The Watering Hole; Friday February 19 2016; Idiotica II

Can the Dumb — define the Divine?
(Emily Dickinson)

I’m pretty sure Dickinson knew the answer to that one long before she asked it. But think of it: when she wrote that line, she’d never met even a single one of the 2016 Republicans, neither candidates nor voters! Makes me think that maybe Dumb and Divine have a longer history than just the last sixty or-so years that I’ve been pondering said relationship.

In any case and for whatever reason, in this, the current political season, both Dumb and Divine seem to be in permanent rotation around each in the cluster of Republican presidential candidates. I frankly can’t recall a moment anywhere in previous political campaigns that has been so overladen with religious posturing as we witness today. What’s most puzzling is not so much the topics, but the vitriol tossed in the midst of would-be civil discussion by each, against all, and oh so often in the name of the Divinity commonly known as ‘Judeo-Christian’ — and all other versions be damned! Gives new meaning to the old “holier than thou” notion, but always with conclusion that Dickinson’s question is now answered: Can the Dumb — define the Divine? No. Definitely not. No way!

A couple of recent non-events did offer me reason(s) to grin, however, especially when I dropped them into Emily Dickinson’s context. She never heard of either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, but if she had I’m betting her response would have been something like See, I told you!!

First, this little gem:

Pope Francis Says Donald Trump Is Not A Christian

Interesting twist embedded in this one, a twist that does seem to suggest that the Pope’s long-rumored Divinity may indeed be genuine, especially if one dares to accept the reverse of Dickinson’s question, i.e. can the Divine define the Dumb? In this case, the Pope didn’t actually ‘define’ Trump as Dumb, but the Pope-inspired Trump reaction pretty much did the job for him (see below)!

Not sure, though, that defining the Dumb should be strictly limited  to the Divine, because if that were the case, most of us Progressive-Liberals would have to be defined as Divine, since we really are good at defining the Dumb . . . etc. Still, Trump’s comeback definitely confirms the thesis that the Pope can most certainly pluck the Dumb out of even a YUGE pile of candidate vitriol!

Donald Trump Fires Back At Pope Francis

Trump: I guess this is a little bit for the press, so I just wrote this out, very quickly about the Pope, do you want to hear it? Should I read it to you? He actually said that maybe I’m not a good Christian, or something, it’s unbelievable and not a nice thing to say. So as a response —

If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows is ISIS’ ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed that Donald Trump would have been president. Because this would not have happened if ISIS has been eradicated. . . .

Right. Perfect response. Expected. Definitive, and definitely NOT Divine!

Trump’s supporters, meanwhile, seem to lend further credibility to the notion that the Pope is genuinely Divine, as demonstrated by their attempts to define him. Below are a handful of Trump-supporter Tweets on the matter, each and all of which serve as solid proof that the Dumb really can’t define the Divine (or much of anything else, for that matter).

Pope Francis sends unhinged Trump supporters into a white-hot rage: ‘He’s prob a Muslim in disguise!’

Ryan Edmonds ?@EdmondsRyan76
I thought the pope was “supposed” to be sinless…isn’t he making judgment on Trump? He’s prob a Muslim in disguise like Obama.

Chuck Plum @ChuckUmeboshi

Vatican is Walled!

SCSM @Ms1Scs
pope-a-dope is a commie beard, OK w/ Obama turning back 2 Christian persecution,against Trump 2 STOP persecution?

Stop the Clintons @barackmustgo
Pope stay out of our polotics. Trump stays out of your decisions.Pope gets wall/ protection why cant We? Very dissapointed.. cnn-shame on U.

Jack Hennessey @republic2016
The pope clearly revealed himself as an anti Trump political South American Communist as has been rumoured. Reveals elite open borders plan

There. The Dumb defined. By themselves. Thanks to a little help (which I don’t think they really needed, but what the hey!) from the Pope who is, according to some, Divine. Ergo yes, the Divine can, indeed, define the Dumb. Q.E.D.

Finally and on a somewhat different plane, there was this, courtesy of TRUSTED Cruz:

Cruz: ‘Disastrous’ Marriage Equality Ruling Led To ‘Persecution’ That’s ‘Unprecedented’

“[W]e are seeing an assault on religious liberty from Washington that is unprecedented . . . much of this persecution is the fruit of the Supreme Court’s disastrous gay marriage ruling last year . . .

“I believe that decision was fundamentally illegitimate, it was lawless, it was unconstitutional and it will not stand. And I would note, that is precisely why Dr. James Dobson has endorsed me in this campaign, it is why Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has endorsed me in this campaign, it’s why the National Organization on Marriage [sic] has endorsed me on this campaign and has said it cannot support Donald Trump or Marco Rubio because if we’re not willing to defend marriage, we are giving up the foundational building blocks of the family, we’re giving up the Judeo-Christian values that built this great nation.”

Just a guess, but the impression I invariably get from Cruz is that he does, indeed, see himself as bright enough and smart enough to define the Divine; he also KNOWS the Divine definition of marriage and how IT also defines the United States as being ITS own creation and ITS most favorite nation, etc. etc.

That is, come to think of it, pretty much the way the Dumb almost invariably define the Divine. It’s also pretty much the way Republicans — candidates and voters alike — define their perception of the Divine, and greatly simplifies the Progressive Liberals’ task of defining the Dumb: aka Republicans.

OK, so: as Judy Woodruff likes to say, “We’ll have to leave it there . . .” etc.

The Future — never spoke —
Nor will He — like the Dumb —
Reveal by sign — a syllable
Of His Profound To Come –
(Emily Dickinson)





37 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday February 19 2016; Idiotica II

  1. Post Addendum:

    Taking Note – The Editorial Page Editor’s Blog
    Trump vs. Pope, Round 2

    How can Ted Cruz begin a rally by invoking the Lord, and then speak as though he is running for war criminal? What do his Christian audiences think when he calls for the indiscriminate bombing of Muslim civilians, and laughs about making sand “glow in the dark” — basically a joke about mass murder?

    Why does someone like Marco Rubio tell heart-warming stories about his immigrant roots, and then, with equal conviction, insist that he will pull up the ladder for more recent, non-qualified immigrant families, the ones his primary voters hate and fear?

    Why has the entire Republican field treated immigrants and refugees, even dead Syrian children washed ashore on a beach, not as victims deserving welcome, but as threats to be shunned?

    Why are immigrants who cross burning deserts to provide for their children, who stand on street corners to take any available job, but not handouts, who embody Republican ideals of faith and family, so hated by the God-and-country crowd?

    Why, with their strong faith and the full might of America to protect them, do the Republican candidates sound so frightened and angry? . . .

    Why is that peaceful Christ never present in Republican speeches?

    ALL because of one simple FACT:

    The Dumb CANNOT define the Divine! (see above) 😆

  2. TrumpDuck’s supporters are just feeding from the trough of stupidity, with Donald filling it with hate and bile each morning. TrumpDuck needs to ask hisself, which minorities would Jeebutz hate?

    • One could argue that a “natural born citizen” was one not born by Cesarean section. Obviously the Framers knew of such things, so why couldn’t they have meant it?

      Anyway, this is an important case that should be considered, provided all the facts are brought to the trial. For example, there is some question about if and when Cruz’ mother became a Canadian citizen in order to vote (which she was registered to do.) Was it before ted’s birth or after?

      Unlike John McCain (clearly not born on American soil), Cruz’ parents were not serving in our military or our government, and so wouldn’t be able to enjoy the usual exceptions. His American citizenship is really in question here.

      I hear they want to file a lawsuit in Texas challenging his citizenship and eligibility to be a US Senator. It would be interesting if the TX and SCOTUS courts came to different conclusions about Cruz’ eligibility to be Senator or SCOTUS.

    • What if a data search reveal he was a C-Sect? “Natural born” flies out the window! 😉

      But seriously, there are legitimate questions as to whether he qualifies, questions not as yet adjuticated but need to be.

  3. This whole Trump/.Pope thing is B S. WHO CARES? What makes “Christians” any better/different than any other other religion? The Supreme Narcissist is od-ing on narcissistic supply. Who gives a shit??? I don’t know what religion the rest of the republican asshole hopefuls are nor do I care. Clinton is a Protestant ( oops ” christian”). Sanders is a Jew. They do not dwell on that.

    • The only one who really gave a shit that the Pope called Trump out was Trump himself, along with a bevy of his similarly idiotic supporters. And it was their (Trump included) collective response that firmly defined them and all like them as DUMB! Nothing is more amusing than watching a narcissist crumble in pure public view — all because of his own fundamental and in-born stupid! — and then to watch him/them try to blame everyone else.

      Political theater at its apogee. 😉

      • He’s getting so much Supply that it just pushes him faster. I am so sick of the continuous media frenzy over this jerk.
        DUMB is a kind word! Sometimes I just need to step out and go ride my horse. And appreciate all the beautiful and sane things around

          • Let me know how to post a pic ( or a little vid clip) of where I’ll be (Eagle Rock on the Pacific Crest Trail) and I’ll put it up. ( you can contact me privately and through FB messenger too). It’ll be a hell of a lot nicer than religion and politics. Think of Ebb’s birds.

    • Definitely. Catholic countries all over the world — Amurkka, Russia, China, India — will all become Muslim Caliphates. We are truly doomed, all because of Francis not realizing what a big deal that border wall is. He’s doomed us all. So sad. I should weep, prolly.

      Maybe later.

  4. Quote of the week on SpunkTrumpet was from Alec Salmond, former first minister of Scotland who famously blew Trump away by refusing to move a planned windfarm away from trump’s golfcourse. Something like:

    “Yes I said ‘No’ to Mr Trump, he didn’t take it well. I think it would have been better if someone had said ‘No’ to Mr Trump when he was a little boy”

    More from Mr Salmond

    • I wouldn’t waste my time watching a Republican anything, much less CNN, so I’d never have known were in not for Cenk. I do wish, though, that when Cooper asked Cruz what his favorite cocktail, they wouldn’t have snipped his answer off. Important shit deserves to be . . . well, you know.

        • I would like to ask Cruz one question though, if ever I had the chance. I’d ask him why it is when he’s speaking to a crowd that he holds the mic in one hand while he constantly plays pocket pool with the other hand, and occasionally he switches hands for both tasks. My question would be, how big of a hole do you have in each pocket, and where do you keep your car keys?

          That should even ‘trump’ CNN’s nonsense.

  5. Well, M$RNC just lost me for most of the day. They’re having a Saturday Morning Joe followed by ‘Remembering Justice Scalia’.

  6. Supreme Court Declines To Intervene In North Carolina Redistricting Ruling

    Early this month, a three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina ruled that maps for two districts were unconstitutional, and ordered the state to redraw their lines within two weeks. The panel said that race played an impermissible role in the drawing of the districts.

    The state redrew the maps but asked the Supreme Court to grant a stay that would allow the old maps to remain in effect pending further appeal.

    Late Friday, the Supreme Court declined to do so. As customary, it did not release the vote tally for the decision.

    One election law expert believes that before Justice Antonin Scalia’s death the Court would have granted the stay.

    Obama’s Dem majorities in 9 of 13 circuits will change a lot of decisions that would have gone in favor of the Fascist Party, now that Scalia is gone.

    • Makes me think that the Republican’s next move will be to accuse Obama of being an unconstitutional commie fascist Muslim dictator for his refusal to nominate a teabagger judge for the SCOTUS vacancy.

  7. Two years ago, in Kyiv…. this happened…. so much of the promise of what happened as a result has been lost in Russian aggression and terrorism and corruption and Western disinterest since then. I remember talking to Tanya only 6 weeks or afterwards and she noted that the spirit and goodwill had turned to competition and self-interest in the square. She has left and lives her new life with her son in Aix-en-Provence with her Corsican husband – for many left in Ukraine, plus ca change…. makes me sad. But this documentary should remind us who these people were and what they stood for, check it out and see if it resonates with you.

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