The Watering Hole; Friday January 22 2016; Your Weekly Dose of Nutcasearrhea

Lest we forget —

“We are the ruling race of the world. . . .
We will not renounce our part in the mission of
our race, trustee, under God, of the civilization of the world. . . .
He has marked us as his chosen people. . . .
He has made us adept in government that we may
administer government among savage and senile peoples.”
(Alfred Beveridge, Senator from Indiana, circa 1900)

With that thesis in mind, we do hereby offer a handful of currents which seem to support Herr Beveridge’s “brilliance.”

Kevin Swanson: ‘A Homosexual Ruined The World’

Todd Starnes, Who Questioned Obama’s Faith, Criticizes Those Questioning Trump’s Faith

Tony Perkins: Reagan Would Never Have Negotiated With Iran!

Jim Bakker: Ronald Reagan Told Me Armageddon’s Coming, ‘America Will Become Sodom And Gomorrah’

Gary Cass Explains That Only Christian Men Are Qualified For Political Office

Rick Wiles: Prepare For UN Invasion Of America

Rafael Cruz: Public Education Is A Communist Plot

Carl Gallups: ‘Anchor Baby’ Rubio May Not Be Eligible For Presidency

And since I always try to save the “best” for last, I’ll close with this li’l Nugent gem:

Ted Nugent Wants Obama Executed: ‘He’s The Enemy Of America’

A decorated and dedicated draft-hero-singing-star-NRA-dude like Nugent would definitely know, right? Oh well, we need to remember that underneath all the hate and vitriol lies the love of God. Plus, as Karen Hughes, Dubya’s Undersecretary of State for Diplomacy once pointed out, “. . . our Constitution declares that we are ‘one nation under God’.” So that means all is well, as long as we don’t stray and . . . well, you know. Christian nation and all.


“If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God,
then we will be a nation gone under.”
(Ronald Reagan)

Definitely. Apparently.



41 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday January 22 2016; Your Weekly Dose of Nutcasearrhea

  1. as Karen Hughes, Dubya’s Undersecretary of State for Diplomacy once pointed out, “…our Constitution declares that we are ‘one nation under God’.”

    Wasn’t she is Press Secretary, too? Conservatives rail against the incompetence of government, then prove themselves right by incompetently governing.

    • She was a News Blond in Tejas, then after Dubya was Selected Pres. she was “counselor” to Bush in 2001 and 2002, then worked for his campaign in 2004, and in 2005 he appointed her Undersecretary. of State. For some odd reason, though, I always pictured her as ‘Under President’.

      But whatever she was up to, she always left the impression she was running solely on fumes.

      Here’s a “brief” on her ‘jobs’ ‘under’ Bush:

  2. It appears that OIMF is in the region that will be getting the brunt of the snowstorm today. I imagine the increase in population since I left the area, many of them inexperienced in bad weather driving, will make for some terrible accidents that will screw up traffic royally. One of my nieces and her family were stuck in a traffic jam on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Wednesday for over 3 hours. To make matters worse, DC is shutting down the bus and subway systems tomorrow and Sunday.

    I envision people who talk against science in general and deny climate change specifically will be shifting the conversation to how its Obama’s fault that roads are closed and power is off affecting only conservatives.

    • It’s also further proof that global warming is a hoax being pushed down our throats by Obama. Inhofe will be able to make another snowball as he “proves” the hoax thesis yet one more time.

      Meanwhile, I hope OIMF doesn’t need anything from town for the next few days.

    • Yeah, I’m going to get buried. People were stuck on the highways for hours Wednesday night when an inch of snow fell during rush hour. There are still abandoned cars on the interstate ramps from that event. I at least know I can’t drive in snow, I have a 4X4 truck, but I stay home. Biggest problem, unless we lose power, will be digging out the half mile driveway.

      • Park your car near the end of the driveway, but not too close to the road that it might get hit by a plow. Then if you have an emergency and need to leave in a hurry, you only have to shovel a short distance behind your truck and not your whole driveway. You might just need to shovel a path big enough to walk through safely to get there, or to carry groceries back.

        • We have tractors, if we had to shovel we’d just stay here until spring. My very old driveway is sunken in spots and in a blizzard the snow drifts and fills it completely. It takes quite a bit of time to move that snow. In a real emergency, bigger farmers would come with bigger tractors.

    • If there is a God, Inhofe will get frostbite and a terminal case of hypothermia when he goes outside to make another snowball. Dickhead

  3. “Reagan wouldn’t negotiate with Iran” Seriously? Would he illegally bribe them with military hardware and funnel the money to a group in Central America trying to overthrow the legitimate government of a sovereign nation?

  4. NO!
    A homosexual did not ruin the world.
    If it were up to them, they would make the place fabulous!
    The gays in my life are stable , hard working, law abiding, tax paying and FABULOUS!
    They are a non-issue.
    I know they would not rob me.
    They bring in my garbage can while I’m away.
    They’re not out in the backyard shooting racoons out of the trees.
    They’re not pedophiles, they’re married and happy, loyal to each other.
    They’re not running a meth lab.

    • One thing is sure, if Ted ever finds himself on the receiving end of a federal warrant for a ‘credible threat’ against the POTUS – the G-men will have to deal with the smell of shit.

  5. So everyone is coming up with storm names. My favorite, Snow v. Wade, in honor of fetuspalooza today.

  6. I was just watching that DC Fox affiliate, One of their blond foxettes was outdoors holding a gnome with a pointy hat. She said she would be using the gnome to monitor the accumulation of snow and gave me the impression she would bravely face the storm to bring viewers updates on how deep the snow would be. Then she walked over to a cleared area on the sidewalk and, holding the gnome by its pointy head, proceeded to set it down on the sidewalk.

    Now I’m not a physicist, but if I was to estimate the force with which she moved her arm it couldn’t have been more than what anyone would use to push a spatula under a pancake. Unfortunately, the force she employed was sufficient to cause the gnome to break in half at the waist! The look on her face changed as she realized her frequent screen time for depth updates was comprised! 🙂

  7. Here’s an idea for your Saturday post Wayne.

    Major Snowstorm Cripples Eastern US

    In other news…_____________

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