The Watering Hole, Monday, February 29, 2016: Leap of Science Day

Monday, February 29, 2016, marks another nearly-quadrennial observation of the triumph of Science over Faith. Leap Day. The day we add to the calendar to correct for the fact that God didn’t make the Earth go around the Sun in a way that has any relation to how long it takes to spin once on its axis. Nor did God make the Moon orbit the Earth in an even number of days, or in relation to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, which turned out to be the Center of our own Solar System (one of, it turns out, a hundred billion in just this Galaxy) contrary to what those men who had a direct pipeline to the Almighty Creator told everyone was true. Not for nothing, but doesn’t the fact that some otherwise ordinary man who was in charge of a Religion tortured people for not believing something that was scientifically inaccurate and still got to be called “infallible” make you think, even for a second, that maybe their Religion was wrong about other things, too? But I digress. Or not. Now the Moon goes around the Earth 13 times for each revolution of the Earth around the Sun, depending on how you measure them. I thought the number 13 was supposed to be bad. So why would God make our Moon go around the Earth a bad number of times in a year? In fact, assuming God did make our solar system, why make our planet have such a strange orbit? Why not a regular, circular, easily predictable, revolution, with no tilting of the planet and changing of the seasons? And why not start life in the tropics, instead of a desert? And why even bother with the other planets and planetary debris and asteroids if the point of this planet was to support life for the only living things in the universe? If there’s nothing on Mars for us to see, then why would God make Mars for us to see? Or let us name it for an inferior god? Sorry, but the whole Christian Creation Myth makes no more sense than any other cultures’ creation myths. When something doesn’t make sense through Reason, they tell us you have to have Faith. But Faith is just the rejection of Reason, so they are really telling us, “It makes sense if you don’t think about it.” Then why believe it? Why believe something is literally true if it makes no sense when you think about it? Then explain to me why you should threaten peoples’ lives for not believing it? But I digress. Again. Leap Day is a triumph because it was Science, not Religion, which revealed to us our method of keeping track of time needed adjusting if it was to keep in alignment with whichever celestial body was guiding our long term time reckoning. The ancient Egyptians used a much simpler calendar, which they knew needed tweaking every four years. To understand why we do it today, you have to go back to the time when Romulans walked the Earth.

About 2770 years ago, King Romulus, the first king of Rome and leader of the Romulan Empire, which consisted pretty much of just his kingdom, was said to have invented the Roman calendar. Other people were keeping track of time in their own way, so it’s not like he invented the entire concept of the calendar. He just invented the one that would become the basis of the one we use here in America today (and many other places, which are alleged to exist on this planet.) The one that started when winter ended, in a month named for the God of War. Wait, what? You heard that right. King Romulus may not have been entirely sure of what he wanted, but hew knew he wanted his calendar to have ten months. Some historians believe (which means the rest don’t) that the ancient Romans did not believe in fighting wars during the Winter, so the new year began when Winter ended. Which is why they named their first month Martius, after Mars, the God of War. The next month was named Aprilis, though no one’s really sure why. Some think it was really called Aphrilis and was named for Aphrodite. But that would be silly because Aphrodite was the Greek Goddess of Love, not the Roman one, Venus. Others less silly think it was named for the Latin verb Aperire, meaning to open, on account of that’s about the time flowers started opening all over the place. Makes better sense than naming it after another group’s gods. His third month was called Maius, after Maia, the Goddess of growth and plants. The fourth was called Junius, named after Juno, Queen of the Gods and patroness of weddings and marriages. Then King Romulus must have gotten tired because the remaining six months were named after the numbers Five through Ten. Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December. Martius, Maius, Quintilis and October would have 31 days, the rest 30. Then they apparently let 61 days and a couple of moons go by before they would begin their new calendar.

Loonies that they were, the Romulan calendar was based on the phases of the Moon. Now if the point of having a calendar is to tell when you when it’s time to plant the crops, you’re going to run into problems basing it on the phases of the moon. Here’s why:

The orbit of the Moon around the Earth is not an easy process. The Moon makes a complete orbit around the Earth approximately once every 28 days. This means that the Moon orbits the Earth around 13 times in a year. The complex part pops up because there are several ways to consider a complete orbit of the Moon, but the two most familiar are: the “sidereal month” being the time it takes to make a complete orbit with respect to the stars, about 27.3 days; and the “synodic month” being the time it takes to reach the same phase, about 29.5 days. These differ because in the meantime the Earth and Moon have both orbited some distance around the Sun.

“Phase” is the way to describe the relative position of any object that moves in a cyclical form. The phase of the Moon is measured in degrees, from 0 (zero) to 360 (three hundred and sixty).

It doesn’t take long before a lunar-based calendar gets, to use the technically correct scientific term, out of whack. And that happened to the Romulan calendar. Each of its months had day markers that fell on the first new moon, the days of the half moons, and the days of the full moon. The new moon marked the first day of the month and was called the Calends. The Ides fell on the full moon, and the Nones were eight days before the Ides. Events were documented according to how many days they happened before or after these markers. This calendar really didn’t work because it didn’t align very well with the seasons, so about fifty years later, King Numa Pompilius, decided to make some changes. He added Januarius and Februarius to the beginning of the year, rather than to the end. This meant the months named for their position in the year no longer matched. I’m sure that bothered a lot of people. It bothers me to this day. And it still didn’t work. They even had a system where someone (not necessarily the emperor) would add an extra month, called an intercalary month, to try to get the calendar in line with the seasons. Finally, Julius Caesar (inventor of the Orange Julius and, later in his career, a successful Las Vegas casino magnate) did away with intercalary months, renamed Quintilis after himself, and borrowed the idea of the Leap Year from the Egyptians, whom he was fucking on the side. Some final adjustments were added by a subsequent ruler, Augustus, who took the liberty of renaming Sextilis after himself. Who knows? If Rome hadn’t fallen when it did, the months of September through December might be called something else by now.

The Gregorian Calendar we use today was based on Pope Gregory’s dislike of the idea that Easter was always shifting around on the calendar, so he made some more adjustments that included the fact that while there would be a Leap Year every four years, there wouldn’t be in years divisible by 100 (such as 1700, 1800 and 1900) unless they were also divisible by 400 (2000). Then he decided to take eleven days out of the calendar to make everything line up better. The official change in the colonies happened in 1752. George Washington was actually born Feb 11, 1732 under the Julian Calendar. When the switch to the Gregorian was made, Washington simply changed his birthday to the familiar Feb 22, 1732. Some people, perhaps those who believed God really did have a book in which He wrote your date of birth and death, thought they were suddenly moved eleven days closer to their date of death (as determined by God’s Little Black Book.) This was nonsense, of course, because everyone knew God was using the Mayan Calendar and we were all going to die in 2012. So even though the motivation to change the calendar was based on Religion, we can thank Science that there was a rational, logical, objectively justifiable reason to add a Leap Day, and not because God told somebody to do it.

This is our once-every-four-years thread. But you can still feel free to discuss what you want.

18 thoughts on “The Watering Hole, Monday, February 29, 2016: Leap of Science Day

  1. Site for Donald Trump rally in Madison could not be ‘worse location,’ police say

    The Donald Trump rally, which is expecting to squeeze roughly 20,000 people into a high school football stadium in Madison on Sunday, is creating a logistical nightmare for Madison police.

    “I don’t think you could have picked a worse location for this number of people,” Maj. Jim Cooke with the Madison Police Department told on Friday afternoon.


    Cooke said the stadium has a seating capacity for 5,000 people, has never has more than 8,000 for an event and only about 1,000 parking spaces. The majority of those parking spaces will be dedicated to handicapped parking.

    Trump claims he had 30,000 people at this rally, but local officials say it was only about 15,000. The only reason they could have chosen this venue is it’s really close to the airport.

  2. Two questions; (1) If there are 100 billion solar systems in ‘our’ galaxy alone, how can we be sure that Amurkkka is really God’s favorite country, and that because we now allow gay marriage God is so pissed that he’s going to destroy us along with all that exists? (2) Why did we settle on 12 months per year and not 13? I mean, look at it from the Social Security POV: As a S.S. recipient, I get paid on the fourth Wednesday of every month, which means that in a typical year, there are four times when it takes five weeks to go from fourth Wednesday to fourth Wednesday. Makes budgeting much more tricky than it needs to be. Also, since we all know there are four weeks in a month, which means that with 12 months there must be 48 weeks in a year. Oops. Each year has 52 weeks. What’s up with that? Could it be that whomever came up with the 12 month calendar was really shitty at math and/or was not yet a Social Security recipient?

    I won’t even go into the illogic of daylight savings time and how it adds an hour of sunlight (hence air conditioning and energy consumption) to the standard work day, and how it would make a lot more sense to go on daylight losing time, make the sun go down an hour earlier after work rather than an hour later after work and save energy, etc.

    Complicated I know. We’ll have to leave it there.

    • Every USA citizen properly indoctrinated by our well informed and unbiased media knows without a doubt that God came to America in 1620 on the Mayflower.

      • Answers are everywhere, sort of:

        Rafael Cruz: Ted Cruz Will Spare America From God’s Judgment, Like King Josiah

        America has been just declining so much that you could say that, perhaps, there is judgment for America. But you know, look at the example of Josiah, King Josiah, in the Old Testament. The people of Israel, where judgment was imminent, because a godly man, a man that brought the people back to the law – and what just happened is judgment was deferred, and so it restored confidence in the people.

        All we need is a leader that will take us back to the Judeo-Christian principles, to the rock-solid principles of the Constitution, that will make America again that exceptional country that will take us back to where there’s freedom, there is opportunity, there is the ability for any American with hard work and perseverance to achieve any of their dreams.

  3. Today, I make a concerted effort to ‘leap’ to conclusions.
    That said, TrumpDuck is the biggest asshole on the planet.
    There. I leaped.

  4. Another school shooting today. I guess it’s one of those days that ends with “Y”. Reading about this latest tragedy made me, as I am want to do, consider the 2nd Amendment again. So. The right to bare arms shall not be infringed. Well? Then it’s time to remove the “right” for private citizens to sell arms. I looked. The Constitution doesn’t even mention selling arms. How about we require a college degree and a government license in order to sell any gun or ammunition or accessory? And how about we make the penalty for selling arms to those who shouldn’t have them a capital crime punished to the same extent as the person who actually pulled the trigger?

    The gun nuts say that laws aren’t a deterrent and, when it comes to murderers, they might be right. But, if gun merchants knew they would have to face the same charges as the criminals they sold guns to, they would damned sure do a diligent job in checking the credentials and eligibility of every person who tried to purchase their wares.

    • I like that. Add the gun/ammo industry execs to the pie — that they, too, will each and all have to face the same charges and punishments as the shooter whenever one of their guns or bullets is used in a crime. Also toss in the NRA and Ted Nugent, anyone who publicly advocates guns. Nice!

      I could possibly even become a death penalty advocate for ALL convicted of murderous gun violence if all those things were put in place. I vote YES!

  5. Just when you think that the world is FUBAR; some good news sneaks through. Bill “family values” O’Reilly has been found to be unfit as a parent! Of course; his moronic worshipers won’t believe the news even if they hear it but at least there’s one judge in this country who can see what any sane person sees if they watch two minutes of this creep plying his trade.

  6. Thom Hartmann has a ‘Progressive Roundtable’ on his RT News show on Mondays? I’m impressed. His ’roundtables’ are usually RWNJs that make me turn the show off. Just now he’s talking to Nina Turner, who is hell on wheels, if I do say so myself (IFDSSM?).

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