The Watering Hole, Tuesday December 1, 2015 – The Femisphere: Foodies and Food Politics

Profiles of food writing from a feminist perspective from MS Magazine blog.

“Without a doubt, food is an inherently feminist topic. Women are inundated on a daily basis regarding food—whether being told how to properly (and perfectly) prepare it, or how to control our intake of it for “ideal” weight purposes. While there is no shortage of both men and women who write about food online, what sets the following bloggers apart is the feminist lens they use to frame their posts. Some of these bloggers delve into the domesticity angle of food, investigating how years of stereotyped gender norms influence our relationship with food, while others focus on food politics, writing about everything from food accessibility/scarcity to ethical issues. From the delicious and delightful to the problematic and political, all of these blogger tackle food in a uniquely feminist way.”

FemFood: Profiles against the grain.

58 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday December 1, 2015 – The Femisphere: Foodies and Food Politics

  1. I think it was sometime around 17 yo that I started to be interested in feeding myself somehow. I was a very picky eater as a kid, but it turns out I just hated fat, especially meat fat – no bacon, no fatty beef, no butter, which surfaced early in me as I threw up whenever I was given a significant amount at once.

    Anyhow, my interest and ability to cook started back in college, making whatever I could from whatever I could accumulate from the dining hall, also the on-sale section at the super.

    Moving to USA I bought a cheap recipe book and learned to cook what I missed most – Indian style.

    So no I am not a foodie, but I like to cook, and I have cured my two sons of any notion that food is a feminine domain only and that they should expect to get by in life without knowing anything. TommytheTurtle (14) is a pragmatic outdoorsman when it comes to food, breakfasts, stews and curries and puddings are his forte. And AndytheTurtle, now 9 years old, has a wide repertoire of eggs and bacon, sausage, brats, hot dogs, quesadillas and pizza, pancakes (breakfast is his forte) using stove, mike and oven. He is currently studying basic curries and beef stews and is always a willing chopper and stirrer (in all senses of the word). My daughter SammytheTurtle (16) – makes beef stews and a variety of vegetable dishes, her signature is the garlin-msahed potatoes

    My failure? They don’t eat fish – something I blame on their mother, who is still a picky eater and subliminally projects this onto her children. What she won’t eat, she won’t even try to prepare, so her narrow diet is projected onto them.

    Anyhow – here are some Christmas Carols for you – worth the click

    • I taught myself to cook because every woman in my life has been a horrible cook or such a picky eater that there was nothing we could agree on.
      I will eat almost anything except sauerkraut or beans in any form.
      I would starve if given those options.
      Being a pyromaniac has lent itself nicely to grilling everything including veggies.
      Clean up is easy too.
      When I was in China, I had no idea what I was eating but damn it was good.

      • Sauerkraut and beans? I have some kraut in my fridge – it is so old I have forgotten when I put it there – but it is fabulous! Beans? Best way to get protein without killing something….save the planet – eat beans!

        • Sauerkraut is what I refer to as “island food”
          If I were stranded on a desert island, my luck being what it is, all that would wash up on shore would cases and cases of sauerkraut.
          I would be in the ocean scavenging for fish and other seafoods.

      • Mom was a fantastic cook but I was a picky eater as a kid. She would be simply amazed at how many of her recipes I used to refuse are now favorites. I started cooking after she passed as soon as I realized that the evil stepmother was not a good cook.

        I’m with you on sauerkraut and beans. Can’t stand them. Mustard? Just the fact that it exists can make me retch. Basically; most of the things I won’t eat now are what I call “picnic food”. If it’s traditionally served at picnics? I don’t like it. Kraut, beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, coleslaw, anything pickled etc.

      • My mother told my brother and I she was going to show us how to cook so we wouldn’t have to rely on anyone….and she did. To this day I cook the Thanksgiving diner for family as well as cooking evening meals throughout the work week for the two of us. I do get weekends off, but always have to stick my nose in and instruct, which goes so well at times. Both my sons grew up cooking as well and both being self sufficient gardeners.

        I guess that’s the only “legacy” I’ll leave behind, and I’m proud of it.

    • I’ve been cooking and baking for all my adult life. My dad owned a bakery, also did a whole lot of cooking both at home and on the job, taught me everything he knew in the process.

      Only thing I’ll never prepare, eat, or even taste again is that most disgusting substance on the planet: Liver.

      • Hmm, I would go with kidneys, liver I could probably do again – and well I also eat haggis… which means I am eating all kinds of parts – all important to the sheep at some point

        • I asked my dad once, when I was a little guy, why he didn’t eat liver, or gizzards, stuff like that. His reply — “I’ve never been hungry enough to eat guts” — has stuck with me for six decades at least. 😉

    • I’d love to have them sing in my neighborhood!

      I couldn’t live without eating fish!
      Reading your children’s forte, I may have to make a stew this evening!

    • I don’t think they’re going to be able to back peddle on that one easily.
      However, they can rationalize just about anything.
      I’m waiting for Caribou Barbie to weigh in on this one.
      I’m sure she’ll have some gibberish that makes no sense whatsoever to toss with her word salad.

  2. Ted Cruz: ‘The Overwhelming Majority Of Violent Criminals Are Democrats’

    “This whole episode has really displayed the ugly underbelly of media,” Cruz said. “Every time you have some sort of violent crime or mass killing you can almost see the media salivating. Hoping, hoping desperately that the murderer happens to be a Republican so they can use it to try to paint their political enemies.”

    Trying to think of the last time a “democrat” pulled off a “mass killing.”

    My mind is blank on that one.

    • The way they keep topping each other in batscat crazy comments one would expect them to bottom out, eventually, but there’s no end in sight. It’s like they wake up each morning and ask “what can I say today that’s crazier than what I said yesterday?”. Then, around noon, they ask themselves “what can I say this afternoon that’s crazier than what I said this morning?” Then, around supper time, same thing only to begin the next day from scratch and repeat the process again.

      • Well, now that you mention it, lots of Germans died when FDR was in charge. I suppose Ted could use that as evidence that the “leftist democrats” have it in for the “right wing moderates” such as Hitler and Goering and Goebbels and . . . etc.

    • Cruz Says He’s Never Met An Abortion Opponent Who Advocates Violence, Despite Endorsement From One

      After accepting an endorsement from an activist who has called for the “execution” of abortion providers, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said on Monday that he has never met an anti-abortion activist who has advocated for violence.

      “I have never met, not once, a single pro-life activist who is in favor of violence of any sort. Have you, Senator Cruz?” conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt asked the Texas senator.

      “I have not,” Cruz responded. “And I would note that this whole episode has really displayed the ugly underbelly of the nation.”

      Still blank.

  3. Marco Rubio: 9/11 terror attacks were part of God’s plan for the universe

    “Where was God on 9/11? Where was God in Paris?” he recalled being asked.

    “I said, ‘where God always is — on the throne in Heaven,’” he explained. “The question was how could God allow these bad things to happen? It always challenges us to understand that God’s ways are not our ways. What we may interpret as bad, and most certainly is in the case of Paris or 9/11, even that is part of a broader plan for the universe and for our lives that we are just not going to know the answer to. God’s ways are not our ways.”

    Sigh. For me, the words that come first to mind are ‘Holy Shit.’ Surely no one can be that . . . holy shit.

    • But seriously, a very Calvinist and/or Islamist world view. Very fatalistic. Everything was preordained at creation; thus you can just sit back and watch the show. Nothing you can do about it. (Which would also be preordained) So why does he complain about Obama since what he is doing is preordained also? Good times.

      • Why does he want to be president? Nothing he can say or do will change anything anyway. It’s all preordained, he can’t do a damn thing about it. Looks to me like god wants Hillary, therefore . . . etc.

    • There’s no evidence that God exists…. that’s the problem with your argument Cuban refugee Rubio.

      Its funny that these Christers are all like “Oh God wants me to (shoot these people/run for office/ask you to tithe to me)” with such certainty, but then when something they don’t like happens, they are like “Well, who knows the mind of God?” and bollocks.

          • I like most kinds of liver and all the giblets from most birds. And I need to cook them myself too. Mom’s recipe for chicken livers is awesome. Just saute them with shallots, butter, and a little white wine and make a light gravy then serve in toast cups. Mushrooms are optional but improve the gravy. If you don’t know what I mean by toast cups? One just stuffs white bread, sans crust, in muffin tins and pops them under the broiler.

            Funny story… A friend and I went catfishing and didn’t catch anything edible so I cooked the bait; chicken livers, gizzards and hearts, when we got home. His comment was that they were better than any catfish he ever ate!

    • Marco Rubio – convinced that there’s a magic man in the sky controlling everything but not sure how or why….

      Unfit for office.

    • Forgive me for being just another ignorant Atheist, but if everything happens according to God’s will, then how do WE have free will to do what we want? Those two concepts strike me as mutually incompatible.

      Either everything that happens is God’s will and we have no free will of our own, or everything that happens does so because of the choices we humans make and none of it can be ascribed to God. But you can’t have both at the same time.

    • Trent Franks is a Mor(m)on, represents the largely vacant NW part of AZ. IIRC, his district includes a little slice of NW Phoenix metro area — mostly in the Sun Cities (of which there were three, last time I looked). I doubt he’d be electable anywhere else in AZ except maybe in Mesa. He’s a religious nutcase all the way to the bone.

  4. Ted Cruz Picks Right-Wing Extremist To Lead Virginia Campaign

    Fresh off announcing endorsements from radical anti-choice and anti-gay activists, Ted Cruz announced his Virginia Leadership Team last week, naming state Sen. Richard “Dick” Black as his state campaign co-chair.

    Black is one of the most far-right lawmakers in the state, if not the country.

    As a state delegate, Black appeared to deny the existence of marital rape: “I do not know how on earth you could validly get a conviction of a husband-wife rape, where they’re living together, sleeping in the same bed, she’s in a nightie and so forth, there’s no injury, there’s no separation or anything.”

    Black, who wants to ban abortion in all cases and made waves by “passing out plastic fetuses before a crucial abortion vote,” once denounced abortion rights as reminiscent of Nazi Germany and likened abortion clinics to Nazi death camps like Auschwitz.

    He is also an opponent of contraceptives, calling for a law that would outlaw the morning-after pill and referring to emergency contraception as “baby pesticide” and “a toxic method of eliminating a child.”

    No fan of gay rights, Black responded to the Lawrence v. Texas decision overturning state anti-sodomy bans by declaring, “If I’m the last person on the face of this Earth to vote against legalizing sodomy, I’ll do it.”

    Hate and fear being made official. Amurkkka’s Nazi Party under construction.

  5. Now I’m scared. Greg freaking Gutfield, of all people, actually said something that makes sense! I expect a meteorite to smash through my ceiling at any moment.

    “This was too much for Bolling’s co-host, Greg Gutfeld. “If Bernie Sanders said there were thousands of pro-lifers cheering the Colorado shootings, everybody at Fox would go, ‘show me the proof,’” Gutfeld countered.”

  6. So, FB promoted my “family” group up toward the top of my list, so against all reason, I glanced at it to see what those members who are still connected to me on FB were up to …

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