The Watering Hole, Friday December 4, 2015 – Music Night

Swing dancing. Enjoy Newcastle, featuring ‘Hot Bath’ written and performed by Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra.




17 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday December 4, 2015 – Music Night

  1. Homesick for my hometown now Nonewhere 🙂 …. Newcastle bands are:

    Chris Rea
    Animals (some of)
    Dire Straits (sort of)
    Jimmy Nail

    Nice piece of swing though – still the most exuberant of dance styles

  2. Don’t do drugs. Scott Weiland, STP frontman… big user of heroin and other nasty stuff – dead today at 48 of who knows what….. anyway here’s him at top of his game….

    • I would like to believe that drugs are not the case because he appeared to be getting his shit together.
      Then again, addiction is a fierce demon.

    • Been a while since I saw Who on here…. my dad blew a gasket when my sister showed him the new album she bought and the cover.

      • mildly annoying to me that a 5 second search on YouTube failed to come up with the real cut, the full “Baba O’Riley/Don’t get fooled again” track. I mean, all that work — a FULL FIVE FUCKING SECONDS!!! — and I did not get everything I wanted, exactly the way I wanted it, the instant i wanted it.

        I’m going to pout now … for 10 or 15 seconds …

    • The Circle of Life sums it up quite well!

      (I’ve a hankering for white rice so off to the store. Being diabetic haven’t had rice in eons. Being a host for a tumor….eff it, I’m eating rice!)

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