35 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, December 23, 2015. What’s your Christmas wish?

  1. ……. the Rapture … so that the rest of us who are sane and rational can get on with fixing this place for the benefit and welfare of all.

  2. “What’s your Christmas wish?”

    I think the question should be, “What’s your holiday wish?” because the War on Christmas™ is neverending.

  3. Happy Holidays to Fox.

    Fox hosts: Atheists are ‘sucking the joy out of Christmas’ by expecting tolerance

    Fox hosts Stuart Varney and Todd Starnes complained on Tuesday that liberals and atheists were “sucking the joy out of Christmas” by defending their right to be free from government-sponsored religion.

    Tolerance? Nah. I guess Jesus must have hated the very idea. How would I know, though, since I’m one of those ‘joy-suckers’?

    • “Stuart Varney? There’s a c**kpunch here for a Stuart Varney …. it’s arrived just in time for your tree, Mr Varney”

    • What effing “joy”? I had to go to the local supermarket and I assessed the mood as foul and ugly. It’s the season for white, Christian, obese moms to scream at their kids for no apparent reason here on the frozen tundra. Every last nerve was scraped raw by the time I escaped the melee.

      • Exactly ….. as the winter song says….

        Do you spare one thought for Jesus
        Who had nothing but his thoughts
        Who got busted just for talking
        And befriending the wrong sorts…

        Where is that dude in all this fuckery?

    • What is wrong with these people? They are “sucking the joy out of Christmas” for themselves. Us secular humanist don’t care. Atheist don’t care. Agnostics don’t care. Do they really think that we concern ourselves with their religion? They create their own misery and they need to stop dumping their own shit on other people.

    • Just watched The Rachel Maddow segment on this. If Trumpery ever came up against Bernie in a debate…it would be like St.Ruth or Blutcher’s Ford playing the Crimson Tide. Trump wouldn’t be the Tide…

  4. Jeb “I am so fucking desperate I’ll wear a pillow case if you want” BUSH ….. in this ‘time of terrorism’ (my quotes) …. to talk about the nation that killed more Americans than all other wars put together and came closest to destroying the nation …. to say ‘well those guys were ok, right?’

    Fuck off Jeb, you loser.

    • Maybe I’ll find out tomorrow what the Christmas plan is at my ex’s. Her goal a month ago was to clear the big antique table so we could eat Christmas dinner on it. I haven’t heard if she even got enough time off from work to make the effort to have the dinner she wants. She probably won’t sleep at all on Christmas Eve, which she never did even while she was with me. I hoped she’d message me by now.

  5. I could deal with any Republican nominee except Chris Christie. Tea Cruz would be bad, but I know he’d ultimately lose. Rubio would never inspire the confidence from the middle. Carson would fall asleep eventually, if he hasn’t already. Jabba Christie, on the other hand, would really piss me off.

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