The watering Hole, Tuesday January 5th, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

The first stream restoration I was ever involved with took place on a dairy farm. A small three foot wide tributary carved through a dairy pasture, warmed and silted by the lack of vegetation along its course of 1700 feet of the property. We had no idea what to expect but the speed of the results were mid-boggling, and all we did was erect fencing and crossings to keep the cows out of the stream. Trout re-population was our goal, but they came last after many more restorations due to temperature issues upstream, but ducks, otters, water snakes and tons of aquatic insects appeared withing a couple of months. Seventeen years later, scientists are here to tell us that river restoration does not take generations, that the positive effects are speedier than first thought, and that they are inter-specific.. Hell, they could have just asked my Trout Unlimited chapter.

The tandem effects of restoration.

Cattle impacted stream segment.

One year later

24 thoughts on “The watering Hole, Tuesday January 5th, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. If the Feds want to end this standoff peacefully, cordon off a perimeter a safe distance away, and blockade these dolts until they leave on their own.

    These Domestic Terrorists Oregon Lunatics Don’t Seem Very Prepared To Take On Government…

    Saturday, domestic terrorists from various militia groups entered federal land and took control of a federal building…on a bird sanctuary…because reasons.

    The leader of the pack, Ammon Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy from the Nevada BLM standoff told the media the group was willing to die trying to achieve their objective — stealing land from the government — and planned on being on the property for YEARS if it came to that. Ammon is also joined by his brothers Mel and Ryan.

    Also, on the property is known domestic terrorist Jon Ritzheimer, the infamous shithead known for his armed protests outside of mosques. He sent a tearful “goodbye” video to his wife and kids ahead of the occupation on federal land — which is hilarious — but he also recently sent out a plea for things the men should have brought ahead of usurping a government building in freezing temperatures.

    • Solution is remarkably simple, seems to me.

      If the Feds simply shut off power, water, sewer, and nat. gas, and disallow any and all deliveries of anything at all, those bums will be out of there and in the can where they belong well before the month is over. Won’t require a single shot to be fired (although if the entire bunch happened to wind up haunting a graveyard somewhere, it wouldn’t be a loss to the civilized world).

      • My solution: Sauerkraut.
        Truckloads and truckloads of sauerkraut and that is all.
        No water, no food (sauerkraut is not a food in my world).
        Fence the place off and get them on a steady diet of sauerkraut.
        Then, when they are begging to leave, don’t let them leave.
        Feed them more sauerkraut.

    • One thing should be noted, however: Ammo Bundy does indeed appear to be “a complete idiot” — but he comes by it honestly, and essentially had no say in the matter of who his daddy was gonna be.

      Same as with Trump and the clown car occupiers, I guess.

  2. Heard on NPR this AM – poll v poll, Bernie Sanders would today get as many votes as “Il Duce” …. and yet Trump appears on TV 72 times more than Sanders does – yes SEVENTY-TWO!.

    How the media biases the debate …. the ‘expert’ bent over backwards to say the coverage gap was because Sanders was ‘not likely to beat’ Clinton, so he didn’t get more airtime … backwards to what might actually happen…. America, best democracy money can buy.

  3. What is wrong with these candidates?

    Saturday’s seizure of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 30 miles (50 km) south of the small town of Burns, Oregon, poses a tricky balance for Republican candidates, who do not want to upset voters who may hold sympathetic views toward the anti-federal government arguments of the militia members.

    (boldface mine). WTF is wrong with these Republicans? They are running to be in charge of the very federal government these clowns in Oregon want to defeat. Why are they worried about upsetting them? They’re already upset at the feds! Tell them when you’re president, you won’t put up with any armed insurrections and you’ll handle them the way President Washington did – by using the Second Amendment to raise a militia to defeat them.

    • The R-problem is a “simple” one, demonstrated by the obvious FACT that the collective IQ of the entire Clown Car Contingent has yet to break 100 — and can’t until they’re all out and gone. After that, maybe — assuming a butterfly or dandelion seed might wander in.

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