The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 25, 2015. WWIII

The attacks in Paris have made one thing abundantly clear: we are in World War III.

It started with a singular incident: the attack on American soil against civilian and military targets. The World Trade Centers represented imperialist capitalism. The Pentagon represented imperialist militarism. Together, they represented the worst of the American Empire.

If the attacks on 9/11 were a false flag attack, as has been committed by governments before, designed to whip the populace into its place through fear and prejudice, it worked. People gladly gave up civil liberties and signed up to go to war. The rule of law was suspended. Torture of the enemy, accepted. Anything – anything for the illusion of safety. Including war. Invading two sovereign countries. Killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. Acceptable. Why? Because – terrorists.

If the attacks of 9/11 were committed by a small group of militant revolutionaries in the Middle East, it worked. The strike against the symbols of moneyed capitalists and war-mongering imperialists generated the expected response: war. A new Crusade. Carnage so abominable as to attract thousands to rally to the side of the revolutionaries.

The megapowers of the world pounded their might against civilian populations. The populace responded the only way possible. Car bombs. Improvised Explosive Devises. Suicide bombers. The fought on their homeland.

Until now. (at least, a ‘now’ that the western media recognizes.) Now, they’ve taken the fight to the enemy. They’ve attacked and killed civilians in the Capital of France. Other attacks are occurring around the globe.

The War on Terror is World War III.

PETER NEUMANN, Director, International Center for the Study of Radicalization, King’s College:

 I think there are three aims here. The first is classical asymmetric warfare — warfare. You’re hitting us. We’re going to take revenge by hitting you where it hurts most, namely at home.

The second intention is really to polarize and to divide European societies, to create that sense of Islam against the West, and to create a lot of mess in the countries that they oppose.

The third intention that often gets forgotten is also internally. I think the Islamic State has been on the defensive in its core territory in Iraq and Syria.


UPDATE – This occurred after this post was drafted:

22 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, November 25, 2015. WWIII

  1. And it’s not like we all didn’t foresee this when W was pushing to invade Iraq. That stupid, fucking arrogant mal-administration! “six days, six weeks, maybe six months” and “we’ll be greeted as liberators”. NOBODY is that naïve. We fucked up the ME, I can understand that they want to fuck up the U.S. and the West.

  2. Unfortunately, this won’t come to an end unless WE stop our warring ways. This fact may shock a lot of Americans, but in our 239 year history, we have only NOT been at war for about 21 of those years. All the rest we have been fighting in one conflict or another. The terrorists want us to use our military against them because they know that in the long run, it’s the least effective means we have to fight them. We are better off spending billions of dollars helping to try to educate people around the world, so they don’t have the hopelessness that leads young men to join terrorist groups.

    • With 55% of our budget going to the MIC, don’t we have to create war to in turn create jobs?

      This country is Fucked up….thanks Cheney-Rumsfeld.

    • I still fondly remember a slogan catch-phrase I ran across back in the late sixties, back when our Vietnam FAILURE was making big headlines. I was, at the time, working in St. Louis as a microbiologist in the McDonnell-Douglas manned space program’s R&D Department. I don’t remember the name of the magazine that used the slogan to headline an article, but I do remember thinking YES the second I saw it. The article’s title was, “WAGE PEACE, NOT WAR” and it recommended diverting the massive sums of money being wasted on the military adventure in the Nam and spending the dollars instead on rebuilding the nation we were hard at work destroying; to divert every dollar allocated for war making and killing to, instead, encourage peace and its attendant (relatively speaking) prosperity — not only in Vietnam and SE Asia, but anywhere and everywhere on the globe where kindness might ultimately prove more worthwhile than hate, fear, and killing.

      That was close to fifty years ago already, and since then I honestly can’t recall a single solitary effort on America’s part to ever seriously work to wage peace anywhere. Period. But I do know for sure that whenever the slightest opportunity popped up to go to war, we jumped at it. And it’s THAT nonsensical dick-waving that is the cause of everything wrong ‘out there’ today — and ‘in here’ as well. And we wonder why it is that so many hate us? We’ve earned every shred of that hatred — including my own massive distaste for what this country — my country — has become.

  3. Sailors for the Sea ‏@SailorsforSea 32m32 minutes ago
    .@hobokenfamily Yes! You could show off your beautiful state fish the brook trout!

    • I go into Home Depot from time to time, usually at least passing by the hardware section. On the identifying sign for the hardware section the spanish name for it says ferreteria. I have yet to see those ferrets, but somebody must be buying them if they’re always out of them. 😉

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