The Watering Hole, Tuesday November 24, 2015 – Happy Healthy Thanksgiving

Came across food blog from Self. Some excellent healthy alternatives.

Having the family over for T-Day. Hope you all enjoy yours. As holidays go, it is my favorite.

Be well.

26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday November 24, 2015 – Happy Healthy Thanksgiving

  1. I hope all y’all Critters and Zoosters have a lovely Thanksgiving. I’m on my way to the coast for a few days, and then Portland for a couple days, and I’m leaving my computer at home. OMG!!

    Take care, everyone. πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, we’re heading down to Bro-In-Law’s for the full monty. Brining Wild rice stuffing and homemade cranberry sauce.
    Gotta work all day Friday, wonder what percent of employees will be tuned into the Apple Cup instead of staring at work on their screens.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Having made gracious excuses as to why I could not host the rude and messy crowd I’ve hosted for the last few years, my little family is spending the day at home by ourselves, unless RU shows up with wild rice stuffing. And yes, we will roast a giant turkey anyway.
    When I picked up the wine this morning, I found my usual store is now stocking Trump wine.

  4. Following my long tradition of not celebrating Thanksgiving I’ll probably make ribs on Thursday. Then, on Saturday, I’ll be visiting friends out in the country and celebrating “Duckroasting Day”. we’re going to roast two ducks, one with a glaze and one smothered in bacon, and I’ll be making wild rice stuffing too but it won’t be inserted into the birds.

      • It’s a long time favorite of mine. Actually, my favorite duck recipe uses red currant jelly and melted butter but the only red currant jelly I could find was on line and would end up costing more than the duck after shipping is added in. Apparently, red currant plants can harbor a blight that affects other, more valuable, plants so they are seldom if ever raised in this country now. If I had known that a couple months earlier I would have just gone out and picked some myself since they grow wild all over my old stomping grounds along the Mississippi in Southern Minnesota. So? We’re going to try and concoct a dipping sauce with cranberry jelly. I’m sure it will be good but it’s not quite the same.

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