Our Ebb flies to the next great adventure


Sad news this morning:  Our own EbbandFlow, only a short time after being diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, has passed on.

I think it’s safe to say that all of us here at TheZoo will miss her terribly.  She was always kind and loving, had a great love of family, music, animals — especially birds and her cat, Mel — and she remembered all the Zoosters’ birthdays.

The universe has lost a bright and beautiful light, and Ebb will live our hearts forever.

This is our daily open thread — Please post your favorite music or bird photo in remembrance of Ebb

36 thoughts on “Our Ebb flies to the next great adventure

  1. nwoldguy on January 23, 2016 at 10:24 pm
    Through Facebook I was friends with Ebb, and sometimes shared thoughts, pics, etc. I learned a few minutes ago she died today after her battle with lung cancer. Her name was Katy, and her cat was with her that gave some comfort as the battle was painful but, according to her sister was ready to let go.
    We’ll all miss her kindness, love of all animals, birds especially, with cats and dogs.
    Peace Ebb, we all loved what you shared and stood for.


  2. To die — takes just a little while —
    They say it doesn’t hurt —
    It’s only fainter — by degrees —
    And then — it’s out of sight —

    A darker Ribbon — for a Day —
    A Crape upon the Hat —
    And then the pretty sunshine comes —
    And helps us to forget —

    The absent — mystic — creature —
    That but for love of us —
    Had gone to sleep — that soundest time —
    Without the weariness —
    (Emily Dickinson)

    R.I.P. Ebb.

  3. Ebb was honestly the kindest person I have ever met of the Internet. May her beautiful spirit fly free with the birds she loved so.

  4. I can’t describe my sorrow at hearing about Ebb, so I’ll post the Sunday LOLcats in her honor, since I mostly did it for her in the first place. I’ll certainly miss her here and at the Crooks and Liars Music Nights, where she went by the Neap Tide.

    Your Sunday LOLcats – Tuna Cafe Edition

    Ebb would have probably liked this one.

  5. I too was friends with Ebb on Facebook. I was so very sad to read the post of her passing.
    Now the video of Iz…I played that song when I buried my mother at the Cemetery of the Pacific on Oahu nearly 2 years ago. I cry now for both of them. 😥

  6. I wrote this little sonnet some years back in memory of friends and family who had passed before their time. Today For Ebb.

    In Memoriam

    .All Living wonder how it feels to die,
    To cross the bar, to bid farewell to things
    Of Life and Love, to gasp that final sigh
    Appropriate to Commoners – and Kings.
    Your journey – ended now – opines that life
    Be filled with warmth, not chill, that Destiny
    Embraces Soul in passage, free of strife,
    To final resting place: Eternity.
    What worth remains for those whose scant reward
    Is Death? You’ve offered us your Psalm, and taught
    That breath refines the mind, and damn the sword
    That slays it! Life, you’ve shown, is not for naught
    When Love of others fills both heart and day.
    May Peace embark – with you – from Heaven’s Quay.

  7. Beautiful words, all, for a beautiful spirit. Ebb will be missed. I am grateful she has been released from pain.

    Rest well, kind spirit. Fly free, Ebb.

    • Our condolences on your loss.

      I admit I’m not proud of my own family history ignorance, but I believe my late uncle Nelson Schneider was married to a Dot Bartlett, and they lived in CA. By any chance, are you related to her? If so, it could mean we have cousins in common.

    • Condolences on your loss. I hope your family can find some peace in this difficult time.

      For someone I only knew online (here and on Facebook) Ebb was simply one of the kindest and supportive souls I had ever encountered in any realm.

      She will be missed, but she will always be remembered.

    • Oh I am so sorry to hear of this …. I would post daft photos of my daft children and I always knew she would call on them….. I am so sorry she has gone. May you take some comfort from these remembrances of her from many friends here.

    • Dear Monica,

      I am so sorry about Kate’s passing. I only knew her through Crooksandliars, where I knew her as Neap Tide. She had a greatly varied taste in music, and I always enjoyed the music she would post. She was very intelligent, but, most importantly, she was a very kind, sweet lady. I enjoyed posting pictures for her that I took, including of birds.

      I am very sad to hear of this news.

      Take care.

  8. How many times on a Friday night, did I think to post a song and Ebb was there first, like she read my mind…… Soul Sister we never met, but I will miss you, more than you could ever know.

    Now you are ‘just a rainbow in the dark’ and tonight there is ‘no sign of the morning coming’.

    Time for you to go where you can shine…..

  9. Dearest Ebb and Friends
    We go on to the unknown, having touched the souls of all who we surround ourselves with.
    For the better,
    Peace Ebb, may you fly forever.

  10. In a world that needs warmth, wit, and wisdom we now have less of all. Farewell, Kate. If there is consciousness after our last breath? Enjoy the house band. Again, farewell.

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