The Watering Hole; Thursday November 19 2015; A Thru Z of the G.O.P.

O wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as ithers see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us,
an’ foolish notion
What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us,
an’ ev’n devotion!
(Robert Burns from ‘To a Louse’)

Sounds like a request from the RNC, doesn’t it? I mean, the G.O.P. really does need it, after all — the means To see oursels as ithers see us! — especially in view of their collective reactions to the recent Paris mass murders for which they have so far blamed everyone BUT the underlying cuplrit, best described as the subterranean politic that’s most ably portrayed, this day, by those images they each see every morning in their respective mirrors.

So here’s my contribution, the A thru Z of the way that at least one “ither” (moi) sees them all, the entire of the G.O.P., its presidential Clown Car occupants in particular:

America’s Bullish Contentiousness Demands
Expressions of Fear, Greed, Hatred, and
Irrationality, each Justified via
Knowledge” of Luciferian and Messianic Nonsense,
Organized and Politicized
Quixotically by Republican Sociopathologists, via 
Tendentious Undercurrents of Vicarious and
Wistful Xenophobia.



The G.O.P.’s post-Paris Expressions of Fear, Greed, Hatred, and Irrationality remind me of another era and an event depicted therein — one which well defines what should be sanity’s reaction to what *they* see as *their* subliminally ‘Germanic’ but nonetheless Star Spangled (Conservative) Vaterland,’ including its Tendentious Undercurrents of Vicarious and Wistful Xenophobia:

Vive la France!

For some odd reason, both current and past events also bring to mind yet another Burns’ verse, one in which he perfectly describes today’s G.O.P. reaction to almost anything that happens anywhere on earth or beyond. This from “To a Mouse”:

But, Och! I backward cast my e’e.
On prospects drear!
An’ forward, tho’ I canna see,
I guess an’ fear!”

Amen and Yea Verily.


56 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday November 19 2015; A Thru Z of the G.O.P.

    • “the US State Department turned him (Otto Frank) and his family (Anne Frank) down. “

      Hmm, persecuted minority attempts to flee catalclysm …. and …. Amurka flips the bird ….. I mean they could have housed them all in those houses the Nisei left behind when they took their ‘4 year long Arizona desert vacations’ at their government’s convenience. Sheesh WTF?

    • When a truckload of people in the US are killed by terrorists who legally bought guns here, we may finally see lawmakers crack down on the NRA. MAY.

      • I’m guessing part of the wingnut concern is that if they pass a law that says “terrorists” cannot buy guns, then Obama’s obvious next move would be to declare by Executive Order that all white wingnut Republicans are terrorists, and thus . . . etc.

        I should add, btw, that I would fully support Obama in that cause.

      • One could only hope that if a terrorist massacre does happen, it’s at the national offices of the NRA. Not saying I wish it, would just be serendipity doo.

    • Amurka has a Paris every 5 days thanks to the gun problem…. and there’s all these total penises like Tony Dale (R-Total-Penis) who can take two totally conflicting positions on the gun/terror subject without drool coming out of his mouth and his eyes rolling back in his head

  1. France will continue their plan to accept 20,000 more refugees.I wonder how many handwringers here in the land of the brave are the same folks who called the French “surrender monkeys” when they wisely refused to support our invasion of Iraq.

    • Yes, these bed-wetters (mostly in the GOP, not all) were all in the ‘Freedom Fries’ crowd back then – and right now they are handing a gift to ISIS propagandists. This is just what ISIS wants.

      Hypocrisy, cowardice, fear and bigotry…. today’s Republican party. These people are not fit to run for Kindergarten class president.

  2. The scene in Casablanca where everyone sings La Marseillaise to drown out the Germans … is even more significant when you recall that the film was made during the war in some of the darkest times in 1942.

    • Exactly. The situations then and now are clearly much different, but in spite of that we in this country today have a very LOUD voice that very much resembles that heard from Germany in 1942. As I noted in the post, “. . . what *they* see as *their* subliminally ‘Germanic’ but nonetheless Star Spangled (Conservative) ‘Vaterland,’ . . .” — is eerily captured in the clip from Casablanca. And note that today, France has, following the attacks, not become captured by fear and hate like our GOP has, but instead is going to take in 20 or 30 thousand more refugees than before. Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress (and elsewhere) shit in their collective pants over the prospect of bringing in even one refugee. I say it again: Vive la France!

    • I’d offer up a c**kpunch, but I don’t think anyone could find it under the flab – he hasn’t seen his since the early 1980s I would guess.

  3. ISIS is hopped up on pills that make them superhuman. No, not Viagra.

    “A powerful amphetamine tablet based on the original synthetic drug known as “fenethylline,” Captagon quickly produces a euphoric intensity in users, allowing Syria’s fighters to stay up for days, killing with a numb, reckless abandon.”

    • hmmm, Sounds like the movie The Kingsmen. LOL Pills instead of sound triggers the terrorist in you. Perhaps we could counter with the Killer Monty Python Joke?

    • Maybe and RFID chip linked in to Google Maps – and they’ll show up like a yellow crescent – you can turn them on and off like the traffic incidents…. and maybe a nice armband to go with it?

      • Instead of a yellow star, a permanent forehead tattoo ‘M’.
        No, not talking about Muslims, talking about TrumpDuck, the ‘M’ for MORON.

    • Looks like the Status of Liberty needs a redesign – drop the torch and have her flip the bird instead.

      And this just gives ISIS exactly what they want – cowards, enablers and moral imbeciles


      • Yup. Funny thing though. Just about every successful terrorist group of the last 50 years or so has been, at least in part, made by Americans and most of those were created by GOP foreign policy. Some, like Al Qaeda and the Contras, were actually aided and funded by Americans, (Remember how proud we were to give the Afghan rebels Stinger missiles?) while others, like ISIS, are merely inspired and empowered by our misdeeds and armed with the flotsam of our barbaric foreign policy.

        I have always found it rather ominous that no media source ever tried to examine and report how many U.S. and allied troops were killed in Iraq with American weapons. My sneaking suspicion is that the answer would be “most of them”. About as close a thing as I have seen to an expose’ was a couple lines from an Al Jazzera story about a terrorist who had never seen an AK-47 but could field strip a M16 in 10 seconds flat. The Western media, to the best of my knowledge, never showed a picture of an Iraqi carrying anything but an AK but they did screw up with the infamous picture of “Iranian” mortar rounds that had U.S.A. all over them. That picture got shoved down the memory hole the second the tighty-righties realized that most Americans were able to read “Made in U.S.A”. Sigh… If every arms plant in the world shut its doors today there would still be enough American weapons floating around to keep wars going for decades and, to be fair, there are enough Russian/Soviet weapons floating around to arm their opponents for just as long.

    • House Science Chair Lamar Smith Goes After NOAA’s Climate Findings

      When the findings of a report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) become problematic for the Chair of the House Committee on Science, what better way to fight inconvenient facts than by personally attacking the scientists? October, 2015 was officially the warmest on record, and the findings of the NOAA point to the factors contributing to this phenomenon.

      Chairman and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) is retaliating in typical Republican fashion by spending exorbitant sums of taxpayer money to conduct a Benghazi-style witch hunt to stall any meaningful action to combat this dangerous environmental trend.

      Smith mischaracterized “the updating of datasets as ‘altering data’” and has since scheduled “recorded interviews—effectively depositions—with NOAA staff.”

      Technical words for that are “Witch Hunt.”

      It’s no surprise that Smith receives most of his donations from the very industries he seeks to protect by denying science. His top contributors read as a who’s who in oil, gas and big business. It’s quite stunning that we have such a nasty, corrupt individual leading an important government committee on science. It just illustrates who is really running the government, and it’s not the people.

      The only word left out is IDIOT, which pretty much defines Lamar Smith.


      Are we really as STUPID as our elected Reps seem to suggest?

      Yeah, I know.

      • Unlike Mr. Smith; I have actually poured over the raw data available from NOAA, GISS, and several universities and I am capable of forming my own conclusion. What is that conclusion?

        We are fucking up the planet. It’s probably too late to reverse the current trend but the damage could be mitigated by using alternative sources of energy.

        Heck! I have even searched far and wide for raw data that would refute my conclusion but that just led me to the conclusion that there is no such data.

        What’s even more disturbing? We will run out of relatively cheap petroleum fairly soon and will be forced to find other ways of creating heat and noise. The problem is that we will also lose all the other products made from petroleum. Living without gasoline will be easy but trying to live without plastics will end modern civilization as we know it. It is rank stupidity to continue using petroleum as fuel for a few decades when we could find alternatives and keep making plastics for thousands of years.

        • Plastics, other advanced materials, pharamceuticals – all come from oil…. and yet what do we do? We set fire to it and crawl about the freeways doing laps, stopping off for a burger and fries every few hours.

        • The sun bombards our planet with enough energy every day to support civilization at least a hundred times over (being “conservative” here). All we need is the means to capture and store what we require, plus maybe a little more — emergencies, y’ know. BUTT — ain’t no money in that shit for the Kochs and fossil fuel boys in general, so fuck it, pollution is COOL! Ask most any Republican anywhere and they’ll ‘splain it to ya.

          Oh, and plants eat CO2 dontcha know.

  4. So I’m like wonderin’ where’s the “Music Night” post, and then (eventually) … oh, it’s THURSDAY …

    In my own defense (or, at least, to prove I’m not alone in being retarded) one of my patrons called this AM trying to understand what was going on with Thanksgiving. I mentioned that that was NEXT Thursday which, beyond the “senior moment” acknowledgement, resulted in a significant amount of relief.

    Hope y’all are being much less stupid than we are …

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