Sunday Roast: Rough start

Year 2016 — so far — has sucked BIG TIME.

With the passing of Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and especially our own EbbandFlow, I think we can agree that this year really can’t get any worse — and that is not me issuing the universe a friggin’ challenge.

Let’s take it easy on ourselves the rest of the year, eh?

This is our daily open thread — Yeesh…


17 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Rough start

  1. I don’t think I can take it easy on myself yet.

    Can you say ‘President Trump’ without getting ill?

    • President Cruz? Rubio? Paul? Christie? pHuckabee? Bushes? Reagan? Ford? Nixon? I’ve been barfing for the better part of fifty years!

      I’m thinking Mexico or Canada, South Seas maybe. Relocating to someplace civilized sounds a lot more interesting than being forced to endure yet one more brainless dipshit promising to make a faux place faux great . . . again. No way. Trump or any one of those bums in the W.H. is tantamount to replacing all the used pipe in Flint with used pipe.

  2. ‘Hello, I’m Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister.’
    Dalek: ‘Yes, we know who you are!’

  3. So, Tarpman had written a book. very badly, based on some of the excerpts. Hell, even I could have done better than he.

    Example of bad writing:
    “My fist clenched as my anger turned from anger to hate.”

    No, Tarpman, that’s not how to write it.
    Try: “My fist clenched as my anger turned to hate.”

    It’s also a little confusing having all the characters give first person narratives of what they’re doing, instead of an omniscient author viewpoint who could tell us what they were thinking. I know, editors like to be paid by someone, so I can understand why he skipped them.

  4. Live on C-Span now, a Bernie Sanders rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa. They’re playing Can’t Always Get What You Want right now.

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