The Watering Hole; Friday, Day One of 2016 C.E.

There’s a certain Slant of light,
Winter Afternoons —
That oppresses, like the Heft
Of Cathedral Tunes –
(Emily Dickinson)

Happy New Year!


“Heft of Cathedral tunes” anyone?

For all those not suffering from a hangover or headache, remember — this is an election year, and as of today the ten-month-plus-a-few-days countdown begins. It’s going to be a long and ponderous haul, as the following small handful of links can quickly demonstrate:

Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump - screencaps

This Year In Crazy: 2015 Belonged To The Wingnuts

5 New Year’s resolutions for reality-impaired conservatives

‘Family values’ Republican: Men should be allowed to grab breastfeeding women’s nipples in public

Creationism evangelist: God put contradictions in the Bible to ‘weed out’ the atheists

There. That’s the way the world looks from its ‘fruit’ cellars. Interesting how it was that somehow, Emily Dickinson managed to sum up both the essence and the impact of 2016’s Republican Party philosophy AND candidates — and she did it more than 150 years ago and needed only twelve words! — when she wrote:

‘Tis the Seal Despair —
An imperial affliction
Sent us of the Air —

“Imperial affliction.” I like that. Well, not really.




32 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday, Day One of 2016 C.E.

  1. ‘This Year In Crazy: 2015 Belonged To The Wingnuts’

    That’s a redundant title. The crazy every year, always belongs to the wingnuts, unless the RWNJs beat them out of it.

    Did we go from ‘2016 AD’ to ‘2016 CE’ when we changed to the metric system? Or did we change because ‘Anno Domini’ sounds furrin’ to RWNJs, who are too stupid to realize it translates from Latin to ‘in the year of our Lord’. which would warm their wee little fundamentalist hearts if they only knew?

    I’m watching a replay of the Alabama – Michigan State game on the SEC channel because BBC America is playing that old favorite ‘The Birds’, which contrary to popular opinion, is not about how birds went berserk and began attacking people, but was instead a historical document declassified by the US Government about when the robot pigeons from the planet Xenu convinced their avian allies that they could conquer the world and enslave the humans, who would then be forced to drive weekly to Lowes, Home Depot or PetSmart, buy the forty pound bags of bird food, and distribute the food proportionally throughout the week.

    • Since no one really knows exactly when (or even if) the biblical “Christ” was born, it’s more realistic to use BCE and CE (Before Common [or Current] Era and Common [Current] Era) instead of the BC and AD of the old (6th century AD/CE) Gregorian calendar still in use today. All that changes are the designations; the year number remains the same across the board.

      I’m sure that Christianistas everywhere might object, but if so, they can always substitute ‘Christian’ for Current/Common and be satisfied.

  2. Republican Carson’s Campaign Manager, 20 Staff Quit

    U.S. Republican Ben Carson’s 2016 presidential bid was thrown into chaos on Thursday when his campaign manager and some 20 other staff members quit amid infighting, dropping poll numbers and negative media coverage.

    Barry Bennett, who oversaw Carson’s rapid rise to the top tier of Republican contenders and his later fall, said he quit over differences with another top adviser to Carson, Armstrong Williams.

    Specifically, Bennett blamed Williams for an interview Carson gave last week to The Washington Post suggesting that the campaign was in disarray. “It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen a candidate do,” Bennett said.

    Things had “boiled over” with Williams, Bennett told Reuters. “For the past seven weeks, I’ve been doing nothing but putting out Armstrong Williams-started fires,” Bennett said.

    Time for a nap, Benny!

  3. Golf is so slack this time of year, the Golf channel is running Caddyshack to fill programming time.

    • Well, the oil-rich countries of the Middle East have all traded donations to the Clinton Foundation for contract approval by the State Department to sell them military hardware, because we all know how hard Hillary had to twist the arms of the military-industrial-complex before they would be willing to fill those contracts.

  4. Happy New Year to all the Zoo Critterers!!
    Not looking forward to the election cycle hype, but intend to have the best year ever as a parent, husband, student, worker, and human being, not necessarily in that order!!

  5. Republican millionaire behind ‘Trump is disgusting’ skywriting: ‘I would vote for Secretary Clinton’

    Alabama millionaire . . . Stan Pate, the real estate developer who paid for the planes to fill the air with anti-Trump messages, called his fellow property developer “despicable,” and said there is no place for him in American politics.

    [. . .]

    “Just because you built a tall building with your name on it doesn’t mean respect … his private business, he’s been a dictator, we’re not looking for a dictator. This is a guy when he looks in the mirror, he sees the greatest man that’s ever walked the earth, and he’s wrong.”

    “I’m tired of listening to Trump, I’m tired of it – just look at what he did to Megyn (Kelly) that’s just despicable,” he said. “Listen to how he’s attacking Hillary Clinton – despicable.”

    Pate — who has a long history of donating to the Republican party — also used the skywriting to advertise the fledgling anybodybuttrump website.

    This is not over,” Pate told CBS. “This is just beginning.”

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