The Watering Hole, Friday January 8, 2016 – Music Night

Shall we try LAMUZGUEULE, one of the best electro-swing bands in France, with a klezmer, eastern European blend in their sound.




16 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday January 8, 2016 – Music Night

  1. Not sure about the techno-swing, Mr N…. I will try and go a bit further out in the more interesting sounds later….

    This one for is Ted Cruz, the Televangelist candidate who wondered out loud this week if it was a good thing if ‘unbelievers can elect our leaders’

  2. Here’s one that BnF inspired on the day thread – Charles Koch can’t get politicians to do what he wants. For you Charles, until I can get c**kpunch to you.

  3. This one goes out to the #Hezbubba stuck undertheir blue tarps (oh yes did you se #tarpguy?) …. maybe Johnny will come and play for you…. oh wait he’s dead….never mind

  4. This one goes out to cowboy revolutionaries everywhere trying to stay warm around a fire ….. can you hear the drums, Ammon?

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