The Watering Hole, Friday January 22, 2016 – Music Night

Music for Ebb


35 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday January 22, 2016 – Music Night

  1. I played the first one to play this one. For the folks up east and OIMF in particular (keep the pigs warm and fed!)

  2. Strange how attached you can get to a person you only read. No visual, no voice. I wish you were here Ebb.

  3. Been thinking of Ebb too. But? This one is dedicated to Marion “Pat” Robertson. I bet it would summon a demon in his pants!

  4. Hi, Everyone. Hey, guess who took a nap?

    I’ve got my topic picked out, now I’ll make up some “thoughts” to go with them, and we’ll have a fresh new watering hole at which to gather soon.

    We’re on the outer fringes (so far) of what’s hitting NYC. It’s snowing, not much right now but more is expected, and much heavier. Forecast highs range from six to ten inches by tomorrow morning, about fifteen hours from now. I hate when it’s the “heavier” stuff, because that’s what brings down tree limbs and/or power lines. There’s a NYSEG power substation a quarter mile from my house. I wonder how much it would cost to have the immediate neighborhood around it supplied electricity underground, instead of overhead lines?

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