The Watering Hole: 12/9/15: Trump Calls for Ban on Tanning Salons

One thing is certain: When Trump finds a message that resonates with the people, he runs with it as long as possible. And when his air time surged following call to ban all Muslims from the United States, he decided to double-down, calling for a ban on all tanning salons.

“Brown people are the scourge of the earth.” Trump said at a recent rally. “All of our problems can be directly traced to brown-skinned people. Everybody knows this. You wanna see your future terrorists? Go to any tanning salon. Any one of them. There’s only one reason to go to a tanning salon and that’s to get brown skin. So you wanna stop terrorism? The solution is simple: ban tanning salons.”


32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: 12/9/15: Trump Calls for Ban on Tanning Salons

  1. I say we up the ante and ban bad squirrel pelt comb overs.
    Anyone with a bad comb over is obviously a xenophobe and extremely envious about not being able to sport an awesome mohawk.
    Those without hair hate us and they are waging a war against the hirsute.

  2. I caught this interview today.

    Inskeep seemed to be stunned by sitting with a man who could lie to his face, accuse him of name-calling after calling a bunch of other people names and then persistently refuse to answer a reasonable question about whether or not he accepts the consensus of the scientific community on AGW or evolution, while feigning crocodile tears for a group of constituents he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about.

    And by the way – Cruz is very specific when he says “Actually, the scientific evidence doesn’t support global warming. For the last 18 years, the satellite data — we have satellites that monitor the atmosphere — the satellites that actually measure the temperature showed no significant warming whatsoever.” – that 18 is very important, because if it is 17 – Cruz argument falls over, if it is 19 or above, it falls over – Cruz cherry picks 1997 data, an unusually warm year by satellite measures and draws his trend from there – of course it looks flat, it’s an outlier point, all the other years demonstrate the trend. Cruz is a liar, another dangerous liar.

    And the picture – made want to punch him again.

  3. Here’s a little more on Justice Racist’s oral argument comments (I think), including a link to the official SCOTUS transcript.

    • Not until we can find a way to wrap him around the neck of every rightwhiner who has spread the “killing babies to sell their parts” lie. Seriously. There are hundreds if not thousands of GOP lawmakers, activists, and media personalities who should be sharing a cell with him with Bill0 at the top of the list.

      Just in case y’all missed it, Bill0 is still blaming PP for the terrorism.

    • Dear Mr Dear, I, RUC, am a warrior for the sane people in our society. Better hope you never get out of effing jail you prick.

    • Dear Mr Cruz, just say it out loud, real loud.
      put all the damned Muslims in concentration camps.
      Say it. It’s what you are thinking and dearly wanting, just effing SAY IT!

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