The Watering Hole, Wednesday, January 27, 2016

White Pebbles
A modern parable
Briseadh na Faire


Once upon a time, there was a people who lived on an island with black sand beaches. The sand was black, the pebbles washed in the sand and smoothed by the sighing waves of the ocean were black. But, ever so rarely, a white pebble could be found.

So rare were the white pebbles they were highly valued, and even used in trade amongst the peoples.

Now there lived a young man who devoted all his time to scouring the beaches, looking for white pebbles. After many years, he amassed a basket full, and was considered the wealthiest man on the island.

But he wanted more. Because he spent all his time alone on the beaches gathering pebbles, he had no friends. Because he hoarded his white pebbles, he wasn’t well liked. He wanted to go to a new island, where no one knew him, where people would be impressed by his wealth and like him.

And so he placed his basket in a small boat along with some provisions and set sail. After a few days, his provisions ran low, but he spied another island on the horizon. He immediately set course for the new island.

And ere long, he set foot ashore on a white sand beach. The sand was white, the pebbles were white. But, ever so rarely, a black pebble could be seen.

There, on this new island, black pebbles were so rare they were a valuable commodity. The man’s white pebbles were worthless, and he had to spend many months combing the beaches for black pebbles enough to buy provisions to get back home.

© 2016 Briseadh na Faire


25 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Wednesday, January 27, 2016

      • Seems like suicide by G-man may have been his choice – we shall see. Already that religious fanatic Cliven Bundy has called Tarpman a ‘martyr’ … really #vanillaisis indeed.

        • That was my thought. Tarpman and several others were probably there in the hopes of committing suicide by cop. Because when you think a bout it, Tarpman’s primary source of income was from taking in foster kids. And he knew he was a failure at every other aspect of his life, so I can easily imagine him wanting to kill himself without having to actually kill himself. When he heard about this silly standoff, he decided he would show up with a gun and hope some govt employee would kill him. Then he could, in his own eyes, “die a hero.” But he didn’t, of course. He died a fool.

          I’m more concerned about when they actually go to the refuge to remove the remaining protesters. These guys were arrested outside the compound on their way to give some speech to other idiots. When the Feds close in on the refuge, how many more will die? Hopefully no Feds.

          • When they do finally clear the compound, I think there are going to be a lot of confused law enforcement people wondering why there are piles of dildos and bags of dicks everywhere.
            WTF were they doing in here all this time?
            And some one will say
            ” tarpman wanted to go out being remembered”.
            This is how he will be remembered.
            He was a dickhead with the worlds biggest dildo collection.

          • Still need to hear from an objective report of what happened, but already #vanillaisis and the #talibundy are saying he was shot with ‘his hands in the air’ – an opinion that is already contradicted by at least one eye witness who was in the #yallqaeda truck…..

            … Interesting that the twat Ritzheimer who made the much-parodied Youtube video on his way to the sanctuary, was caught in Arizona, having ‘deserted his post’ hours earlier…. he’s a bigger fool than Tarpman, and as gutless a shite as Ted Nugent’s soiled jeans.

            So now without the leadership, hope none of the law enforcement can close this out without them getting hurt. All these jackassess need to be getting rogered daily in the showers at the nearest federal pen.

  1. I’m going with man set sail from island with white pebble beach to return to the island with the black pebble beach with so many white pebbles that his boat sank and he drowned.

  2. Reminds of the sage Rolling Stones tune
    ‘You can’t always get, what you want…”
    Both the pebble hoarder and the Bundyites. Gotta wonder who shot the ‘spokesman’.??

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