The Watering Hole; Friday February 26 2016; The Political Brain Drain

No verbal essay today. Instead, below is an able summation of not only the week’s nonsensical political brain drain, but also of the last year’s political brain drain, all captured via the words of a pair of academy award-eligible right wing nutcases.

First, Michele Bachmann, who points out to pseudo-historian David Barton the erroneous factoid many of us have had pounded into us since birth, that A ‘Biblical Basis For Society’ Is The Key To Happiness.

As Batscat notes, “You could summarize it by saying, ‘Get a brain.”


And now, Alex Jones lets fly on how ‘No Amount Of Fluoride In The Water’ Can Stop Donald Trump. Jones appears to like the prospect of a Donald Trump Presidency even more than my abhorrence of said concept. Hard to imagine joy at the notion, I know, but . . . well, you be the judge.

And finally, on a somewhat brighter note, Oklahoma gun range owner and Second Amendment zealot Jan Morgan — whom Marco Rubio recently criticized for not allowing a US Army reservist to use her range because he’s a Muslim — had this to say in her non-endorsement of Rubio’s presidential aspirations:

“If Marco Rubio thinks that training and putting guns in the hands of people who align themselves with a theocracy that commands them to kill innocent people, if that’s his definition of immoral, then he needs to be running on another ticket and I expect, any day now, to hear him announcing endorsements from the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Hamas and ISIS.”

How nice it must be to live somewhere amongst such truly fine people, amongst folks who would NEVER stoop so low as to kill innocent people just because some so-called “leaders” might train them, ‘put guns in their hands,’ and then command them to . . . you know, like go to war, kill people, stuff like that. If I should ever happen upon such a place, I’ll pass the word, with directions even. Meanwhile, I shall be waiting with baited breath to hear — from Rubio himself — confirmation of those rumored endorsements.

Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Carson, Kasich . . . McConnell, Ryan, Priebus . . . Limbaugh, Savage, Jones . . . Palin et al. et al. Every time I run across a Republican, no matter the position, no matter anything at all . . . I’m reminded of this:

As I was going up the stair
I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today.
I wish, I wish he’d stay away.
(Hughes Mearns)

Explains a lot. Pretty much defines the GOP, and why ‘I wish, I wish (they’d go) away.’ Amen.



34 thoughts on “The Watering Hole; Friday February 26 2016; The Political Brain Drain

  1. Bernie Sanders’ interview with Chris Matthews last night proves to me he’s the most Presidential candidate in the field. Anyone who can keep their cool like Bernie did with Tweety being the dick that he is with his interruptions and inane questions deserves to be elected President.

    • Agreed – independent media and alternative views not welcome behind the “Electronic Berlin Wall” of American media (h/t Greg Palast). “We ‘report’, we decide (what you think)” is the motto….

  2. Quote of the fookin’ day – the Mexican president ……

    Maria “Money Honey” Bartiromo makes the face she makes when she has Jamie Dimon’s dick in her mouth …… fabulous….

    A foretaste of world relations under President Donald Trump….

  3. Brian Moore ….. on the US election…..a close second for quote of the day.

  4. I am currently helping son understand “The Crucible”. No, I do not want a fucking Bible-based society like the fucking Pilgrims.

    • People like David Barton and his ilk use the Pilgrims and the USA under the Articles of Confederation to try to claim that the United States was “founded as a Christian nation.’ Maybe at first, but under the Constitution of the United States, it is a secular nation, and previous history doesn’t matter when it comes to that subject.

    • Batshit can say what she wants – but if the basis for society is the societal control dictates necessary to get a tribe of superstitious, semi-literate, nomadic, Bronze-age goat-shaggers from one side of a desert to the other – ‘I don’t want none of dat shizzle’ as my daughter would say. And lop off the ends of your own willies if you like …. I’m opting out.

  5. So the Republican circus has just turned it up another notch. They are by now self-destructing with gay abandon.Just be careful they don’t take the whole country on the ride to where they are headed.

  6. Trump can’t handle media criticism — so now he’s promising to disembowel the First Amendment

    “I think the media is among the most dishonest groups of people I’ve ever met,” Trump said. “They’re terrible.”

    [. . .]

    “One of the things I’m gonna do, and this is only gonna make it tougher for me, and I’ve never said this before, but one of the things I’m gonna do if I win… is I’m gonna open up our libel laws so when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money. We’re gonna open up those libel laws.”

    He then added, “With me, they’re not protected, because I’m not like other people… We’re gonna open up those libel laws, folks, and we’re gonna have people sue you like you never get sued before.”

    If Trump’s ideas on libel laws had been in effect when Obama became President, I wonder how much money Obama could have sucked from the Trump cow via all Trump’s birther shit? Talk about libelous.

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