May I have a Word?


And here, for all its likeness with current events, is where it isn’t funny anymore:

Donald Trump is well under way to win the nomination and probably split up the Republican Party in the process. I don’t want to give Trump more exposure, to be honest, whatever I read or see from that man nauseates and even scares me. I have a few words for you all, though.

There are boundaries in the political discourse that cannot be crossed. Period.

The political opponent is neither a con artist, a choke artist, a liar, nor lacking control of his bodily functions. Alluding to a candidate’s hands’size is well beyond those boundaries, too, because it alludes not really to trustworthiness but rather the man’s penis size in common lore. Even that didn’t stop one of the competitors.

The poor are not moochers, Mexicans are not rapists, doctors are not baby killers, Muslims are not terrorists.

The President is not a traitor, a liar, impeachable for any reason, nor is he destroying the country.

Supreme Court judges are not activist or traitors, nor are their rulings  unconstitutional.

Free speech is a privilege not only a constitutional right. Why  would I think that?

Because words matter.

When you denigrate a candidate you tear down your party and the political process to find a worthy nominee for President. If you gratuitously insult a President, you diminish the office. If you dismiss Supreme Court rulings and the judges, you attack the constitution itself. All three acts tear at the fabric of your Democracy and its institutions by making them less relevant and less worthy of defense.

When you go and summarily denigrate your fellow humans, don’t worry about your democracy anymore, you are on a path that ends in bloodshed for certain and possibly genocide.

I am scared of what is coming. Things over here are not much better. Today refugees were teargassed at the European border, amongst them children as young as five. I am scared and I am deeply ashamed, too.

12 thoughts on “May I have a Word?

  1. EV YOU ARE AWESOME. thank you so much for posting this today. We are fed up with this. I am disgusted with what I am seeing in this country.
    Democrats, a.k.a. “Liberals” “progressives” et al better get their asses in gear or we are in for a “uuge” nightmare.

      • I bought the movie on DVD and at first I thought it was funny.
        Then, after watching it several times, it became more of a tragic foretelling of things to come and I became sad.

        I face the same absence of reason in my line work and it makes me frustrated that people can be successful with money and be totally ignorant about physics and the laws that govern our universe.

        Imagine an entire world run by people with the mentality of TSA

        • vinyl, I share your frustration. I used to be quite arrogant about the rather civilized political discourse we had over here. Arrogant enough to use European Elitist as a nickname for the Washington Post.

          Not anymore. The way things have gone south since last summer, when refugees really started to need our solidarity and help left me deeply ashamed and helpless.Especially since people from my immediate circle threw sanity to the wind and started hemming and hawing over the strain on our culture. I keep telling them to, pardon my French, fuck off and go for a holiday in Aleppo, but they suddenly act very superior, they feel they are part of a movement now. I could spit.

  2. Well, this article from Matt Taibbi goes to the heart of the corruption of the democratic process which is the end point of EV’s rant …. it took decades of dumbing down, the abrogation of responsibility of politicians everywhere and a media that is beholden to its corporate masters to the point where what passes for news in this country resembles one long nightmare of Jerry Springer shows …….

  3. Alluding to a candidate’s hands’size is well beyond those boundaries, too, because it alludes not really to trustworthiness but rather the man’s penis size in common lore.

    The only place, and I mean THE ONLY PLACE, I ever heard this, was in the book, The Happy Hooker, by Xaviera Hollander. I read this book, when a girlfriend bought it for me, while I was still in high school. I never heard that anywhere else.

    • Oh, we have all kinds of comparisons. The nose, too. It always means the same. Maybe us continental Europeans have our minds on sex all the time. 😉

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