The Watering Hole, Tuesday December 15, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

The Day the Earth Stopped!

The earth is spinning slower due to global warming. Think of it this way. The day is being extended. You’ll live longer. What’s not to like?

The coefficient of friction is larger?




26 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday December 15, 2015 – Environmental News and Food Politics.

    • Now THAT was Funny!
      Yes, secretly, we all want to be Wolverine.
      And yes, two large forks work just fine for pulling pork.

    • Ummm, Personal Protection Institute?
      I’d have thought that would be more like condom application instruction.
      Glad to know classes have been cancelled until further notice.

  1. LAUSD schools are all closed today due to a bomb threat, so my wife who was already at her campus had to return home.

    I looked at the LA Times online to read some updates and I made the mistake of looking directly at the comments. Never look directly at the comments. This is all whose fault, do ya guess?

    • … er the black guy on the ‘tyranny’ sticker on the pick up I parked next to?

      He’s weak, he’s a tyrant, he’s an apologizer, he’s Hitler…. that one?

      • Yes, the Appeaser-in-Chief who has dropped so many bombs on ISIL that we’re running out and can’t make them fast enough.

        Imagine that, the arms dealer to the world and we can’t make them fast enough. Thanks, Obama.

  2. Geez! If global warming wasn’t a hoax I might start to get worried.

    BTW. Here on the frozen tundra of Minnesota there are some odd things going on considering the fact that it’s the middle of December.

    1. No snow on the ground.
    2. Green grass and plenty of rain.
    3. No ice on even the smallest of puddles.
    4. No daytime high temperatures at or below normal since mid September.
    5. No nights have yet fallen below 20 degrees and there have been no more than a half-dozen that went below 30 degrees.
    6. Every time it has stopped raining I have been able to fly my model airplanes without gloves in perfect comfort. It’s actually the best time to fly. When air temp gets below about 50 one starts to see a real increase in the efficiency of wings and propellers and the cooler air keeps the motor cooler with a bigger prop. The end result is that I can fly almost 2 minutes longer on each battery than when it’s hotter out.

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