The Watering Hole; Thursday February 18 2016; Idiotica

We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together
Headpiece filled with straw. Alas!
Our dried voices, when
We whisper together
Are quiet and meaningless
As wind in dry grass
Or rats’ feet over broken glass
In our dry cellar

With every day that passes, T.S. Eliot’s visionary description of the “modern” GOP (read: AFP, the American Fascist Party) and the consequence(s) implicit thereof proves itself to be one of the most incredibly accurate descriptions of current time warp imaginable. And, of course, let us not fail to recall that Eliot wrote those words the better part of a century ago. Talk about prescience! The only argument I can come up with that’s the least bit contrary is that he titled his poem “The Hollow Men” and, in so doing, left no obvious space for all Hollow Women of current day. Of course Eliot never ran across Phyllis Schlafly, et al. (at least I don’t think he did — she’s really not 250-plus, is she? Hmmmm). Still, in a world where one could swear that Ted Cruz IS Joe McCarthy . . .

Yeah, OK, I get it, never mind.

Whatever. The fact is that stupid remains stupid, no matter the year. I choose, as my preferred and eternal descriptor, the word ‘Idiotica’ — as in Encyclopedia Idiotica: History’s Worst Decisions and the People Who Made Them — even though it has become, as of this moment, horrendously out of date, and . . . (see below for a detail or two. Three maybe):

Schlafly: GOP Must Block All Obama Judicial Nominees, Strip Courts Of Funding And Power

Of course Senate Republicans should block President Obama from filling this Supreme Court vacancy in an election year, and they have 80 years of precedent on their side. But Republicans should go further and block nominations for all the other vacancies in the federal judiciary, too.

. . . Congress can more effectively defund enforcement of the pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage decisions by the judiciary without sparking a phony “war on women” debate.

Congress should also defund use of taxpayer money by the Department of Justice to push the liberal agenda in the liberal courts. Congress should cut back on the funding for the courts themselves, too, and eliminate rather than fill some of the vacancies.

Scott Lively: Obama Orchestrated Coup In Ukraine To Prevent Russian-Style Anti-Gay Laws From Sweeping The World

. . . Obama pulled the plug on Russia; I know this sounds like a terrible conspiracy theory but I believe it, and they he then orchestrated the coup in Ukraine and then sort of kick-started the Cold War again. I believe, personally, a lot of people might not, but I believe that one of the main reasons for him doing that was to stop the Russians from setting the example across the world because this agenda is heart and soul to Obama.”

John Hagee Says America ‘Will Be Lost Forever And Immediately’ If Obama Is Allowed To Replace Justice Scalia

“Justice Scalia’s death makes this presidential election a battle for the future of this nation,” Hagee said. “If the president is allowed by the Senate to appoint a Supreme Court justice, America as we know it will be lost forever and immediately. A fifth liberal justice on the court will pass the socialist agenda of the president with lightening speed. Every person listening to this telecast should contact their senator and urge them not to consider any candidate to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court until the next president has been elected by the American people. For once, let the voice of the American people make the call, not the political establishment in Washington, D.C.”

Far-Right Pundit: Obama To ‘Starve Americans Into FEMA Camps’ After Murdering Scalia

“I think the starvation, the plan to starve Americans into the FEMA camps” will soon be unveiled, Quayle said, arguing that Scalia’s death foretells the death of the Constitution.

“When you kill off the oldest guy who is foundationally sound — I would say this, Judge Scalia’s murder is equal to, if you will, the last pillar holding up what was left of the Constitution. I believe, and somebody’s already put it out on the internet, if you believe in the Constitution, you will be a criminal,” he said.

Pat Robertson: Bernie Sanders Voters Are ‘A Bunch Of Ignorant Sheep’

While criticizing the “so-called millenniums” today, Pat Robertson skewered Bernie Sanders supporters as “a bunch of ignorant sheep” who are “cheering a man who wants to take away all our money.”

So here we are then. Ignorant sheep. Works for me. Ergo, from one “ignorant sheep” to what I presume to be a whole flock of “ignorant sheep,” The Hollow Men  concluded, long ago, the consequence to a culture that chooses to kneel before its . . . ummmm . . . its Hollow Men?

. . . Life is very long

Between the desire
And the spasm
Between the potency
And the existence
Between the essence
And the descent
Falls the Shadow

For Thine is the Kingdom . . .

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Yep. De-evolution via Hollow Men aka the GOP mind-meld. History repeats. Again.


17 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Thursday February 18 2016; Idiotica

  1. Ted Cruz on why Obama should not nominate Scalia’s replacement:
    “If liberals are so confident that the American people want unlimited abortion on demand, want religious liberty torn down, want the Second Amendment taken away, want veterans’ memorials torn down, want the crosses and Stars of David sandblasted off of the tombstones of our fallen veterans — then go make the case to the people.”
    Of course the people have already spoken when we elected Obama to a second term. I do not recall sandblasting symbols off gravestones being part of his platform.

    • If Cruz is so dedicated to the sanctity of life and ‘religious liberty,’ why the hell is he so hot to “carpet bomb” Syria and Iraq to the point where the ‘sand glows’? Is life and religious liberty ‘over there’ worth so much less than it is here?

      Here’s how to define Phony Bastard in one word: Cruz.

  2. Advanced level of Idiotica, numerologically speaking:

    Cruz-loving End Times pastor uses numerology to prove Obama sacrificed Scalia in pagan ritual

    Scalia croaked on the thirteenth of February. As end-times preacher Rick Wiles notes,

    “The 13th was the 44th day of 2016. Obama is the 44th president of the United States, so you have this numerology thing taking place.”

    He then concluded that the person Obama had kill Scalia, “deliberately left the pillow on his face as a message to everybody else: ‘Don’t mess with us, we can murder a justice and get away with it.’” Wiles insists officials in Washington are all terrified. “Deep down they know, the regime murdered a justice … This is the way a dictatorial, fascist, police state regime takes control of a nation.” He explained considering the fact, “Barack Obama is the most lawless president we have ever had in the history of this great country,” his so-called lawlessness is “a catalyst to wake up the sleeping giant.” That sleeping giant, of course, is the church.

    • I like the word Idiotica. I think Wayne should do up some lyrics. There’s a song by Metric called Synthetica, so at least the main word sort of fits.

      To your point, I’ve never understood Christian’s fascination with numerology.

  3. Poor whiny babies.
    What the hell are they going to do when Sanders or Hillary gets elected, because their candidate (pick one) is an out of touch freak?
    Probably declare that no Supreme Court justices that are not nominated by an AFP president will even get a vote?

    • Now that it’s close to a week since the Scaly One’s passing, I feel more comfortable saying
      Roast in hell you Fascist Pig.

  4. For evil conservatism to totally control the body politic it’s platform must rest on the legs of the House, the Senate, Scotus and Potus. While not as sturdy as 4-legged support, the 3-legged platform that supported the mountain of lies that make up their message has suddenly lost a leg.

    Now let me say, in the spirit of Sarah Palin, it seems the Republican ship has run aground and is in danger of sinking.

  5. Jimmy Fallon feigns injury during opening monologue and audience member Jay Leno takes over. Jay informed us that the Cruz campaign had known the woman was a porn star and had been hired to see if Ted could be made easier to swallow. Jay then said,with a smile: “They can’t fire me.”

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