” this strategist said. “It’s not just that it could be somebody Hillary could destroy electorally, but what if Hillary hits a banana peel and this person becomes president?”

    I’m surprised. Some Republicans apparently still have the brains to see that the trash in the clown car just might be rejected. even by the Republican land fill. Wonder what gave them their first clue?

    But still — draft ROMNEY?? Pass the popcorn.

    • Buttercups is desperate for a doubling of his ratings, from one to two percent…He’s got to come up with something that trumps the Trump. Waiting for him to show up with a shaved head, in Buddhist monk robes.

  2. Megyn Kelly And Ben Carson Fear Monger About ‘Angry Black Students’ On College Campuses Moving US Toward ‘Anarchy’

    Dr. B.S. Carson and the Foxy Megahen chick — they be mates when it comes to talking the Party Line. Makes me wonder what their reactions would be if someone called her a ‘stupid f**king c*nt’ and him a ‘stupid f**king ni**er.. Would their stupid freaking attitudes change, or would they continue on their same stupid paths?

    I think the safe money would all land on the second option.

    • Yah, and they’re really NOT F**KING RACIST SWINE either.
      Just wanted to make that clear.
      and yes, being ‘black’ does not inoculate one from being racist.
      Thank You.

  3. Although Romney has not indicated he is going to run for the Republican nomination, party members are considering him over Donald Trump and Ben Carson, The Washington Post reports.

    It’s amazing how some people’s image is boosted by the right comparisons.

    • And all the usual suspects are already blaming President Obama, “Libruls”, gun control, Syrian refugees, Muslims in general, and anyone the least bit different than the reflection they see in the mirror. And, of course, the frightened toddlers of the right-wing are dumping out their piggy banks to buy more guns.

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