1. After seeing Donald Trump again siccing his crowd on a protester at an event, I am reminded of an FDR quote from 1936: ‘Government by organized money is just as dangerous as government by organized mob’. Seems to me if Trump gets elected president we’ll have too much of both!

  2. If Kasich and Carson both drop out of the GOP primary, neither Rubio nor Cruz will really pick up much support. Together they were less than 10% in Nevada.

  3. Meanwhile, while the USA continues it’s national reality show – “Who is totally bugfuck nuts?” …. “I’m more fascist than you!” …and “It’s ok if I lie as long as it hastens the Second Coming” … “Get back into the kitchen and carry on gestating, won’t ya?”

    A report from independent journalist group Bellingcat – identifies up to 100 Russian soldiers who were involved in shooting sown MH17 over Ukraine in July of 2014.

  4. “…So he (Trump) might have this thing sewn up before the others even figure out in what order they should quit.”

    Comment from my sister today on Trump: “Amazing publicity he got by saying he wanted to temporarily halt immigration of muslims until it was sorted out!! Not such a bad thing, if a bit vague and off the cuff. Just what we want here, to select who comes in rather than let in murderers and rapists etc.”

    Pretty appalled I was with that …. I let her have it. A stream of links and comments between links. She compared me to a Texas Republican she met in Southampton who called Obama the anti-Christ and well I was well pissed off at her before 8am…

  5. Quote of the day.

    ” I hope Bernie Sanders is elected president so the people that voted for Donald Trump can get the mental health care they need so desperately”

  6. Up is down. Black is white. And Grassley is “doing his job” by refusing to even consider a discussion of the possibility of actually doing said job. Sigh… It would be so much more simple if one of the GOP Constitution experts could point to the part of that document that says the Senate has the right to refuse even discussing a SCOTUS nomination because they don’t like the POTUS. Of course, there is no such part of the Constitution but it would be interesting to watch them try!


  7. Let’s consider, for a minute, that Trump gets the nomination. Then he names a VP choice like Kasich or Scott Walker, either of whom would be sooooo acceptable to the PTBBillionaires. Now let’s consider Trump never wanted to be President, but was willing to let his ego be stroked by proving he COULD be President, if he ends up elected. With me so far? What’s to prevent Trump from resigning, because he never really wanted the job for four years, and letting the choice of the PTBBillionaires become President by succession?

  8. While I was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office earlier, I was watching a ‘Turner Classic Movie’ that I didn’t catch the name of, but it was about a Governor Willie Stark. What little I saw of the movie reminded me so much of Trump, etal–people who were against Stark getting beaten up in the crowds, strongarm tactics, blackmail, the works. Yet ‘the people’ loved him – they had signs saying “Stark’s Law is Our Law”, shit like that. Too bad I couldn’t watch it ’til the end.

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