The Watering Hole, Friday February 12, 2016 – Music Night

Valentine’s Day?

One of the all time great love songs.



20 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Friday February 12, 2016 – Music Night

    • Ok, so while this slacker is chasing after that cheap tart down the hill, who the hell is watching his dad’s goats? Eh?

  1. Ok here’s a love song for Lie Carly…..

    And here’s one for Chris Christie

    Buh bye now!

  2. So Jeb “I am not a” BUSH!! has given that up and has pulled his craphat of a brother out of the bathtub to campaign for his ….. here’s a love song for those fatheads:

    • This is a song I can’t remember hearing until Nicole Sandler played it the other day

      “Better Things” is a song by The Kinks, released as a single in June 1981 in the UK and November 1981 in the US.

      Although “Better Things” missed the top 40, it did reach #46 and was their first charting single since “Supersonic Rocket Ship” in 1972.

  3. This might be the debut of Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra here at Music Night.

  4. For the feeling of love:

    If you want a chuckle I wrote about Peckerhead Pete on the previous thread.

  5. Today’s Watering Hole is in progress and should be posted relatively soon. Roy Moore and Antonin Scalia are the main subjects of today’s rant. I’ll try not to take too much longer to finish it. 🙂

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