The Watering Hole, Saturday, November 14th, 2015: Populism That Works

ICYMI, or maybe ICIMI: there’s a petition going around for a great idea that was brought to our attention today in a newsletter from populist Jim Hightower. The Campaign for Postal Banking is pushing for local Post Offices to also provide banking services. As Jim Hightower states:

“Millions of Americans live in areas that now have no alternative to the Wall Street-backed predatory lenders and check-cashing chains that rip them off. We can change this. The Campaign for Postal Banking has started a petition to the US Postmaster General to make postal banking a reality. With postal banking, folks that don’t have access to good banks or credit unions can go to their community post office for non-profit, consumer-driven financial services — getting their basic banking needs met without being gouged by Wall Street profiteers.”

From an article by Ralph Nader at Huffington Post yesterday discusses the topic as well:

“According to Bloomberg, from 2008 to 2013: “Banks have shut 1,826 branches…. and 93 percent of closings were in postal codes where the household income is below the national median.”


“Last year, the office of the USPS inspector general released a report detailing the ways in which postal banking would be beneficial to both the public and the USPS itself, which has been made to endure an unprecedented advanced payment of $103.7 billion by 2016 to cover future health benefits of postal retirees for the next 75 years. No other government or private corporation is required to meet this unreasonable prepayment burden.”

An article at from May of this year has more, including this excerpt:

“For millions of underserved families, the Postal Service is already a part of their financial lives,” the report said, noting that post offices sold $21 billion worth of money orders in 2014. Yet, “in order to get the funds to purchase those money orders, many families likely first went to expensive check cashers to convert their paychecks into currency. What if those consumers could instead cash their paychecks at a post office for a lower fee? What if they also could pay bills, buy low-fee prepaid cards, and maybe even get affordable small-dollar loans, all in one convenient location? This could help consumers save money and time, and it would help the Postal Service fulfill its mission to facilitate commerce and serve citizens.”

An idea that’s a total win-win for poorer Americans; empowers “Main Street”; helps to save the U.S. Postal Service from its deliberate destruction by Congress; that keeps and creates jobs, thereby improving the economy; and helps to break the chokehold of Wall Street and the too-big-to-fail banks that WE THE TAXPAYERS bailed out? Every politician who’s in bed with the Wall Street/big bank cabal will be fighting this with every bit of power they have. This is an idea worth fighting for, and one that should show any non-1%er-American who still has a functioning brain exactly what “populism” means and what Democratic Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is standing for.

Let’s all say a big, loud “FUCK YOU” to the real “takers” in our country, and make something happen.

This is our daily Open Thread – feel free to talk about this topic or anything else on your mind.

20 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, November 14th, 2015: Populism That Works

  1. Jeff Dunham is on ESPN College Gameday, with his Walter dummy. The wisecracks are something else!

    In other news, I finally have my I-Phone from my ex. Talk about a new level of incompetence! 😯

  2. Bet there’s not a soul out there anywhere who didn’t see THIS coming.

    Tucker Carlson And Guest Blame Obama Administration For Paris Attacks

    Today we need to find a way to tie this tragedy in Paris to the Obama Administration, and by default, to all the Democratic Candidates as well. This is what the right wing did before some of the bodies were cold, while the terrorists weren’t even finished killing innocent people in retaliation for Western attacks on the death cult of ISIS. Nobody rubs salt in the wounds more brutally than Fox ‘News’ resident trust fund creep, Tucker Carlson.

  3. From the ‘Told You So’ Department:

    Conservatives change course after insulting France for opposing Iraq invasion in 2003

    After the 9/11 attacks, as the debate over the proposed invasion intensified, Americans soured on France — Gallup’s poll tracked a one-year 45 percent decline in the number of Americans saying they viewed France favorably, down from 79 percent in 2002 to just 34 percent in 2003. At the time, the French government was making the case that an invasion of Iraq would incite terrorism. “Such intervention could have incalculable consequences for the stability of this scarred and fragile region,” French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said in a February 2003 speech at the United Nations Security Council. He continued: “Would such intervention today not be liable to exacerbate divisions between societies, cultures, peoples, divisions that nurture terrorism?”

    Researchers at New York University have since documented a significant increase in terrorism since the Iraq invasion — and there are many, including Iraq War proponents such as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who have said the invasion helped fuel the rise of the Islamic State, which has taken responsibility for the Paris attacks. In that sense, America’s Iraq-themed reaction to 9/11 is context for what some are now calling France’s own 9/11.

    When the French government made its original case against the Iraq War, American conservatives depicted the longtime ally as a disloyal pariah. Congressional Republicans edited menus for restaurants in the House of Representatives, replacing “french fries” with “freedom fries.” Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, explained the change was a “small, but symbolic effort to show the strong displeasure of many on Capitol Hill with the actions of our so-called ally, France.”

    Conclusion: Yes Virginia, Conservatives really ARE stupid.

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