The Watering Hole: 2/10/16: Daylight Slavings Time

In a disparate bid to stay relevant, GOP hopeful and Goodyear Blimp wannabe Governor Chris Christie announced a plan to change time. Not 1985 DeLorean change time, but a way his State will change the way time is measured.

Beginning with the onset of Daylight Savings Time, New Jersey will switch to a 10-hour day. That is, each 24 hour day will be divided into ten one-hour units. Each hour will consist of 100 minutes, and each minute will have 100 seconds.

“It’s a much easier way to keep track of time” the governor said, noting that with the ten-hour day, no one would have to count to twelve, or divide by sixty. “I mean, think about it. A quarter of a dollar equals 25 cents, but a quarter of an hour only equals 15 minutes? That’s nuts.”

The governor went on to explain that the change in measuring time will in no way affect the American worker. “An 8 hour day will still be an 8 hour day. And workers will still be entitled to overtime after 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week.”

When front-runner Donald Trump heard of Christie’s plan, he immediately jumped on the bandwagon, vowing to make weeks only 5 days long.


Have at it.



39 thoughts on “The Watering Hole: 2/10/16: Daylight Slavings Time

  1. I don’t know if I’d call Trump a ‘winner’ at 35% of the vote. 65% of the voters still didn’t want him.
    Bernie, however, got 60% of the Dem vote.
    Turnout was about 30,000 more for the Republicans, though.

  2. GOP SOP. Refuse to even discuss and consider an issue and then make up straw man arguments against it. Just look at all the rightwhiners who are still railing against the ACA and still haven’t read it. I especially liked the “weakest economic recovery in modern times” with the complete lack of self-reflection needed to realize that: a. the rightwhiners were the ones who crashed the economy and, b. there is indeed a recovery that began almost the moment Obama took office.

    It occurs to me that no U.S. President has been this vehemently hated since Abe Lincoln and they are hated by the same people for many of the same reasons; racism and a infantile reaction to not getting every single effing thing their own way.

    • . . . there is indeed a recovery that began almost the moment Obama took office.

      And the reason it’s been ‘slow’ is that the Republican Rubes in Congress have done everything in their power to sabotage or outright deny everything Obama has proposed. My guess is that IF Obama would have had super majorities in both Houses and on the Supreme Court, the country would be in the best economic shape in her history, as would progress toward environmental protection, immigration resolution, and perhaps even toward military sensibility — and Obama would be already recognized as one of the greatest Presidents in the country’s history.

      Thanks to Republicans, however, we remain stuck in the quagmire of their own creation, and we’ll remain there until their nonsensical and greed-based policies are totally and completely discarded, and they, as a political party, disappear.

      • Here’s the funny part.

        The GOoPers could acknowledge and praise the recovery and take credit for it. But? They are so invested in “everything sucks and it’s all Obama’s fault” that they can’t. They nattering naybobs of negativity rule the right-wing roost.

        • Yep. And they have ‘ruled the (Republican) rignt-wing roost’ ever since 1968’s triple whammy: the assassinations of MLK, the assassination of RFK, and the (s)election of the GOP Nixon/”Nolo contendere” Agnew P-VP ticket. The America of “we the people” died that day, same day as the fascist movement finally snagged the upper hand.

          And here we are.

  3. Time, is a cruel invention to create the illusion of hope.

    Time is relative.
    The time is now.
    Time is tight.

    • Time:

      “All of the Friedmann solutions have the feature that at some time in the past (between ten and twenty thousand million years ago) the distance between neighboring galaxies must have been zero. At that time, which we call the big bang, the density of the universe and the curvature of space-time would have been infinite. Because mathematics cannot really handle infinite numbers, this means that the general theory of relativity (on which Friedman’s solutions are based) predicts that there is a point in the universe where the theory itself breaks down. Such a point is an example of what mathematicians call a singularity. In fact, all our theories of science are formulated on the assumption that space-time is smooth and nearly flat, so they break down at the big bang singularity, where the curvature of space-time is infinite. This means that even if there were events before the big bang, one could not use them to determine what would happen afterward, because predictability would break down at the big bang. Correspondingly, if, as is the case, we know only what has happened since the big bang, we could not determine what happened beforehand. As far as we are concerned, events before the big bang can have no consequences, so they should not form part of a scientific model of the universe. We should therefore cut them out of the model and say that time had a beginning at the big bang.” (Stephen Hawking, A Brief History Of Time, p. 46)

    • Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
      You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
      And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
      No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

  4. “…there are many here among us who feel life is but a joke, but you and I we’ve been through that, and this is not our fate, let us not talk falsely now the hour is getting late…” Bobby D.

  5. So in New Hampshire 45% of Republicans want to torture the shit out of the brown people and don’t give a fook about the law.

    Things I learned last night.

    Can someone please interview Jess Venture on this – and John McCain?

    • Oh crap! The rightwhiners are finally beginning to understand the law of averages. You throw out the lightest and the heaviest so that the average is more representative of the expected range.

    • Lie-Carly? Well she only had open issue and lied about that – don’t let the door hit ya where Gawd split ya

      • I would tell both Snarly and Christie to “not let the door hit you in the ass on your way out” but one has no ass and the other won’t fit through the door.

  6. God on the Clown Car Primary yesterday:

  7. I’m not sure that this will translate well without the music but I wrote a song about time.

    Ticks away so slowly

    Has no end

    If it has no end
    Did time ever begin..?

    Is there any time..?
    Is there any time..?


    Is there any time
    To get to where we are going?
    Is there any time
    To get back where we began, we began, we began

    Is there any time
    To build a world we can live in
    Is there any time
    To build a world we can share, we can share, we can share

    Is there any time..?
    Is there any time..?

    • She, her boobs, every other elected official who has supported these freaks, and their boobs should be arrested and charged with treason. Specifically; providing aid and comfort to domestic enemies of the United States.

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