The Watering Hole, Saturday, November 28th, 2015: Planned Parenthood Under Attack

Planned Parenthood is always under some kind of attack, whether by the religious-right forced-birthers protesting outside PP offices, or by the Republican-led legislature’s ginned-up witch hunts about fetal tissue, or by the many states’ impositions of prohibitively strict restrictions on both clinics and patients. This time, however, the attack was physical, violent, and deadly.

"Sneak Preview" of cover of Denver Post for Saturday, 11/28/15 (from Twitter)

“Sneak Preview” of cover of Denver Post for Saturday, 11/28/15 (from Twitter)

It’s nearly 3:30am Eastern Time as I’m typing this, and right now the most up-to-date information seems to be from the Denver Post. They’ve assembled a timeline of the more than five-hour shooting/standoff here. A third Denver Post article paints a more vivid picture of the unfolding situation, including this tidbit that I haven’t seen anywhere else:

“At roughly 12:15, the gunman went inside Planned Parenthood and began firing out the windows at propane tanks placed around the clinic’s parking lot, an officer told dispatch over his radio.”

Now, other articles mentioned that the police were sorting through several items that the suspect had brought with him, including mention of ‘a propane tank.’ Nothing about more than one tank, or that any were “placed around the clinic’s parking lot” – but that could explain why most articles say the shooting started outside the Planned Parenthood offices, in the parking lot. Supposedly [it was reported somewhere, I forget where] the suspect had been shooting at cars passing by, possibly if any of the drivers noticed what he was doing. But I’m just speculating here, which I shouldn’t be doing. That, apparently, is the job of the TV ‘news’ media. We turned on the TV after we initially read about the shooting as it was happening, but turned it off again after hearing some of the inane questions and ‘we-don’t-want-to-speculate-but-we-have-to’ bumbling.

Of course there will be much more information available by the time I wake up later this morning–hell, probably even by the time I finish writing this. So I’m definitely not going to speculate about the shooting suspect’s motive(s), or his religion, or his political persuasion; when the information comes out, I’m sure there will be much ranting to follow. I just need to get this one little rant off my chest before I finally go to bed:

Back in September, Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger had spoken about the now-debunked videos purportedly showing PP “harvesting” fetal tissue for fun and profit:

“I mean it’s Nazi Germany,” he told Rockford radio station WROK recently. “You think of the doctors in the concentration camps experimenting on their victims. It’s kind of reminiscent of that.”

The fact that the ‘smoking-gun’ videos were proven to be fraudulent didn’t deter Kinzinger from throwing them up again, with amazingly tone-deaf, brain-dead timing. From one of the ThinkProgress articles covering the shooting:

“While the shooter was active inside the Planned Parenthood clinic, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) went on live TV and blasted the organization. “We saw these barbaric videos, and that was something that many of us have a legitimate concern about,” Kinzinger said.”

Yes. He said that while the shooting spree was in progress; while police officers were being shot at; while at least 100 people were huddling in fear, not just in the Planned Parenthood offices, but in nearby shops and buildings; while a shooter terrorized the area. And he said it as if having “a legitimate concern about” Planned Parenthood could somehow be a “legitimate” cause or reason or excuse for shooting and killing innocent people.

This is our daily Open Thread–have at it.

68 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Saturday, November 28th, 2015: Planned Parenthood Under Attack

  1. So now we in Colorado can add Colorado Springs to the list that already contains Littleton and Aurora. As a resident of Colorado, I feel obligated to apologize to whichever corners of this nutcase country are still sane and civilized (assuming there might still be a place or two out there, somewhere).

    Ain’t gun freedom just the coolest thing? Means most any COWARD anywhere can satisfy his cowardice, his dementia, and “prove” that he’s a REAL MAN (read: coward) by shooting his gun(s) and killing innocent people in the process.

    Coward. Gun nut. Demented. Impotent. Wimp. NRA. Terrorist. Interchangeable concepts that all point to the same thing. Amurkkka be so cool.

    • Yes to all the above.

      Live in Walsenburg where less than two weeks ago a block from my house a person was shot and died. A lot of other bad shit happens as well. 3000 people.

      Pueblo has gotten even worse in recent weeks.

      In my lifetime have NEVER lived this close to so much violence at this level.

      I’m in Mexico for the winter. Left in Oct because I was soooo tired of this shit.

      No one is being shot in and around the Vallarta area. I like that a lot!

      I am going to try and get back over to the West Slope.

      • You’re in Mexico, ‘Vallarta area’ — Puerto Vallarta I assume? Been there once, a LONG time ago, loved it.

        Walsenburg, meanwhile, is 25 miles south of here. Too bad you’re out of town — the foot of snow yesterday goes really well with temps in the low 20’s, also with the prediction of more white stuff today and tomorrow.

        Is the west slope more civilized? Really?

        • Yes PV and it isn’t perfect by any means but better than the alternative.

          I think so from Delta on south.

          Do you know if “open carry” plays into this shooting like the other??

          • Yes, I believe it does. I’ve not seen or read any official report that mentions O.C. but it seems to be the common assumption. It is, I’m guessing, more than a bit tricky to wander around with a concealed AK-47 so it makes sense that he wasn’t trying to hide it.

            I was in PV in 1973 — I’m guessing it’s maybe changed a bit since then? 🙂 I did notice, however, when PV made the news here because of that hurricane, that the old church downtown still looked just the same.

  2. Zoosters.

    I’ve had to relocate the Zoo Tools URL that some of you enjoy for formatting your messages.

    The usage had gone up from a few hundred hits per day (which is normal and fine) to nearly a million hits. I had actually gotten a note from the company that hosts it asking about the volume. The activity seemed suspicious.

    Here is the new URL:

    I have about a year left on the domain and then will be shutting it down anyway, so in the mean time if you find other places to do your formatting, you may want to start switching.



    • From Wiki

      She has stated that she was selected as an alternate on the 1972 Czechoslovak Olympic Ski Team. However, in 1989, Petr Pomezny, Secretary General of the Czech Olympic Committee, stated, “Who is this Ivana woman, and why do people keep calling us about her? We have searched so many times and have consulted many, many people, and there is no such girl in our records.”

  3. Based on the ad I just saw, Buick was only willing to sell black cars yesterday. I guess you had to wait until today to get any other color.

  4. I want to know if this killer was open carrying! Remember it was less than a month ago a open carry what turned out to be killer slaughtered 3 in Colorado Springs. It was called in and nothing done because it’s legal to open carry.

    That was all about fweedom to carry a gun openly ya see.

    I’m so sick of this shit and it will not get better.

  5. This is how gerrymandering works when Republicans take control of state legislatures. It’s a great illustration. Cram the two Democratic districts with as many Democrats as possible, leaving Republicans to hold small majorities in the other three remaining districts. A permanent Republican majority, just as Karl Rove envisioned.

  6. Bernie goes there.

    “While we still do not know the shooter’s motive, what is clear is that Planned Parenthood has been the subject of vicious and unsubstantiated statements attacking an organization that provides critical health care for millions of Americans. I strongly support Planned Parenthood and the work it is doing and hope people realize that bitter rhetoric can have unintended consequences.”

      • The part of that interview I thought was weird, was where he said the refugees would prefer to stay in the camps rather than come to the US. Gives a ‘compassionate’ excuse for not allowing them to come here to provide cover for the bigots who don’t want them.

        • “The part of that interview I thought was weird, was where he said the refugees would prefer to stay in the camps rather than come to the US.”

          — They must prefer a less violent environment.

          • Yup. The subject of gun control came up yesterday when we celebrated “Duckroasting Day”. I think I scored some points when I pointed out that in most countries one knows that when someone is walking down the street with a gun in their hand one should seek cover while in this country one has to guess.

            BTW. The ducks were a big hit. We did two ducks and the four of us ate enough that we only ended up with about one helping of leftovers!

            • The couple of duck soups I have had didn’t do much for me. I pick all the meat off the carcass and then mix it with the leftover wild rice stuffing, add a little more butter, and just warm it up.

            • Next time, save the picked-clean carcasses and use them to make stock. It’s delicious, far better than any stock or bouillon you can buy anywhere and is fairly simple to make (esp. if you have a pressure cooker handy). Holler if you need a recipe.

  7. Thankfully, Carly Failorina has informed us that her inflammatory rhetoric about the doctored Planned Parenthood videos was in no way related to the Colorado murders at PP. I’m glad that got cleared up.

    Carrion, Carly.

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