Sunday Roast: Color

Jade 036

Jade 015

Photos by Zooey

Sometimes, the color of the ocean is unbelievable.  I was going through some old photos on my computer — these are from 2011 — and found these in a folder called “Jade.”

I’ve never seen the ocean look like this since then, and I feel lucky to have captured these photos that day.

This is our daily open thread — What’s your favorite color?  😉

16 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Color

  1. Here’s a poem I wrote in 1978 for a creative writing class I was taking. Talks a little about what your photos show.

    The Sea

    In distant view, the azure sea is calm,
    Her mottled, cooling blue speaks peaceably
    Of gentleness;
    And here and there soft hues of green suggest
    Warm shallows – life’s abode – which, with cold arms
    She must caress.

    But on her shores, in frenzied battery,
    Great waves disintegrate with energies
    Near limitless;
    The broken swells, like shattered crystals, fly,
    Then fall and quickly wash the shore –
    With masked abrasiveness.

  2. Hillary is on Face the Nation right now. I thought she acted dismissive about Dickerson’s comparing Bernie Sanders’ consideration of the gun owners of his state in his votes in Congress to her consideration of Wall Street as their representative in Congress.

  3. The Republicans attended a Poverty Summit in South Carolina yesterday. Paul Ryan was the guest. Dickerson didn’t ask him who won the drawing to get to push grandma off the cliff.

  4. This led me to recall a poem I wrote in elementary school, that was actually pretty good (if a bit maudlin): “With Plank, and Mast, and Sail.” It seems I always had a love of sailing ships. But, of course, the poem itself is lost forever. It only ever existed on paper, and that paper is long gone.

    • I use Chrome. If I want to bring a picture, like the one on the LOlcats above, I right click on the photo, then open it in a new tab. Usually copying the URL is good enough, but the suffix of the URL must end in .jpg, .png, or .gif, for the picture to display here. I’ve seen some pictures that end in .large, and they won’t work. Getting rid of the large at the end, and copying the rest, you can test by re-entering the new URL into the address bar, and if the pic still displays in its own window, the URL should display the pic. Also, like the Youtube videos, I always leave a line or two between text and the address, which seems to help the pic or video to show.

      • But it is an internet based pic, yes? That’s one I do understand, but I appreciate your information.

        I was wondering about uploading my own, personal pictures (some of which, if not good, are at least not bad.) It seemed like many of the above pictures were from people’s personal stock. Is that only for admins? (If so, that’s fine; I actually prefer not to be on that list.) But if there’s a way for ordinary schlubs to share personal pics, I’d be interested in knowing the mechanics.

        (Which I swear I won’t abuse … )

        • You can post them at your blog, right? Then you’d have an online source to bring them here. Some people get them from posting them on their Facebook sites, or on picture-hosting sites.

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