Sunday Roast: Adele…again

Yeah, I know!  I just did an Adele post a couple weeks ago!  But it’s different now, because her new album, 25, is out.  This means the whole world is a different place now, which calls for another Adele post.

Too over the top…?  Whatever, dude!  At least I didn’t pull a cringe-worthy Wasilla Grifter stunt.  Ugh.

This is our daily open thread — I missed music night, so post your tunes!


40 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Adele…again

  1. All I can say, is if you’ve pissed off the Republican party so bad that they won’t rig an election for you, and they let a goony-looking fucker like John Bel Edwards beat you out for Governor, then you must have really screwed the pooch, so bad you know it’s not even worth trying to get re-elected for your Senate seat.
    That said, a Democrat gets elected Governor in Louisiana, the state where the public worships at the altar of Duck Dynasty Conservatism, and all M$RNC can report is ‘Terror in Paris’.

    • On top of all that, it’s colder than a well digger’s ass this morning in the Tennessee Valley.

    • Chris Jansing finally gave it 30 seconds coming out of a break, then switched to Trump.

  2. Chris Wallace: (On Article Five of NATO) “There’s been some thought that France would ‘call in the cavalry’ and they have not done that.”

    George Will: “This matters because ISIS exists at the sufferance of NATO and the other powers of the world are perfectly capable of sweeping it off the map of the Middle East.”

    So Georgie thinks we could just get rid of ISIS if we just wanted to bad enough. I don’t think he really understands how much sympathy ISIS has in the Sunni community in several Middle East nations.

    • I can’t even deal with people like that. They truly disgust me. Whether or not they admit it, they are painting every single Muslim in the world as being equal to the bad ones. And for the flimsiest of reasons like, “How come we never hear the moderate Muslims condemn the extremists?” As if the fact that their personal favorite news sources aren’t making it their top stories must prove it never happens. It does. Moderate Muslims DO speak out against the terrorists. Our local news never covers it when it happens, And you just KNOW the RW media will never announce anything like that.

  3. Diane Feinstein and some reichwinger are on Face the Nation, both advocating the end of encryption for the internet and cell phones so the Police State can snoop worldwide.

    • It’s been 8 days since the Paris ‘massacre’. My wild-assed guess is that more Americans have died by gunfire than died ‘over there’, but even if true the ‘fact’ will NEVER be reported by our corporate media.

      I hope I’m not the only one who’s getting fucking SICK of the phony “Amurkkka uber alles” propaganda crap we the people are fed day in and day out.

  4. So far, racing celebrities I’ve seen who are attending the final Nascar race of Jeff Gordon include current F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, former F1 World Champion Mario Andretti, and the Mayor of Hinchtown, James Hinchcliffe, who is looking to fill a gap in his Indycar schedule next August, hoping for a road course ride in Nascar.

  5. (this may or may not bring you down. I’ve been diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. Will be seeing the oncologist for discussing whether a regime and or do nothing approach. I’ll hang around here for the intelligence, humor, and camaraderie. Thanks for being!)

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