The Watering Hole, Friday January 15, 2016 – Music Night

Saw these guys back in PA about three years ago, and found out they are coming to Eugene shortly.



23 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday January 15, 2016 – Music Night

  1. I was reminded of this band and bands like them as we watched the Long March to Freedom last week – here’s LBM and Paul Simon

  2. And here he goes with the other social movement musical movement band – the Brazilian drummers of Oludum

    • I liked Texas, band was named after the bluesy guitar sound here from their first big record in 1989….. but they were from Glasgow – they hid it well :-)….. nice touch from Professor Snape there

  3. This is for all us fellas…… oooh….. some Abba was rubbish, but some I still like to hear…SOS is one.

  4. TommytheTurtle got some Benny Goodman vinyl for Christmas…we’ve been playing it

  5. Here’s Lemmy covering one of my usual ‘good nights’ …. 🙂

    good night Zoosters

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