The Watering Hole, Tuesday February 9, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

Environmental statements of the presumptive nominees (my presumption at this point in electoral time).


Marco Rubio – The Privatizer


Hilary Clinton – The Big Government works ‘if we just tweak it’ candidate





Plus any tidbits you get from the NH primary.


Art credit: The best I could do is refer you to this gamer’s/developer’s site: 





23 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Tuesday February 9, 2016 – Environmental News and Food Politics

  1. Kasich, Sanders win vote in New Hampshire’s Dixville Notch

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got an early boost Tuesday as they won the vote in Dixville Notch, the New Hampshire hamlet that is home to the first vote in the first-in-the-nation primary.

    Sanders shut out Hillary Clinton, 4-0, while Kasich bested Donald Trump, 3-2.

    Those were the only nine votes cast.

    Good way to start the day. Go Bernie!

  2. Marco Rubio – an empty suit – clearly filled to overflowing though with Koch jizz ….. ‘free-market solutions to environmental problems’ – how stupid is this twat? The free market gave us Three-mile Island, Love Canal and the Cuyahoga River, the free-market poisoned 10,000 kids in Flint… Marco Rubio …. fuck … right … off.

    Hilary …. soul is sold to the banks …. Jamie Dimon’s Big Vote is right here. …. Obama prosecuted 1 person ONE for 2008…. and you?…. I’m going to go with a big round number.

    Give me Bernie or give me death!

  3. That artwork looks like Diagon Alley after Voldemort completes his infernal global warming plan and drowns London in seawater.

    • Bernie is solidly in, but Kasich ain’t gonna make it.

      I hope Chris Christie stays in single digits.

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