The Watering Hole, Monday, December 7th, 2015: Smile For The Camera!

With last week bringing us a tragic escalation in the madness for which America is the new poster-boy, this Monday calls for another diversion. So today’s fare will be: Animals – first in photobombs, then just cuteness. All photobombs courtesy of either, or from two separate photobomb categories from Huffington Post.

'Hey, look what I found!'

‘Hey, look what I found!’

'What - you've never seen a Boston Terrier driving?'

‘What – you’ve never seen a Boston Terrier driving?’

'Big Orange, Little Orange'

‘Big Orange, Little Orange’

'Cat Thinker with Derp Brother'

‘Cat Thinker with Derp Brother’

Now just cuteness:
baby leopardstar paws?????????????????????????????????????????????

There, that should help a bit.

This is our daily Open Thread–go ahead, talk about stuff.

33 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, December 7th, 2015: Smile For The Camera!

  1. What the Neocons, MIC sycophants, and RWNJs in general don’t understand about Obama’s approach to the Middle East, Al Qaeda, and ISIL-ISIS-Daesh, is that when you allow the corporations to offshore jobs and profits, and don’t tax your wealthy enough, you can’t AFFORD to do more to curb the Islamic extremists, given the budget constraints the Republican party has imposed on the nation. This just-passed ‘highway bill’ is a clear example of what the Right expects from government. They used ‘budget gimmicks’ for spending the Republicans wanted so those options would not be available for any social programs that need support down the road.

    • I like the fact that the President DARED them to declare war on ISIL.
      I would only support that if every member of Congress had their progeny subject to immediate draft, 1A, highest priority, boots on the ground Eleven Bravo grunt.
      I understand that females are now allowed to serve in combat. Let every legislator’s kids be on point.

      And Yes, those cats are kute.

  2. And so, in the end, humanity is doomed by fear and greed. While the leaders posture and cajole for necessary climate controls, their henchmen come to agreement on nothing meaningful
    Salient quote for those of you who don’t wanna visit MSN (and I don’t blame ya one bitty bit)
    “Foreign and environment ministers joined the talks outside Paris after lower-level negotiators who met last week delivered a draft agreement with all crunch issues left unresolved.”

    • Good plan. I’m pretty sure indiscriminate bombing of thousands of people who are not ISIS won’t engender the kind of hate that creates terrorists.

    • “If I am elected President, I will direct the Department of Defense to destroy ISIS.” — Pure genius. How did Obama not think of this?

      “On December 7, 1941, in response to Pearl Harbor, FDR did not give a partisan speech, rather he called on Americans to unite and ‘win through to absolute victory’. — Sure, because this fight is EXACTLY like World War II.

    • Brings to mind a question. Lessee, how to phrase it.
      (a) The right to own/carry guns (“to bear arms”) is a well-known Constitutional RIGHT.
      (b) Guns owned/carried/used-in-any-way have one only purpose: to KILL.
      (c) Why then is killing frowned upon? It’s an implicit RIGHT, ain’t it???

      Trying to “think” like a Republican. It’s not easy.

  3. Ted Nugent Says He Would Make A Great President, Would Have Launched Jewish Rebellion Against The Holocaust

    Nugent lamented that military service members feel conflicted because they know “that their commander-in-chief is the enemy,” and began pleading with listeners that “if we don’t vote Republican in 2016, we will become Barack Obama’s dream and that is a suburb of Indonesia where individuality, independence and freedom is gone like a Dodo bird.”

    [Alex] Jones floated the question of whether one of the GOP candidates would tap Nugent as vice president or a cabinet secretary, Nugent said that millions of his fans are “asking me to run for president.”

    If he actually became president, he said, he would move to “eliminate welfare because all it is is a carrot for dopes who want free stuff.”

    After visualizing his presidency, Nugent then fantasized about being a Jew who was targeted by the Nazis: “I wanted to be a Jew in Nuremberg in 1938. While the Brownshirts were hurling people onto trains, I would have figured out a way to get that Brownshirt, Nazi-punk-ass luger away from him. I would’ve shoved it up his ass and I’d touched off a clip, I would’ve got the magazine and I would’ve got all the other Jews to raise hell. Now I’m not knocking people who fell for it, but I’m telling you, don’t fall for it. Don’t get on the train.” Jones added that “if the globalists down the road want a fight, they’re going to get one.”

  4. If you found yourself suddenly thrown against the east wall? It’s because the earth suddenly stopped spinning. Not one but two FAUX”News” employees have been suspended for “profane” comments about President Obama. Of course, the prime time heavy hitters will probably spend the next year defending them while using far more derogatory terms that aren’t technically swear words.

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