Sunday Roast: Birds for Ebb

Formosan Magpie


Green Jay

Bleeding Heart Pigeons

(Photo source, Buzzfeed)

Thinking of you Ebb, and wishing you well.  I hope these pretties made you smile.  🙂

This is our daily open thread — Discuss

16 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Birds for Ebb

  1. Help! When Jane and I try to write new posts now, we’re getting the “newer” format for WordPress (which we both hate.) One of the many things we dislike about it is that we can’t figure out where you make a post sticky, and where you can un-stick previous posts.

    If someone can tell us how to do that, please do. Meanwhile, if someone would please go into the previous posts and un-stick any of them that are sticky, we’d appreciate that. I was able to accidentally get there Friday night, but I haven;t been able to since. Otherwise Jane’s post for Monday will be underneath any stuck posts.

    Also, I think we should only stick Private posts. If people want to add supplemental posts, it;s okay oif they’re at the top of the day’s posts. Sticking private posts would help us find them more easily.

    Thank you.

    Oh, yeah. ZEBRA? 🙂

    • To make it sticky, just click on ‘new draft’ and there’s the ‘stick’ option. I have no idea how to unstick.

      Why is sticky a problem? I use it, and in the morning the post is on top where it’s supposed to be. One time I forgot to sticky it and when I checked in the morning, it wasn’t there on top. After a little digging, it was a few down and I edited it to make it sticky, problem solved. But I’ve never had a reason to unstick any prev. posts. What am I missing?

      • Stop sticking posts and the newest post will always be on top.

        Easiest way to unstick posts is to go all posts, then quick edit. If you’re admin, that is.

        If not, then you’ll just have to scroll down to see the daily open thread until one of the admins unsticks the other threads.

        Long and short of it is, we don’t need to stick posts anymore.

        My 2 cents.

      • The only reason it’s necessary to stick a post is because someone else has stuck previous posts and never un-stuck them. All those posts that have been un-stuck have been un-stuck by Jane or me. It’s good for Private Posts, but nobody seems to ever un-stick the previous day’s posts.

        That said, how do you find where to stick the post if you’re past the point where you created a new post?

        • Hmmh.I guess I’ve just always assumed that that the newest sticky ends up on top, and that those stuck before go a step down the ladder each time a new sticky is placed on top.

          As for un-sticking, I just took a look back at earlier posts on the ‘new’ My Sites-Blogs page and didn’t see any means to do it. But also, I notice that since my Friday post was ‘sticky’ and on top that music night, Saturday, Sunday, and today’s are all on top in proper order. I assume none of the underlings have been unstuck.

          More confusing than it ought to be, or needs to be for that matter.

          • Actually I was finally able to get through to the old-style WordPress blog posts page and unstick them before I posted mine Saturday morning. If Jane’s post for Monday is at the top, either someone else answered my call for help and stuck it, or something else is happening. For some reason, the title does not appear at the top of the post as it should, and you have to go into the tags area to click on replies to post a comment.

            • Yeah, I noticed that. Title only appeared when ‘reply’ was clicked (better than nothing at all, but not much). As for the ‘old’ WordPress blog post page, it pops up whenever I bring up my already saved but not-yet-posted draft for editing, at which point I usually click on the ‘better way to post’ thingee up top — mainly because I don’t have any trouble (finally!) using their new posting setup. That;s the only time I ever see the “old” page, however.

              Maybe Jane’s post wound up on top because it’s the newest post? But as to why no title, I have no clue.

              The whole setup is really weird.

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