Sunday Roast: Feel the SNL Bern

Bernie Sanders, one of the Democratic Presidential candidates for 2016, made his debut on Saturday Night Live last night.  He appeared in a Titanic skit with his twin separated at birth, Larry David.  Naturally, Bernie always gets his message across!

Sanders shouted, “I’m so upset with the one percent getting this preferential treatment,” before making a suggestion: “Enough is enough. We need to unite and work together if we’re going to get through this.”

“Sounds like Socialism to me,” David said, dismissing him.

“Democratic socialism!” Sanders countered.

“What’s the difference?” David asked.

Mimicking Donald Trump, Sanders replied, “Yuuuuge difference.”

Pretty damn good timing, Bernie!!

This is our daily open thread — What makes you laugh?

29 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Feel the SNL Bern

  1. What makes me laugh, you asked. 🙂

    During the Jan. 27th Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Stephen called one of his producers to come on camera to discuss his need to leave for the airport promptly after taping. Stephen had to make small talk about her being 6′ 2″ in stocking feet and her search for a man of suitable height. It was her reply to Stephen’s question, “What’s your cut-off?” Her reply, “It gets lower every year!”

    All 5′ 7″ of me laughed at that and brought thoughts of a tall, beautiful woman I know! 😉

  2. Hillary says she’s ‘just having fun’ in New Hampshire. (She’s lost ground in the most recent poll)

    The GOP race is boiled down to ‘The Establishment Candidate’, ‘The Anti-Establishment Candidate’ and ‘The Evangelical Candidate’. There’s still a competition for the establishment candidate.

  3. CNN is really taking issue with Cruz’s excuse for his campaign claiming Carson was dropping out. Last night he apologized again to Carson at the debate, but blamed CNN for speculation about Carson, the day of the Iowa caucuses, misleading his staffers. CNN is showing replays of the opposite, and just calling Cruz an out-and-out liar.

  4. Corrected proofs for my chapter in the forthcoming “Intuition in Mathematics and Physics: A Whiteheadian Approach” sent off to the editor. Given how inactive I’ve felt these last few months academically, with only my blog going on, it is feeling good to have produced 6,000 words that more or less make sense.

  5. For those of you not watching the Super Bowl, Flix Channel has an environmental historical document from the future, titled ‘Waterworld’ starring Kevin Costner. 😉

    • I honestly can’t recall the last time I watched a Super Bowl (or any football game, for that matter). Today, however, has proven to be a good time to binge watch Poldark (the new one) on Amazon. Much more interesting than any football game could ever be! 🙂

    • Stupor Bowl? 5 hours of razz for a game that last 60 minutes on a clock and during which the ball is in motion something like 15-16 minutes….. all that showbiz gets right up my nose……. smaller Turtles have a request in to eat Stuporbowl junk food and watch the Dark Knight. I may demur and watching something I recorded a few weeks ago.

  6. I had a mild shock earlier. I was watching the professional bowling on ESPN and during the show, their ‘lane-side’ reporter interviewed the loser of the first match. She could make me a fan of almost any sport. Her name is Kimberly Pressler. She was Miss USA in 1999.

  7. Audi just had an ad using Starman by David Bowie, and on the screen at the end under the Audi logo it said ‘In memory of the Starman’.

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