35 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday November 20, 2015 – Music Night

  1. Oh yeah! Love that opener from Nonewhere – the harmony is so fun…..

    Ok my faves, I think you know for genre bending …… also big on the accordion ….Clyde Forsman and Those Darn Accordions do Hendrix.

  2. Not genre, but gender-bending …. I stretch to include as I just got my ticket…. Dec 5th at the Tractor in Ballard! Yeah baby! Zepperalla does the Levee

  3. Another accordion …. these fellas were Steve n’Seagulls before there were any Seagulls…. in England the hill-billys are all from the West Country of England

  4. Joe Jackson a very unheralded songwriter started genre-bending his own stuff after years of playing it – check out these three versions of “is she really…?”

    An acoustic version – hope the link works – its from the live 1980-86 album – there are three versions of this great song on the same double – Joe doesn’t apologise for it, but calls attention to his need to create and recreate instead.

    A more recent but full powered version

    “Er with a lone tambourine … he can’t sing, he has to do something”>

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